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Chapter 26: Onslaught of the irresistible Force

First things first, it was not sent to me by a party member or a friend, but it was a screenshot of a certain game forum made by someone without prior experience with Online games.

This forum was full of threads dedicated to various games, ShanFro included.

There was a certain extent there, which is included below.


74 Arinoile (Fist)

Since I heard that this thread is full of experienced players, I would like your opinions and tips on certain matters.

I saw that some players can dual wield.

I saw this really cute frog, but is there a way for me to make it my friend

(Image Included)

75 Add (Top)

If you want to change your profession, you must at least reach Sixburg to do so.

Looking on how many times I keep telling this…… I should make a template out of this.

76 Curry Jones (Top)

Eh, what’s this That’s not it

77 Exceed (Top)

Www What’s the deal with this half-naked player with a bird mask Report the guy www

78 Thunder Nut (Top)

No, wait, I’ve seen this guy and Vorpal Bunny before.

He’s currently roaming half-naked in Fiftsia

79 Superalloy Tofu (Top)

Stop running naked www and buy at least basic armor!

Why are you even dressed like that Trying to come off as a monster or something

80 Basashimushi (Top)

The leader of our clan was trying to communicate with Siegwurm, but it didn’t work.

81 Thunder Nut (Top)

It may not work on unique monsters, but Vorpal Bunnies may be a different story.

82 Animalia (Top)

Maybe he wanted to domesticate some other animals aside from a dog or a cat Come on, developers! Implement some more pets!

83 Add (Top)

And it can’t be a cheat as well, since this game’s anti-cheat protocols are just nuts.

It would take a whole team of extremely skilled hackers to cheat the game’s system, and they would require at least three days to do so.

They would get caught by reverse tracking in even less than half of that time, so there you have it.

84 Fresh Zombies (Top)

Lots of high-level people are active here.

Is this a sneak photo Judging from the angle it surely wasn’t taken with the person’s permission.

85 Animalia (Top)

Sanraku, that name rings a bell.

He is supposed to be at Sekandil I’m heading there right now.

86 Thunder Nut (Top)

Take action early! Otherwise it might get scary!

87 Dried Bread VI (Top)

I mean the dressed-up bunny is cute and all, but what’s the deal with those tattoos

Surely it’s not an option from the character creation menu.

88 Add (Top)

I’ve seen it somewhere before, but I can’t really remember.

89 Superalloy Tofu (Top)

It’s probably a unique paint or markings.

And this picture was definitely taken without permission.

If that player was not wearing that mask, this would be a clear violation of privacy and a bunch of other laws, which is a bannable offense.

As for this thread…… It seems it was deleted from the main page, but it is still spreading.

90 Arinoille (Top)

Really I thought you could take as much screenshots as you like.

91 Nut (Top)

>> 90


I know that this thread is anonymous and all, but man, there are limits of stupidity that you are clearly passing right now.

92 Thunder Nut (Top)

>> 90

I’m talking about whether or not this shot was taken without permission.

93 Superalloy Tofu (Top)

>> 90

It wouldn’t hurt to get acquainted with netiquette, don’t you think……

94 Arinoille (Top)

I didn’t know.

Would it be alright if I asked for permission now

95 Curry Jones (Top)

He probably was trying to conceal information so tell me, Saint-sama, what are you going to do if he doesn’t give you permission

And maybe his attire is for some extreme agility build Since he was at Sekandil, there are a lot of Mud Frogs there, so he would have a lot of materials for crafting.

96 Add (Top)

Wait, I remember now.

97 Yuki Joy

Well, what are you waiting for Don’t leave us hanging.

98 Add (Top)

This is without a doubt a curse.

One that gives you both merits and demerits while occupying certain slots of your equipment corresponding to places that were afflicted by the curse.

99 Thunder Nut

Being curse in two places at once Is that even possible

100 Arinoille (Top)

The blacksmith says that it is the proof that you have been recognized as a worthy prey by the Night Prowler.

101 Bassamushi (Top)

Emperor of the Night.

One of the strongest unique monsters.

Night Prowler Luukan.

102 Add (Top)


103 Thunder Nut (Top)

If I remember correctly, there were reports stating that doggy was seen on the outskirts of Sekandil.

But don’t try to change the subject as you please.

104 Yuki Joy (Top)

Is it really the strongest of the unique monsters

105 Superalloy Tofu (Top)

Even if it wasn’t, it is still unique, meaning that only a handful of people managed to face against him in combat.

And it seems that even if a dozen people form a raid party against it, it always manages to beat them into a bloody pulp.

106 Curry Jones (Top)

Puppy can also teleport, so it’s all dependent on the RNG.

107 Animalia (Top)

I have reached Tenbet.

108 Add (Top)

I can join you, but I’m in Fiftsia at the moment, doing some guild business, so you’d have to wait for a bit.

109 Basashimushi (Top)

Spread the news and search the other forums under the unique monsters topic.

Maybe we’ll find some intel on the bird mask guy.

I feel sorry for the guy that someone without proper netiquette knowledge exposed him, but that’s life I guess.

110 Dried Bread VI (Top)

Even though he’s under the curse’s influence, this outfit if way too perverted for my taste.

…… Although if I had hobbies like that I would probably want to wear masks at all times as well as to avoid getting recognized.

111 Onslaught (Top)

Can I respawn kill the guy Pretty please

112 Curry Jones (Top)

Hey, maybe the guy was forced to dress like that You don’t know that! So cut him some slack, will you now

113 Add (Top)

Heya, Onslaught! It seems that you are on a straight way for getting yourself a nice little bounty for PK from the NPCs, but can you actually do that

Besides, you know the penalties for PK, right Losing all of your items, stolen or normally acquired, and confiscate all of your money and stored items.

Plus it makes you a target for other players.

It’s a serious business.

113 Superalloy Tofu (Top)

PK Guild is called “Ashura-kai” and PKK Guild is called “Tigers”, am I right Kinda ironic in a mundane way, don’t you think

IDK about you, but my food always tastes better after I kill some rare monsters or watch PKs go down.

114 Saiga-100 (Top)

I would actually like to meet with him and talk to him.

Maybe he could give me some advice regarding the unique monsters or dual wielding.

I also sympathize with him for having the information about him disclosed without his permission, but now there’s actually nothing you can do about it.

115 Basashimushi (Top)

Oi, oi, this is getting out of hand, guys…… I don’t like the direction in which this conversation is going, so maybe it’s time to stop, huh

And Arinoille Just how were you able to get this close to Sanraku Were you a member of his party Or maybe you’re a pervert who likes to stalk people

116 Thunder Nut (Top)

A single picture does not qualify for ban.

Maybe he wanted to have people go after Sanraku so that he could take them down and cash in all of the prize So maybe we should hunt him down in return What do you say, guys After all, sharing IS caring.

117 Arinoille (Top)

I’m so sorry, please forgive me.

118 Tanyaorose (Top)

I want to start roleplaying my character!

And in order to use the bulletin boards in the game, you need to be a member of a guild first and foremost.

In other words, the main character is……


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