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Chapter 186: Seafood All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet!! Part 2


This thing is still just a fish-man in the end.

It may pose some threat to us, but it should not be all that durable to begin with.

We must stay vigilant for the tentacle attacks and that marlin sword, but aside from that it should not have anything all that lethal.


「Just stay there and let me kill you!」


I yell while jumping high in the sky, brandishing my sword and bringing it down in a straight line right onto the oyster shield of the Chimera.

My sword ended up bouncing off the oyster’s surface, leaving my hands with a severe feeling of numbness caused by the shock.

At the same time the marlin sword shot straight towards my stomach.






Damn, that took me by surprise.

I thought my movements would be fast enough to slip my attack just past that shield.

It appears that even though I managed to achieve level ninety nine, I still needed to keep my guard up.

That, and I can’t forget the fact that I am essentially half-naked all the time.


Besides, this game relies more on the way you hit things rather than on sheer numerical values.

So I need to constantly make my hits connect while disregarding any small scratches on my side.


「Emul, aim for the main body of this thing.」


「Yes, sir! “Magic Edge”!」


The blade of pure magical energy shoots towards the Seafood Chimera and strikes its body, causing the Chimera to scream loudly.

It was a really weird scream, but it was more than enough to cause my body to shiver and tremble.

Just what kind of vocal strings this thing must have! Assuming it has any!


「I knew it, its main body is that of a jellyfish…… We need to carefully aim our blows and strike with full power if we want to take this thing down!」


「Roger that!」


「Alva, please act as a decoy again!」


「You can count on it!」


Even though it was originally a jellyfish, now it was turned to something resembling a humanoid.

It may not have had intelligence, but it must have gained at least some semblance of it to be able to effectively defend itself with a shield and attack with a sword.


Furthermore, the tentacles that connected to its joints may be a problem that we need to watch out for.

That, and the fact if it is an Eastern or Western jellyfish.

Depending on that, another problem may arise: I have heard that one of those species may or may not be poisonous.


Now, if it was just a normal poison, then so be it.

But it would be even more troublesome if it was a paralyzing poison.

Being unable to move is not something I want to happen to me right about now.

If something like that afflicted me while my armor is paper-thin, I could eat up a whole combo and die as a result.


「Guoooh…… Kutanid that bastard! No respect for lives of those he reshapes with its power whatsoever!」


This monster is no sword-master by any means.

It seems that on top of being given a new shape and abilities, the transformation also enhanced its reflexes and gave it instincts it would not otherwise possess.

At the same time, we can’t forget that the tentacles are still there.


That being said, it should act in patterns that players should be able to exploit in some way.

But this thing actually managed to cover that by acquiring the powers that would allow it to respond to any kind of threat.

Looks like a different approach would be needed here.


「It’s neck…… It’s nothing more than a decoration, right Fuck, I would have aimed for that if that was not the case.

I would have aimed at it torso, but…… Damn, that sword and shield are annoying as **.」


I activate the skills, make a run for it and regroup.

But even while doing just that, I could feel that this thing was still onto us, so I had to do something about it first.


「Emul, turn around! And hold on tight!」


I manage to dodge the incoming sword stab and throw my own as a response, but it only fell right on top of the oyster shield when the monster guarded against my counter.


I then rotate while still being on the move, making a sliding motion in order to try and get right behind the Seafood monster’s back, where the shield would no longer be able to protect it.

However, there was another problem when I got there.


「Ugeh, gorss!」


They are wriggling! The tentacles are wriggling like crazy! It’s gross! And slimy! And rotten! Oh God, it’s making it even worse!


「I’ll need to wash myself properly later on…… Ugh, but it cannot be helped right about now!」


Time to start the show.

I throw three slashes at random it the monster’s direction, each powered up thanks to my skills.


The Seafood monster turned towards me and began its approach, but then it was flashed by Alva’s attack and turned towards him in response.

We kept that passing of aggro for a moment or two, during which most of my skills managed to stop being in effect.

But right now it doesn’t matter.

What counts is the sheer number of attacks.


Each time we make a hit to the monster’s main body, the fluid from inside of its core splashes about.

We must keep at it, be patient and soon we’ll have the **er right where we want to have him.


「This guy is even tougher that I expected……」


However, since it was only a simple mob, its AI algorithm was not all that advanced, otherwise it wouldn’t simply allow its attention to be divided like that.

It would also realize that the biggest threat here was not Alva, but actually Emul who’s been charging his attack for a moment now.


「No matter how tasty you may look like, there’s no way anyone would ever want to eat you…… Emul, do it!」


The monster raises its body and twists it around bringing it down in a motion as if it wanted to crush both of us at the same time.

It would surely be a devastating attack as a result of which there would be nothing left of us to pick up, but it’s all for nothing if it can’t actually hit us.


After all, there must be at least some system assist when it comes to monsters aiming their weapons at players.

Knowing that, I could use that knowledge to evade at the last possible second and with relative ease, causing the monsters sword to get stuck in the ground, unable to be removed.


So I step on in with full force and the intent to pull it out, at the same time looking Seafood in the eyes.

It looked as though it was unable to comprehend what was going on.


No hard feelings, Seafood.

It’s just a business.


「“Magic Edge”!!」


Before Emul cast that spell, he used another spell on this one in order to greatly enhance its power.

As a result, the blade of even bigger magic fell down on the Seafood monster, hitting it right in the center of its jellyfish main body.


The magic power manage to penetrate the gel structure and evaporates the contents that were filling it.

In response all of the monster’s appendices started to frantically flail around, before they eventually stiffened all at once and went limp, never to move again.


In the end, the Seafood Monster was reduced to nothing more but a flat carcass that no one would bother with.

I don’t even have to mention that it looked totally unappetizing, right


「Was that perhaps your special skill」


「Ooohhh! Ooohhh! You are safe! You are safe and in one piece, I see!」


I only noticed that now, but the sword seemed to be buried in Chimera’s crotch only up to the grip part.

So in other words, does that mean that if we did not found it in time, it would have been completely devoured, and its abilities would become the part of Chimera’s body


「I won’t ever let you go again! I won’t make the same mistake ever again……!」


「Isn’t that going too far for just one weapon……」


Even though I said that, aren’t I basically the same I mean, in my battles I tend to use some weapons much more than the others.


As for the sword itself, it was single-edged and looked really worn-out…… It was also very big and seemed more like a lump of steel rather than an actual weapon.


When Alva finally finished inspecting his weapon, he then thrusted it towards me as if he wanted me to take a good look at it.

Was I supposed to be impressed or what


「Aah, that’s right, now would be a good time for proper introductions.

Sanraku, this is my trusty partner “Daikaikyu”…… there’s a spirit called Nereis Existance inside of it.」


「…… Hello there.」




All of a sudden, something came out of the swoooord!


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