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「Now then, just how are we going to do this thing, Kutanid」


No matter what the boss may throw at us next, this time around I can respond to it properly with my full power of the Level Ninety Nine Extended…… Hm No hold on just a second.

What’s up with Kutanid’s tentacles The tips of the tentacles…… each of them was now glowing with a different color.

And what’s with this texture, looking like a fragile glass Oh well, it would surely be nice if they just broke as easily like glass when you smash something against it…… Owoah, talk about bright.


My whole field of view was dyed blue right about now.

The light was so bright and intense that it even overwhelmed the naturally blue color of Lulilas, and as it so happens that light was coming right from the tip of one of Kutanid’s tentacles.

Another piece of information that might help us during this battle.


But if that light does not do damage to the players and NPC, then what is it that it is supposed to be doing Maybe it’s something similar to that what Lukaan was using Anyways, for now it is wise to assume that it is a gimmick of some sort, and I would not be surprised at all if it was coming along with so overpowered and terrifying debuff.


「Sanraku-san, are you alright!」


Whoa, what was that voice just now It was a woman’s voice, but it was not Rust or Rei, that’s for sure.

As for the NPCs…… No there is just no way.

None of them sounds like that.

Could it be a hallucination of some sorts Because if it indeed was like that, then talk about an annoying things the programmers decided to implement.


Alright, let’s just ask everyone present if they feel odd or strange, or if anything’s changed.


「Alright, everyone listen up! I want to make sure that we are all okay and that nothing strange has happened……」


…… Seriously, what is this I hear a woman’s voice, but it is not somebody else’s voice Certainly, those words are in accordance with what my thoughts come up with and what my mouth has spoken…… No.

No way.

Wait a minute.

There is just no **ing way.


Kutanid’s power is that of inversion, or rather ‘reversal’.

Which means that it can change A into B and B into A respectively.

No, I do believe that in this case it is much more accurate to say that rather than changing A into B, this power managed to change X into Y and Y into X.


「Uwah, humongous.」


They looked as though they would spill out of my hand if I tried to cup them with my hands.

It’s not that I have never played female characters before, but E cup…… No, perhaps this is an F cup Now I must say that this is rather surprising.

I mean, it may affect my combat potential if my center of gravity is going to be affected by those two huge lumps just hanging from my chest.


「Are you serious……! Gender reversal……!」


It should not be that much of a problem if your gender gets reversed.

There is no change to your stats and you are always wearing an underwear or at least a tank-top when you are half-naked.

So no matter what, we won’t have a situation where something is happily bouncing around for everyone else to see.

That would be so embarrassing, so I’m glad that this is not the case.

…… Oh well, it doesn’t really matter right now.

Now, let’s get this party started, shall we




「I think that would not be able to eat it even if I were to bake or hard boil it!!!」


「Eh Eh! Hyaaaaaahhh……!!!」


From the perspective of my current viewpoint I can estimate that my current height is roughly one hundred and fifty centimeters.

As for my current weight……Yeah, it will be quite a lot, since those two things feel heavy as heck.

No status changes, and I can still use my special weapons without any problems.

In other words the changes are only in voice and height departments.

Does that mean it’s all but cosmetic Was this supposed to be some kind of joke, or maybe there was some hidden meaning behind it I know that playing God is fun and all, but damn you, Kutanid! You’re taking this way too far!


While moving forward I took a moment to test my current agility and ability to jump, and I even managed to overtake Rei while I was being at it.

Clearly this sudden change managed to hit her pretty hard, for she was literally unable to move and was standing in place.

It’s almost scary to think that it took me no effort at all to get used to this new body of mine.


I knew it.

While trying to attack Kutanid’s body directly, I did nothing to it.

I could only feel as though my blades were slashing through massive lumps of fat.

I try to attack Kutanid a few more times to see if that fact is going to change…… But the only thing I was getting from it was that I felt that I was doing no damage at all.


「Rei! The way I see it this armor is not really fitting your current avatar, but can you move like normal!」


「Eh, hyah, umm, emm…… Oh, wait! It’s alright! I can move like I normally do……!」


Apparently the shock must have been so great for her that Rei was holding onto her hammer in a really strange way, as if she was treating it like the only anchor keeping her in reality.

I don’t want play a role of psychiatrist here, but apparently upon hearing my voice Rei managed to snap out of it and come back to reality bit by bit.

But it also must have been a huge shock to see her companions in such state…… Oh well.


It was rather annoying and sad to see Rei like that.

It seems that the height parameters during inversion were chosen at random, as a result of which we had Rei with the height of a regular high schooler, but this does not change the fact that her armor was still retaining its original shape and size.

It looked…… grotesque, to say the least.


「Is she going to be able to attack as normal in such state Ah, to hell with it! Please excuse me for a moment!」




Alright, for a moment out there I wasn’t so sure if the equipment’s size will allow me to do it, but putting that few extra points into strength did not go to waste, I see.

I pick Rei up and start to carry her around while also avoiding the incoming tentacle attacks.

At this rate it would be far too dangerous to let her run around normally, since her armor was likely to fall off at any second now.

While being at it, those tentacles sure make some weird smashing sounds despite having a huge mass themselves.


「There are no specific patters to those tentacles smashes, but I am sure that there must at least be a small window of opportunity to avoid them.

Otherwise I don’t know what the developers were thinking.

Just hold on tight for now!」


「P-P-P-Princess…… C-C-C-Carry……」


For now, let us prioritize rejoining the others.


「Guys, are you okay!」




Upon hearing that I saw two obstacles appearing right before Rei and I.

One of them was a burly mass of muscle that looked about to burst.

No, you call that ‘chunky’, I think And judging by the tone of the voice, that person was panicking from the gender change even more than Rei was.

The other one was someone looking like a distinguished old man with a long and fluffy bear, accompanied by the face that looked like that of a fox, with strange markings all over it.


「No, you are Akitsu Akane.」


「Yes! It is I, Akitsu Akane!」


Yeah, Akitsu Akane is always going to be Akitsu Akane alright.


I was going to make a comment that Akitsu Akane was acting like an old man for whatever reason, but it was then that my whole field of vision was filled with a bright green flash.


And then the world…… got overturned once more……


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