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Chapter 187: Give Me a Private Room in a Net Cafe Part 2



「You there, were you not looking for us for a long time」


「Is there any reason why I would want to do such a thing」


I guess if this was a different kind of game, you could have applied the trope of ‘Boy Meets Girl’ in here, but this game was not of that particular kind.


「So, to make a long story short: the sword contains a spirit, and the user feeds the magic energy to the sword…… No, I guess it would be more accurate to say that the sword itself collects magic energy to some extent.

Or maybe it is because of dwelling inside of the sword that Spirit learned to absorb magic properly.」


Fufun, it seems that I have managed to hit the nail right to the head.

The weapon with a Spirit sealed inside of it is like a royal banquet for any player out there.

It is such good of a treat.

Completely different from your typical tea and rice.


And now I was somehow getting hungry…… Once I log out for the day, let’s make some Ochazuke, there should be the ingredients laying around for that.


「But it was not such an easy task.

You see, even if the Spirit is about to disappear, you cannot forge the contract without actual consent from the Spirit itself.

So you cannot really force it to be contained within a weapon.」


「Ahh, yeah, that really sound amazing.

I wonder if you were to jam-pack a whole lot of Spirits into a weapon, would it turn into a weapon of mass destruction」


「What did you just say!」


And guess what I have recently cleared a game that had a motif just like that And its name was Fairy Chronicles Online…… Ugh, the flashbacks.

My poor head.


「I was joking, it was a joke, man! Besides, are not the Dwarves the ones who would usually go and do such despicable things」


「Well, duh! Obviously! They may be an assholes sometimes, but they are good guys most of the time.

But they can still be assholes.」


I can imagine, especially if they are drunk or have an attitude like normal Dwarves in your standard fantasy setting.

Plus, being miners and living mostly underground can definitely add to that factor as well.


「When I came here initially, I was overrun by enemies and I let her go by accident…… I’m so glad I was able to find you again……!」


「For a moment out there I was really scared, I thought this creature was really going to eat me……!」


「Oh, so that thing really was trying to devour you.」


Tentacles, female Spirit, being attacked and almost devoured…… Hoo boy, I’m glad that ShanFro is not rated R18, I really am.

You should be as well, Alva.

And we were actually pretty lucky there.

If that Chimera managed to absorb the Sword, it would have most probably gain a Spirit attribute for itself.

I mean, I could still technically cut it with my Dullahan Sword, that is if genuine Spirits were susceptible to that.


「You have my gratitude, Bird Person.

Is there anything I can do to ever repay you」


「If you are feeling grateful to me, then please keep doing your best as Alva’s weapon.

Otherwise a certain octopus might rip him a new one.「


It is without a doubt that Kutanid, a Unique Monster who is most probably on the level of a literal god, will have no problem demolishing normal humans.

However, taking into account that Alva is what he is, plus that he has sharp fangs and his weapon besides him right now, he should at least be a force to be reckoned with.

Or at the very least that is something I would like to believe.


Counting all of our man power, this party was now eight persons big, NPC included.

Of course, stupid **head is not counted here.

But having eight people on board to fight a Unique Monster surely beats up doing so with party of three, all with lowered levels to boot.


「Of course.

I will give it my all.

Nereis is going to protect both Alva and Bird Person.

And…… that creature that looks like black and white sea urchin.」


「I’m a Vopal Bunny! You’d better remember that!」


Cut her some slack, Emul.

She probably has no idea what a Vorpal Bunny is, mostly because there are no sea-dwelling Vorpal Bunnies.

Not that I care all that much.


「Now, calm down little sea urch…… Ouch, that hurts! Don’t poke my head so relentlessly! That hurts!」




Normally I would laugh it off and blame it on the lack of knowledge about land creatures, but it was actually kind of funny tha Emul tended to have such a short fuse in some cases.




Oh, what is that Don’t tell me you’re going to lose to Nereis, a freaking Spirit-possessed sword That would just be shameful, my dear Emul.

You’re my adorable mascot, so act like it and show us what you’ve got once in a while!


「Oh well, what the hell…… Might as well do that now than wait for later.

Alva, we are going to hunt us some boss!」


「Isn’t that way too sudden!」


I cannot do any more leveling at the current moment.

I also cannot go any try to farm for items, hoping that something good is going to drop.

So going to fight against the bosses was the only real thing that was left for me to do here.


But that thing I saw can probably absorb magic damage.

But hopefully even the Spirit possessed sword can dish out some physical damage, so it should not be that much of a problem.


(…… Well, it’s not that I am not seriously thinking about tackling any of the bosses here right now, at least not when the other players are not around.

At the very least some recon would be nice.)


You see, there are four bosses to be fought here, so you know what that means, right





「Ah, you go back and guard the base, Emul.」




After all, in the coming battle Magic-User’s only use would be that of a meat shield.

And we absolutely cannot have that, right


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