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Chapter 119: Embracing the Light of Ambition Part 5 Part 2

The moment she realized that, Animalias body was lifted in the air by a tremendous blow coming from the side, a blow that all things considered simply ignored the laws of physics.

In ShangriLa Frontier, there are two ways of assessing the damage that was dealt to you: one was the numbers, the second one was the sensation that accompanied the blow.

「 Hyi……!!!」

With the corner of her eyes, Animalia could pick up a slight movement.

It was low quality but it looked just like a pair of big and sharp jaws.

The jaws that grabbed Animalia and bit into her flesh, thrashing her around like a ragdoll.

(Its biting…… What power, and its growing even stronger…… Am I going to get eaten……)

Animals are cute, precious and way better than humans could ever hope to be.

But not this one…… This one, it was different from the rest.

Animals are creatures you should love and they will love you in return.

「 No, help me……」

Soon enough, Animalia was about to be eaten by an apex predator, something that not every average Japanese person could experience firsthand.

Then its jaws suddenly closed…… And Animalias avatar was shattered into a million pieces by an attack so brutal and graphic that probably none of the SF-Zoo members have ever witnessed before.

「 Uwah……」

Even though I have seen some pretty gruesome images throughout my career as a gamer, seeing Animalias body break and twist like a shrimp sent chills down my spine.

It was realistically brutal.

Maybe ShanFro should be age restricted if such vivid images could be shown here I can certainly see minors becoming instantly traumatized by them.

And what followed was even worse.

Anyways, debuffers became pretty much obsolete in this battle at this point.

Because no matter how many times they would try to capture Luukan, it would simply create a new alter ego and simply transfer its consciousness into it.

Not to mention that because of the clouds covering the moon, visibility was already poor as it was.

The tank squad was targeted first.

And their VIT stats as well as defenses were superb.

But it was impossible for them to tank against a super mobile enemy the movements of which they simply couldnt predict.

It was no longer a battle.

It was a one-sided slaughter.

Or playing billiard with humans instead of balls.

With the tanks being sent flying into the rest of the group, the chaos that ensued was far too great for them to coordinate in any kind of coherent fashion.

And the fact that the tanks were taking so long to kill was only making the suffering of the group that much longer and greater.

「 Now the worst thing they could possibly do is to bundle together.」

It so happened that all of the tanks fell down roughly at the same time, and as they were desperately trying to avoid imminent death, the invisible predator broke through their ranks and started slaughtering the debuffers.

「 Uwah, its pretty damn amazing in a horrifying way, seeing human bowling balls and pins……」

Some of them disintegrate on the spot, while others bounce off the ground or roll all over it for a moment before coming to a stop.

Even high-level players with appropriate equipment were unable to withstand the sheer brute force of Luukans attacks and started dying one after another without being able to defend themselves or resist.

The fact that their leader got massacred right in front of them certainly wasnt helping.

Without the tanks the battle was already over, and even if the mages somehow managed to revive them in time, it would hardly make a difference at this point.

「 This is just too cruel.」

Watching that horrifying spectacle from behind the rocks, I muttered those words in a silent voice.

Those of the people who died were now laying on the ground with their equipment stripped off of them, awaiting respawn at the inn.

About three people were left on the field, and they all chose to commit suicide rather than having their stats decreased and their equipment stripped off of them.

It was a wise decision on their end.

The battle was already lost and staying alive would accomplish nothing at this point.

It would be a fools errand.

Umu, I knew it would happen.

If even someone like Saiga-0 got decimated with one blow by this monster, then SF-Zoo didnt stand a chance in the first place.

It was foolish of them to even think they would be able to pull this off.

As for Luukan…… It was just sitting there, licking its own paws.

Talk about a picture of carefree right after the battles end.

Thank you, Animalia.

Thank you, SF-Zoo.

There was one more person left there on the battlefield, half-dead and looking our way as if begging for help.

He was saying something, but from this far I was unable to understand what his words were.

Look, sorry man, but Im not going to risk my own neck for your sake.

「 Thank you for reference material, you can now rest in peace.」

You wouldnt be able to tell because of the mask on my face, but I was smiling in a really nasty way.

Also, I was shifting one of my thumbs up and down continuously before eventually bringing it down.

The guy didnt see that, however.

His body erupted into red polygons just a second before my thumb went down.

…… Now, whatever shall we do


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