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Chapter 115: Embracing the Light of Ambition Part 1, Part 2

「This area feels much the same as the Ancient Ruins.

But unlike that dungeon, which as you may know is a factory of some sorts, this place is a site of a former battlefield.」

「I see…… It certainly gives off a vibe of a fierce battle over here.」

「According to Library, the scale of the battle here must have been massive.

We dont know if it was a decisive one, but since the weapons factory is located nearby, it must have been brutal and rich in casualties.

The sight before our eyes surely serves as an undeniable proof of that hypothesis.

In the distance, there were ruins of some massive formation, most probably a castle or other fortress like that.

It was surely a sight to behold, one that would never age or deteriorate because of its nature.

The destruction weapons could cause surely was massive.

Aside from that, it was mainly a grassland with moss-covered remains of huge weapons and strange devices.

Even though they were supposed to feel ghastly, there was something strangely eye-catching to them.

The ruins were distinctively different from any Japanese-style or Western-style formation as well.

How should I put it…… They looked kind of like the remains of a battleship that crash-landed after sustaining too much damage.

Something like that.

And judging from the weapons sticking out of the formations sides, it must have been a mobile defense fortress.

Besides, judging by its sheer size, it must have been a massive thing when it was still fully operational.

Just how amazing were the people of the Era of the Gods! Was it a giant that built this thing Kind of like a child builds things from Lego blocks but on a much larger scale

「…… At least its a blessing that no monsters of such size appear in ShangriLa Frontier so far.

…… That is why Library was created, to investigate that which took place before us here……」

「Omega, huh……」


「Nah, its nothing.

Just some random thoughts that are stuck inside my head after what Ive been through today.」


While telling a lie as easily as I breathe, my brain was working full throttle right now, trying to connect the dots of information I managed to acquire thus far.

Theres no doubt in my mind.

This “weapon” here surely must be somehow connected to the wreckage that I saw in the ruins earlier.

A relic from the Era of the Gods, maybe

And the “Omega” symbol we saw at that secret laboratory…… Was it perhaps a mechanical creation, something that was designed with slaying the owners of those giant weapons in mind

And those arms…… Maybe that “Omega” was its wielder Or maybe it was something else entirely More importantly, there was a word that would just keep on nagging me, not letting me go.

That word was “Bahamut”.

But I still have way too little information.

Unless I change that somehow, my speculations will only remain just that, speculations.

And seeing how the information would not come to me one way or another, my bet was on the EX Quests and the mysteries of the world they are supposed to unveil.

「…… Umm, Sanraku, -san」

「Hm Ah, Im terribly sorry! I was just lost in thoughts right there for a moment.」

「Haa…… Umm, Sanraku, -san…… You said that your top priority for now is to break through this area, right」

「Well, yeah, theres a little meeting I must attend to…… and because of that I need to get to Fifthsia by tomorrow morning.」

Im sorry, but I just cant tell you that its related to Unique Monster.

Now when you are such a Unique Monster nut yourself.

「Meeting…… in Fifthsia」

「W, well, yeah…… with some players I met by accident in another game.」

「I see.

Umm, by any chance, is some of those people, umm, nnh…… a woman」

「Yeah, one of those people sure is a woman, why」

The next moment there was a loud BANG! And Saiga-0 swung her sword towards me with almost inhuman speed, slashing open the side of the wyvern that appeared before us seemingly out of nowhere.


「Sanraku-san, watch out! Its the Storm Wyvern! Its level ninety nine, so please stand back and leave it to me……」

「N, no, I can fight as well…… Im level ninety nine Extended myself, so I want to test myself against opponents of equal skill.」


In an instant I activate all of my buff skills and slam my Dullahan Sword against the neck of the confused Storm Wyvern.

Even though the Storm Wyvern had its side crushed by Saiga-0, it was still struggling to get up when my huge sword sunk into its neck.

Unfortunately for it, it was already too late.



The Storm Wyverns fate was sealed the moment it didnt run away after having its side crushed.

Before it could break free of the Dullahan Sword holding it in place, the Wyverns body was split in half from the base of its nose to the tip of its tail.

The force of the blow was so tremendous that it even left a huge and deep crevice in the ground as a result.

The poor thing didnt even get a chance to let out a death cry before it got changed into a myriad of red polygons and evaporated just like that.

「Umm, as always, that firepower sure is amazing.」

「Ehh, well…… Umm, if I can make, a suggestion……」

「What suggestion」

Saiga-0 begins to awkwardly speak up after returning her sword onto her back.

「Umm, this is, you see…… What I want to say……」


「…… Umm, “Saiga-0” is, kind of mouthful…… So maybe you could…… Like my sister, I mean…… Saiga-100…… Call me just “Saiga”……」

「You have a point there.」

Somehow, as I was listening to Saiga-0s awkward word, I got a feeling that this aura of intimidation of hers was no longer to be found for now.

It felt as though it was hard for her as well to tell me those words.

Certainly, it would be nice to be able to call her some other way, but “Saiga” was not at all fortunate of a choice here.

Since it would sound just like the name of the “Black Wolves” leader and all that.

「T, T, then h-h-h-how about…… calling me “Rei” Like “0” from my name Umm, this is…… much easier to…… pronounce, I think……」

「Ah, so your name isnt Saiga-0 but Saiga Rei, huh Alright then, Rei it…… is Hm」

I felt as though something smacked me to the back of the head all of a sudden, but what is it There were so many thoughts coming and going through my mind at the current moment that I couldnt possibly put my mind on it.

Oh well, Ill think about it later.

「S, Somehow…… it feels really embarrassing to call someone like that, right P-Please forget I said anything and……」

「Ah, no, thats not it…… I dont mind, really.

Right, so, from now on, Im counting on you, Rei.」

「………! ~~~~~!」

「A, are you alright! If youre feeling sick, you can always log out for now……」

「No! Im feeling fine! In fact, I feel like I could take on even Night Prowler right about now!」

At least against that person Im fairly sure I could win.

But with Night Prowler….

It was a bit of a stretch to assume so.

I know that she holds the title of the most powerful player in the game at the current moment, but Im not sure just how much of a support she can be.

Well, at least its better than nothing.

「W, Well then, shall we get going……」

「Yes! No matter what may await us, Im sure well be able to slash through it no problem!」

With that remark, there was a sound of sword cutting through the air.

Hahaha! …… Lets just get back to Rabbitz.


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