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Chapter 208: Reaching the Heavens Part 14 Part 1



In short, this is nothing but a mini game.


The second form, the “Fantasy” form, you must destroy all of the tentacle projectiles in order to shoot Kutanid out of the sky, where it was safely outside of the players reach.


The third form, the “Imaginary” form, is a mini game where you need to destroy eight tentacles holding eight chalices, which were colored differently and were activating various special effects every thirty seconds.


If so, then what exactly is the deal with this mini game, with the fourth form – the “Virtual” form It was actually pretty simple: do not let him stuff its mouth full of the food he was so desperately trying to obtain.

Who knows Maybe it is something that will be related to the final, and hopefully the last, form Maybe its strength is going to increase based on the number of monsters devoured But still, the strategy is simple here.


「I don’t think we can efficiently beat the huge ones time after time! I’ll aggro them towards me, while you take care of the small fries as much as possible!」


The very first Arctus Regalex that appeared was immediately swallowed up by the black hole alongside a bunch of mermaids.

As a matter of fact, almost every single monster that was initially summoned by Kutanid was sucked into the black hole, and right about now we needed to deal with a new batch of summoned monsters.

That is why I was trying my best to aggro the big ones and trying to pull them away from the black hole.


The “aircraft carrier” monsters are especially dangerous here, since when it is sucked into the black hole and dies, all of the smaller monsters that were inside of it would also end up dead as well.

That being said, the items were dropping out of those monsters as normal right now, or maybe even more than usual.

I know that we have more important things to do right now, but leaving all of those delicious drop items to waste like that was just not sitting right with me.

I think every gamer out there would think so as well.


It might be a little bit of a stretch to say this, but right about now the space in the sky was like one huge treasure chest, its contents just waiting to be pillaged.

Maybe it will be a good idea to prioritize the “carriers” and try to take down at least a couple of them while we are being at it But at the same time, we cannot ignore other small fries, for if we just let them roam free, they will just end up as food for Kutanid.


I leave long distance fighting to Emul and focus on destroying the small fries in order to gather the attention of the big ones.

And while I’m making the big guys focus on me and give chase, others shall see to it that the small mermaids are going to get taken care of.


And even though I am only interested in the big guys, I cannot help but to notice that they were dying extremely fast Could it be that their HP bars were adjusted for this fight so that you would not have to waste so much time with them It must be something alongside those lines, since even I, whose Strength was not all that high to begin with, was able to defeat them in just a few slashes.

But if that was indeed the case, then it only goes to show that the strategy that I have come up with was a correct one.


「Kuh…… We must get rid of as many as we can……!」


There it is again.

There is a hole opening up in the middle of the Coliseum space that starts to suck everything around it inside of itself.

I don’t know what is the principle behind that action, or is it a “suction” in the first place.

The fact is that the players and NPCs are not being sucked into it at all.

The only ones that are getting affected by the black hole are the monsters summoned up by Kutanid.


I threw one of the smaller monster towards the sucking hole and watched what would happen.

Interestingly enough, the monster dissipated into red polygons before it was sucked inside of the void in space.

While we’re being at it, how many times the magic circles appeared now Ten, or maybe even more


「How many more times is it going to repeat that action It’s been like five minutes already……」


「I would worry about the weapon durability first! At this rate we might get in real trouble if a few more waves like that hit us!」


「Mold is a Magician, so we don’t have to worry about him.

And my bow’s durability only goes down whenever I fire my arrows……」


That’s right.

I may have a weapon in my arsenal that won’t be causing its durability to become a problem, but unfortunately others do not have such luxury.

We have no idea to know when this phase will actually end, and with us having to actually cut down the small fries all the time, it’s no wonder that our equipment would start to deteriorate at a really fast rate because of that.

And the fact that the amount of small fries was like that of some musou games was certainly not helping here.


Rust words just now sounded very serious.

It’s true that bows have durability as well, and it even lower than that of swords or other weapons.

And it also appears that both her normal bow and magic bow were approaching their limits fast.

Apparently she has some other normal and magic bow left just in case, but before it would come to her resulting to those, she would surely run out of both arrows and MP.


「Think you’ll be able to keep going」


「…… Worst case scenario, I will even use my bare fists to contribute.」


「Everyone, watch out! The twelfth wave is incoming!」


As expected, Rei was counting the waves properly this entire time.

This was to be the twelfth summoning in this phase, and the magic circle that was being erected right now was far larger than the ones we’ve seen before.

Maybe it was an indicator that the battle was nearing to a close, but somehow I was having a really bad feeling about all this.


After all, if there was ever a monster that would be able to be summoned from inside of the underwater city by a summoning circle of this size, that would surely be……


「Ahh ,oh **, this isn’t good……」




Ah, I see, it would be Emul’s first time witnessing this thing with his own eyes.

Alva-kun, please tell everyone present what that thing is, I don’t really feel like doing it right now.


「Atlantic Reaperorca……!」


「That thing is really bad news…… it’s better to just think about running away for now.」


The very next moment the place that we were just standing in got completely razed to the ground by a huge electric discharge.


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