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Chapter 183: The Results of Training Part 2



This, right here, there would be no other place or a chance like that.

The only thing that Silver Jumper had to do now, was to make a good use of the keys to victory he’s been collecting up until now.




「You’re wide open……!」


And so he acted.

By using one of the simplest and most effective techniques that could assault the two pillars supporting the weight of the human body: leg hook.


Severe exhaustion caused by her previous fights.

Non-stop abstract thinking and changing plans on the go.

Tension caused by sudden events springing up one after another.

Void of thoughts that would not normally be there.

All of those elements created a smallest of gaps in the defenses of normally undefeated and unsinkable giant that was Silvia Goldberg.


Silver Jumper’s Ultimate Move is called “Silver Foot”.

It is a simple Ultimate Move, one that strengthens the power of your legs for about ten seconds.

It may not be all that flashy or dramatic, but it is effective, since the power of your kicks can be tremendously increased.

However, the true value of this Move lies not in the enhancement of the jumping power, but something else…… You can run faster thanks to that.


「Sorry about that, but this time around “I’m” taking the place in the spotlight!」




The moment before Meetias could finally pull himself together and get back up on his feet…… A silver trail runs across the city.

The more heroic you are, the more dramatic your actions become.

The more despair drives you, the more hope starts to fill your heart.


In other words, the conclusion of gauge gathering done by that Hero could only be one……


(All the NPC Villains were wiped out……!!)


But before she could say that out loud, Kei, unlike some anonymous Heroes in the comic books, decided to capitalize on his action in the fullest.


「Ah, you are safe, Mademoiselle.

I’m actually relieved to know that.」


「Wh-Who are you……」


「The Silver Hero: Silver Jumper, at your service.」


He managed to save the half-dead woman from the evil clutches of the NPC Villains before they managed to massacre her.

Now he was carrying her in her arms, casually introducing himself just like that.

At the same time his Heroic gauge skyrocketed, boosted by the highest heroic actions possible.


It looked as though he wanted to get as far away from the rest of the Villains as well…… But in reality Silver Jumper only used the NPC woman as a cover up, getting closer and closer to Chaos Tower while pretending to carry her to safety.


「Now, I guess that the only thing left for me to do is to climb on top of this thing……」


Everything was in its right place.

Behind, he could hear the footsteps of the blue meteor giving chase and the NPC Villains converging onto his location, but it all did not matter anymore.


Also, it looked like Silvia Goldberg needed to take care of the Villains first if she wanted to catch up.

She was unable to simply avoid them and go straight towards Kei.

What a scary thing a monster train can be.

Still, the only thing that could be seen at Silver Jumper’s face was a smile.


「Imagine that, huh」


A Hero, a Hero, and NPC Villains.

The stage of their final battle would be this here gigantic tower.


And in the end, the only one left standing would be……


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