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Chapter 189: Running From Four to Five Part 1



For today I have planned an exciting seafood tour! When it comes to the enemies you encounter during the day, they may not look fresh in the least, but surprisingly enough they drop fresh ingredients when you kill them! So its not really a zombie hunt right about now, but rather a seafood hunt!


「Oh, won’t you look at that! It’s the rare enemy, the Seafood Emperor! Hahaha, but this time around I see that you have managed to absorb nothing more but fish!」


I have heard that female anglerfish tend to devour their partners, but does that mean the female anglerfish can devour males of other races It was really scary to think about it.

I know that Chimeras are technically mutants, but is it really okay for them to inherit such characteristics …… And is that really a Rare Enemy I get the feeling that its encounter rate is way bigger than other Rare Enemies out there.


But compared to other games this is really amazing.

Take United Rounds for example.

Some Rare Enemies in that game were so rare that you would have a better luck at finding Tsuchinoko is your local forest rather than encountering Rare Enemies…… And the ratio One Rare Enemy every few hundred normal encounters, give or take.


But when you actually managed to encounter one, it turns out that it was so difficult to defeat that it actually felt like you were fighting an indestructible object.

However, even those things were killable with just the right strategy, and actually killing one was so satisfying that you would not believe.


Anyways, I had no time to spare right now, not even the small amount to check the items descriptions.

I was just slashing, and slashing, and slashing away at the fish that came under my blade…… Sometimes it was even scaring me just how ruthless in terms of item farming efficiency I could be.


「You’re in the way, Twintails! Get lost!」


「The upper half of it may look human, but you still managed to kick it away so effortlessly and without giving it much thought! You are truly a ruthless person, Sanraku-san!」


「In my eyes they all look like oversized sandbags right about now! Eat this sucker!」


More often than not people tend to complain that once they achieve certain goals in any given MMO out there, there is not that much things for them to do or goals to accomplish.

But right now, I had a goal that I was going to accomplish: to line up my pockets with as much cash and items as I possibly could!


「Fuhaha, fuahahaha, fuhahahahahahahahaha!!!」


Long straight black hair! Blonde twin tails! Short silver bob haircut! They are all effectively cash and items and materials in my eyes right about now!


「Please don’t get me wrong but…… Sometimes, I cannot help it but wonder if you are not… How to put this lightly A little bit touched to the head」


「It’s alright.

They may not taste all that good, but fighting them sure is a memorable experience.」



Is it not just straight up laughable when the NPC tries to preach something to the player that the player already knows





You would think that I would get enough, but no! The seafood tour around the underwater city never ends! During the daytime, I was hacking and slashing and slicing at the rotten zombie-fish people, but not at night! Night is a different matter altogether! This time I am rampaging against fresh fish, the opponents that are not the least bit rotten anywhere! And that fact alone is causing me to want to go on an even bigger rampage some more!


「J-Just take a look at this thing! The way it looks, almost like the Seafood Emperor…… You think it’s its mother or something!」


「It’s an ‘Enslaving Carrier Angler! Do you really wish to challenge that thing!」


Mumbling such things in an embarrassed voice, with Emul still sitting on top of my head I look up to see the monster towering over us in the air above.


Arctus Regalex was a train of a monster.


The Reaperorca was like a combination.

It was a monster with defenses of a tank and firepower of a battle-experienced battleship.


So now, to what exactly we could compare this here Enslaving Carrier Angler Hahaha, if you were able to see it with your own eyes you would get it right away.


「Hey there, Seafood Emperor’s mom! Just so you know, your child was freaking delicious!」


「Oh **, this guy might really have a screw or two loose in that head of his……」


「Say, Emul This thing is crazy big, but that should also mean that it is going to drop a whole lot of items and materials, wouldn’t you say」


「You really have something seriously wrong going on with your head! There’s no doubt about it!!」


There was a one huge monster out there and a swarm of smaller monsters surrounding it on all sides.

They weren’t all that big, but their shape was long and thin, with wide and long fins that made them resemble small airplanes, the likes of which aircraft carriers would carry on their decks.

Oh, and they had teeth.

Lots and lots of sharp teeth.


Oh yeah, that’s right, that’s it.

If you weren’t calling this thing an ‘aircraft carrier’ then how else would you call it I’m genuinely curious.


「Hey Alva.

In your honest opinion, how strong do you think that thing is」


「…… So strong that the only thing that can easily defeat it in open combat is Deep See Emperor, a creature leaving inside of the ‘Underwater Forest’.


I see, now that he said it I would most definitely like to see that Underwater Forest with my own eyes someday…… But oh well.

If that means we would have a rather hard or downright impossible time with it…… this means I want to try.

Besides, it’s not that we have anything better to do at the current moment.

And just think about the drop items!


「Take a look at that.

The things that are coming from over there.

If this huge monster is an aircraft carrier, does that mean the smaller ones are torpedoes Or maybe destroyers Suicide boats How about giving it a shot」


On your marks! Take aim! And…… FIRE!!!





「Good…… Uooaah, good mornin’……」


「I was wondering about that, but could it be that Sanraku is not that much of a morning person He was pretty much acting the same way when we have met for the first time in Fiftsia.」


「Nah, it’s not that.

It’s just that…… The **ing aircraft carrier took way more time to sink than you would have initially expected.」


「Are we talking about this game right here Or maybe some other game that you are playing on the side」


Of course it’s a story from ShanFro.

What else were you expecting Unfortunately both Alva and Emul were overtaken by fatigue, so for now they are resting in the safehouse, while I’m getting ready for the incoming boss battle.


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