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Chapter 188: Days of Connect, Connecting and Being Connected Part 2


At first glance it sounds really silly: being able to hit something and deal damage only when you are at an advantage or disadvantage.

To begin with, those terms sound really vague.


I easily dodge the laughable attempt of the meremaid at attacking me.

She was trying to give me a hug with furious expression, but I dodged her to the side and slashed her across the nape with my Dullahan sword.

Pigyuh! I thought I have heard a death scream of some sort, but right about now my brain was working on full throttle, so I pretty much stopped paying attention to such insignificant details.


「Akitsu Akane’s kunai knife was always giving more or less the same results when facing both bosses.

In case of Rust, the effectiveness of her arrows was depending on the fact is she was currently at the advantage or disadvantage.

Now, is there some kind of fundamental difference when it comes to both kunai knives and bows」


The unquestionable advantage of the bow is that you can snipe various targets from great distances, without the risk of getting involved with the enemies yourself.

What are the disadvantages of the bow, then It’s quite simple: just eliminate the distance factor and the bow user is as good as screwed.


What are the unique characteristics of Akitsu Akane’s kunai knives Kunai knife is a disposable item that can be used in two ways: it can be thrown from the distance at the target, or it can be used as a bladed weapon, although it is far weaker than your usual knives and daggers.


「…… Distance」


My thoughts pass through the dark tunnel, only to be illuminated by the light of the answer that was waiting at the end of said tunnel.

Even though my theory is not proven by anything, I am fairly sure that I have managed to hit a jackpot.


The moment when the bowman loses advantage and starts to be at the disadvantage.

The moment attacks switch category from long distance to close distance.

And in Kunai knife’s case, it can be attributed to the fact that it can be switched in between throw weapon and close-ranged weapon.


「I’ve got it! I’ve got the answer……!」


「It’s not the answer to some stupid questions we should be looking forward to right now! It should be the freaking safe zone!」




Ahh, oh yeah, right.

I totally forgot about it.

I was so passionate about thinking this matter through that I have forgotten that I was actually right in the middle of a warzone.

Oh well…… guess it’s high time to go back to reality.


「Alva! Above! Watch out!」


「S-Say something like that sooner! Don’t ask for the impossible!」


「Do you want to your beloved sword to become a ‘Great Weiner’ again! Or do you want it to become the best weapon ever made!」


「Nuuuuuuoooooohhhhhh!!! This level of adversity is nothing!!!」


Thinking routine like that was easy to handle, but it was also the exact reason why it was making me worried.

I mean, if I can do it, it means that people like Pencilgton can do it as well, and letting people like her do things like that is never a good thing……





Sanraku: ‘IMPORTANT’ Strategy Meeting


Sanraku: You see, it might be a little bit long to fully copy and paste in here, but I think I figured something out about the remaining bosses we must face.

The deal is, they can probably possess invounarability depending on the distance the player maintains from them.

So that would be ‘Long Distance Nullification’ and ‘Close Distance Nullification’.


Sanraku: So normally I would propose to use the close quarters tactics for one boss and long range for another, but this time something tells me it won’t be that easy to pull off.


Mold: Rust is currently incapacitated, so I shall relay everything to her.


Sanraku: What the hell happened


Mold: There was an announcement at the GGC that they are currently working on the sequel to Nephilim’s Hollow.

Didn’t you know


Sanraku: Seriously Well, now that the sequel has been announced, I guess the first game will start to get more and more depopulated, huh


Akitsu Akane: It’s break time!


Sanraku: Anyways, what I want to plan in advance is the time at which we should take down the bosses.


Sanraku: Also, it should go without saying, but defeating the smaller bosses is our pass to Kutanid.

Also, let’s hope that it will cast some sort of demerit on the guy.


Sanraku: Oh, thank you for all of your hard work.


Sanraku: We must also be ready for the eventuality that once we beat all of the four smaller bosses, we will get instantly locked into a battle with Kutanid instead of being able to prepare ourselves.

Best to be ready for that.


Akitsu Akane: Yes! Just a little bit more and I’ll be able to give it my all!


Mold: So you want to be done with all the small bosses by the sixth day


Sanraku: That is what I want to do.

I’m done with my matters on my end, so I can go all the way until the end now.

It’s just a matter of recruiting more members.


Mold: By tomorrow I should be able to bring Rust back to sanity, so we should be able to participate no problem.


Akitsu Akane: If it’s on the sixth day, then it is okay for me!


Akitsu Akane: I’m sorry for having called you here so suddenly!


Rust: World Level Excellent! Until next year I cannot allow myself to die!


Mold: At this rate, if this keeps on……


Sanraku: It’s not that I cannot understand how you feel.


Sanraku: Hopefully Rei will be able to join us before the seventh day mark.


Mold: I don’t ever see her around here.

Does she even logged in once since we arrived in here


Sanraku: She is probably busy with stuff in real life, but hopefully she will be able to join us on the fun before this quest is over.


Sanraku: Fortunately enough we have an oversized landmark that should be just about right.

The landmark named Kutanid.


Sanraku: As for our shedules……





Now, then.


「Right, time to earn some dough for myself.


Since boss fights are to be fought as a group, I must wait for the day during which other will be available.

Until then, I can stroll around the underwater city at my leisure, earning money and items without reservation since boss actions or Unique Scenario EX’s actions are not shackling me down.


Good thing that in case I ever run out of space to hold my items in, the INVENTORY can act as unlimited storage space.


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