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Chapter 120: Embracing the Light of Ambition Part 6 Part 1

I could see Luukans attacks, but there was no way for me to possibly defeat it.

First of all, our strengths were basically worlds apart.

Not only in the case of attack power but all other basic stats as well, not to mention that alter ego of his.

I would simply die a meaningless death if I tried to do anything.

But it is a Unique Monster, so if we happen to defeat it……

「…… Is, something the matter」

It is almost certain that we shall unlock some sort of EX Quest or set a flag for one.

It would be nice to be able to do this on my own, but it seems that I wont be able to avoid adding Black Wolves to the entourage this time.

After all, that thing was their sole purpose of existence, hence them naming themselves after it.

Compared them to our clan, we were still but an inexperienced pup.

And seeing SF-Zoos tanks just now, I was convinced: all players who managed to hit the level cap are exceptionally strong individuals.

Not only would they have exceptionally high stats, but they would also have appropriate equipment and experience to back it all up.

And even though SF-Zoos party was not the most fortunate one out there, you could tell that there was a whole lot of “strategizing” that was involved in that formation.

(I guess the monopoly of Black Wolves when it comes to Luukan will be something that cant be avoided.)

Our Guild was not a formation made out of weaklings, but compared to the Black Wolves it was like trying to fight a Royal Straight Flush with a simple Pair in poker.

The difference was simply too great for us to close it anytime soon.

So what can I do now Is there anything that I can do to make my situation a little bit better

(The easiest thing to do here…… Would be to get the hell out of here…… Or die together while trying our best against it…… What to do)

First, I need some sort of a plan.

I start to stretch lightly as a certain thought occurs in my head: dont think it will go the same as the last time!

This is another very important thing when it comes to playing games: mindset.

It is especially true when it comes to Player Killing.

Let us illustrate this example on two players who want to achieve the same goal, say, slaying a dragon.

One player has successfully managed to defeat the dragon many times and see no problem with fighting it.

The other party has never succeeded in defeating the dragon and cant seem to be able to do it no matter how hard they try.

Even if both of them have the same goal, their motivations are the extreme opposites.

And in games that difference in motivation can very much be critical at times.

There are also players who cant seem to be bothered to get motivated, but lets just not talk about them for now.

Honestly speaking, I want to challenge Luukan.

I want to, even though I know that I cant win.

But I at least want to jam my weapons right in its face as a show of my guts and resolve.

However, even though beating Luukan might be extremely hard, the flag for the next EX Quest might be well worth the effort.

Lets go even darker.

Suppose I let Luukan kill Rei…… Nah, there was no way I would be able to do that on purpose.

One, there would be a penalty for that, and two, because I am not that kind of player.

I know that this is just a game, and that I put myself at a disadvantage because of such a mindset, but just the way I want to play.

Besides, a little struggle towards your goal is never that bad of a thing.

(Luukan…… EX Quest…… Beat it…… Unable to defeat it……)

But its not only about my current situation.

There was also Rabbitz to consider, Fifthsia by tomorrow, and…… and…… NUUUUUUAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!

「Sanraku, -san.」

Rei started to talk to me while staying at my side.

「 ---------」

The moment I heard those words…… Something seemed to have clicked inside my head.

There it was.

That little Sanraku inside my head who couldnt do anything else aside from screaming really loudly.

Would it be her fourth time having to fight NightProwler Luukan Saiga-0 couldnt stop thinking about it as she witnessed SF-Zoo getting decimated by it.

The first time around she got one-shotted before she could react in any way.

The second time around, even though her equipment was already quite decent, she got turned into a human bowling ball and sent flying into her fellow teammates.

Then came the third time, and she was alongside her Black Wolves colleagues.

All of them were around level eighty or so, and it only took approximately one minute for them to get decimated and turned into nothing more than a wet stain on the ground.

At that time she got done in just like Animalia just now.

And just now was supposed to be the fourth time, together with Sanraku.

(Whats going to happen now……)


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