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Chapter 39: The First Group

We were currently in Rabbitz, a town in the country of Vorpal Bunnies, inside the rooms of the Bunny Court, home to the king Weissash.

We arrived in this room via the teleportation gate that Emul created earlier.

「Yes! We did it! We managed to escape! How about that, you stupid cavemen! Hahahahahaha!!!」

「I’m, I’m so tired……」

After the teleportation gate closes, Emul and I just fall onto the floor, totally exhausted.

As we rest we sigh in relief.

Emul used up almost all of his MP during that day and as for me…… all of that sprinting couldn’t possibly tire me physically, but mentally, I was a wreck.

To be honest, it was a really dangerous situation out there.

It was too close for comfort.

Knowing that there will be people out there to get me was not at all good for my heart.

It also seemed like Pencilgton may have some hidden agenda towards me aside from my information regarding the unique quest, so it would be wise of me to seek refuge in Rabbitz for some time.

It would be ideal if people forgot entirely about me and the talking Vorpal Bunny.

「Ahh…… But I must say, fighting other people is not so bad from time to time.」

Also, being able to defeat strong opponents and monsters was filling me with this sweet sense of accomplishment.

「The time is now…… around noon, huh」

Maybe now would be a good time to grab something to eat I lie down on top of the bed, make a save and then I was about to log out.

「I’m going to get some sleep as well.

Please wake me up, Weiss…… Big Brother Boss Your Majesty Which title would be the best here Oh well…… I’m gonna give it my very best to train hard……」

Emul also lay down and fell asleep while mumbling something to himself, and then I also logged out as well.

「Now then.」

While snacking on a jelly yogurt which was a perfect matchup of both hydration and nutrition, I read the email that I recently received.

Subject: I’ve done goofed

From: Pencil Warrior

To: Sanraku

Body: Goodness gracious, they weren’t exactly strong but they weren’t weak as well.

Oh well, congrrats on managing to escape an ambush laid by high-level players.

It also seems that you managed to receive help from one of the strongest players of “Schwarz Wolves” who gave you a hand there, I would like to hear the story of how the two of you actually met.

There’s more that I would like to talk about, so let’s call Katsu as well and meet up somewhere.

Of course, Pencil Warrior was now known as Pencilgton.

What could he possibly want to talk about and why would he assume that I would be willing to meet up

「Talking outside of Shanfro…… Talk about suspicious……」

While I was pondering in my head what was going on here, I received another email, but this time around it was from Modorokatsu.

Subject: Hey

From: Modorukatsu

Destination: Sanraku

Body: Pencil Warrior wants to meet up, but what would you like to do

I think it might be worth our while to listen to him because it sounds interesting, but if you want to ditch him that perfectly understandable.

Personally, I was sure that nothing good will ever come out of us three actually meeting.

It was extremely suspicious, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was curious as well.

Oh well, if things start to go south, I can always ditch them without looking back.

「For the time being, let’s reply to Katsu……」

As for Pencilgton, ** this guy.

Let’s send him something confusing.


「Yes, good morning!」

I logged in again and woke up on the bed in Rabbitz.

Emul was already awake and I greeted him properly.

Now that this nasty business with other players has been put on hold, I think it was a good time to get back to my original purpose, which was exploring Rabbitz and the Bunny Kingdom as well.

Now I could finally concentrate all of my efforts on clearing this unique quest.

Following Emul, we strolled through the corridors of the Bunny Court in a relaxed manner.

「This place here is the arena that me and the other Bunnies use for the purpose of practical combat training.

We call it, the Vorpal Colosseum!」


We step into a large amphitheater and I look around.

It looked exactly like the Colosseum in Rome, and in terms of size it was about thirty meters in diameter and it was a simple arena with no obstacles.

「Fath…… Ekhem! His Majesty told me that you can fight monsters in here to your heart’s content, Sanraku-san.」

「So you want me to stack us some easy wins, huh OK.」

「So, would you like to give it a go right here right now」

「Sure thing.」

I knew it was a training type quest, but would it really be necessary for me to fight some monsters Oh well, whatever comes my way, I shall take it on! I was full of motivation and I was confident that I can do even better than I normally would.

Hearing my response Emul smiled, but then added: “Oh, but you can’t actually use anything other than Vorpal Weaponry.” Okay, it’s cool, even though it seemed to be a bit far-fetched…… Oh well, it’s not like I’m going to defeat a horde of monsters with one blow, so it might be good to memorize their patterns at first, you know, trial and error way……


It was a beast with a jet black fur which was triggering some unpleasant memories for me.

Was it really a hound Or maybe it was a wolf It had some characteristics of both of them, and its stalking and unrelenting movements were giving the impression that there were a lot more of them out there.

「…… So is this the first one」


「…… Really The first one……」






There were jet black hounds rushing towards me…… about ten of them.

If there was one thing that I could think of as my HP was being eradicated by those clearly group-battle oriented opponents, it was this:

「At least it’s the first battle.

I’ll learn their patterns after some time…… Hopefully……」

The first training session of the “Invitation to the Bunny Country” unique side quest.

The beast known as the “Majestic Hound”, which usually overwhelms its prey with large numbers to make up for its somewhat lacking physical strength.

Their average level is sixty five.


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