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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 200: Reaching the Heavens Part 6 Part 2



“It appeared together with the stormy weather, swallowing up the ‘Blue’ that first emerged from the sea.

I don’t know how to describe that creature well, the one who managed to get rid of the scourge that would swallow up buildings, people, livestock and the space itself.

The creature that got rid of ‘Blue’…… The best way I can describe it would be the eight-headed dragon.”


「Maybe this whole eight-headed dragon actually represents Kutanid, huh」


「But Kutanid is actually an octopus, right」


「If an octopus wiggles its tentacles hard enough, it just might seem like a dragon for those who are distressed or scared.」


「I see! It all makes sense now!」


No, no it does not.

I mean, technically octopi does not have ‘heads’ per se, but you could still call it a head if you really wanted to.


But as far as the diary’s text was concerned, was Kutanid perhaps something like the savior of this city It surely gave that kind of vibe.


“For us who were in dire need of salvation, it felt like the divine intervention of Gods themselves.

Even if it would become even greater scourge than the ‘Blue’.”


“We were so overjoyed that ‘Blue’ was no more that we have failed to realize that the power of our savior was much worse and way more sinister in comparison.”


“Finally, the ‘Blue’ was silenced, God has won.

With the city no longer in danger, and people safe to leave, we ordered for the gates to be opened up after the longest of time.”


“Then we have knelt before our new God.

Not because we were ordered to, but because we wanted to.”


「S-Sequel! Give me the sequel! I’m curious what in it, too!」


「Not that it interests me in the slightest, it’s just for the information gathering…… But I  see that our dear Rei can’t wait to see what will happen next.

Just look how eager she looks to turn the page.」


「Ah, ahahaha……」


“The God answered our prayers in his divine grace.

And then the God spoke.

My name is Kutanid, the one who resides over the Abyss.

While not God himself, I wield divine powers.”


“In return for saving us, God wanted us to give up our land in return.


「I swear to God, if that’s all there is to it, I’m gonna start laughing.」


「Well, that would certainly be a little……」


The line here was really thin.

I mean, I get it.

Kutanid is really powerful.

But that it exactly why he did not have to do things in such a roundabout way.

Instead of toying with people and making them suffer, he could have spared them the pain and fear and offer help and demand compensation immediately.


“The God wants this land…… This here Lulilas, but not its inhabitants.

And in the wake of our infant-like ignorance, we the people asked God: will you drive us out of our land”


“However, God did not become angry with us, and answered: ‘Blue’ has permeated this land to its very core, so it is no longer suitable for humans to live in it.

He said that ‘Crazy Blue Horde’ will eventually appear again here.

Therefore this very island needs to be returned to the bottom of the sea, whence it came from.

If its destruction that you want, then I will let you continue to live your lives as you used to.”


…… I wonder if Kutanid is the good guy in this story And that whole ‘Blue’ thing was really starting to rub me off in the really wrong way.


“It is highly unlikely that anyone is ever going to read this diary, but nevertheless I am going to leave it here in this castle.

It is the proof that there once existed the country of Lulilas, and that I was once its ruler.”


“The time we depart is near.

We shall board the remaining ships and leave this land forever.

As our thanks to God for salvation, this castle is going to become his cradle.

The throne is embedded with new monument, an oath that passes the rite to rule the land.

That was my last duty as a ruler.”


This is it.

That’s probably the event flag that we were looking for.

A keystone placed on the throne by the ruler of this city…… It probably has something to do with the fact that this whole place got inverted.


No matter how much you think about it you would never think that the whole city has something to do with the boss gimmick.

Or rather, the item that would otherwise only be the symbol of the right to rule this land.

That symbol should serve as the key to unraveling Kutanid’s true form.


「The question now is this: what do we do about that symbol」


「Do we just break it like that」


「No, let’s not do that for now.

For all that we know, there might be some other way to deal with it.」


The rest of the diary…… Fuck, it ends there I know, I know, it would be TOO good to have the whole story written here, but can’t you just give us a little bit more


「At the very least we know where to go for now.

Let us join with the Rust’s group near the throne room and see what they managed to find.」





「Nothing here.

How about over there Any luck」


「For the time being No luck here as well.」


Before we actually knew it, we have spent so much time searching for clues to defeat Kutanid that the hour was already around 3:00 a.m.

We were all prepard for grueling battle and possible exploration, but it was an undeniable fact that we were all fatigued.


「Maybe we should all take a break really soon, but for now, let us exchange information.

Team A managed to find some sort of a diary in the room that looked like office or a study.

It mentioned that this city used to be an island and mentions some sort of jewel in the throne room…… And that’s about it.」




「Team B actually encountered a monster at the top of the castle, and it dropped this when we killed it.」


While saying that, Rust pointed towards a piece of headgear that was resting on top of her head.

It was a small, but intricately made crown.

It also had some really conspicuous-looking empty spaces right in the middle of it, almost suggesting that there was something missing in there.


「I don’t…… Actually think that it is irrelevant, but for now let’s take a short break.

I saw that some of the rooms in here had beds in it, so let’s take that opportunity to log out and take an hour for a break.」


We still had time to search the throne room before actually starting our decisive battle against Kutanid.


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