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Chapter 212: Reaching the Heavens Part 18 Part 1



The Tactical War Machine Dragon “Seiryu” is a mecha corresponding to the series that was available to me: “Divine Beasts”.

It is a Non—Standard Specialized Reinforced Armor, to be exact.


As the danger in form of Kutanid was creeping its way towards me closer and closer, I went out of my hiding and ordered the azure dragon to follow suit.


「Let’s do this, Seiryu! We are going to combine!」




Umu, I never would have guessed that a hyper realistic game such as this would ever allow me to shout out such romantic words as “combine”.


At the same time as Seiryu managed to bark out that response, a number of lines of text started to appear right in front of my eyes on the helm’s display.


Since the helm’s visor would not allow me to see the back of my head, it was really hard for me to actually recognize what was currently going on the battlefield.

However, the pressure was my indicator here.

It was here alright, but it was not too light and not too heavy, so it would not crush me under its weight.

I guess that Seiryu was doing its job alright.


It feels strange, as though something was pressing against my back.

There was also the feeling of Seiryu wrapping itself over my head and arms, creating something of the additional coating or armor around my arms.

That armor was reaching as far as my shoulder blades.




「The explanation that I have read was pretty vague about it, but I’m pretty sure that I know what to do…… Time to do some work!」


As part of its settings, Seiryu is supposed to be able to manipulate both the attracting and repulsing forces.

This means that if you can attach its particles to the air and use the repulsive force at just the right spot…… you should theoretically be able to walk on walls or even the ceiling.

That’s just how much freedom this game was offering you.

And if you keep this ability switched on constantly, it would be like the combination of both “Zero Gravity” and “Flip Float”, allowing you to walk in the air.


The VR reads my thoughts, which are then analyzed by the ShanFro server, and finally Seiryu ends up displaying a desired route for me via the helm’s visor.


The moment you make a step onto the road that should not exist in the first place, the information is reflected in the helmet and your field of view expands drastically.

It also feels as though the air was being pushed up under my feet.






It feel pretty much like a conveyor belt going at an extremely high speed.

Or like skiing down the mountain’s slope, only being able to ride in a straight line.

Or driving a sports car at full throttle and having little to no control of the vehicle itself.


Going so fast and twisting and turning was causing my body to rock back and forth, so it was really hard for me to maintain my balance properly.

I basically had to lean forward and look straight ahead all the time.


「Hey, why the ** the road end with something that looks like a jumping platform……!」




「That’s why you should never allow for others to drive for you……!!!」




My body approaches the end of the road and flies off the ramp while wearing the armor made out of Seiryu.

Apparently Kutanid also noticed a blue object flying through the sky towards it, for it extended its long tentacles towards me in an attempt at swatting me down like a fly.


「Oh, thanks a lot, you idiot! I’ll make my own road out of it!」


It seems that you must always imagine the road in your mind for it to be there and you being able to travel on it.

However, Kutanid’s tentacles are not imaginary.

They are a solid substance that will always be there, whether you focus on them or not.


「This will be a direct shortcut for me to get right in your face, you asshole!」


I manage to land on the mass of meat that felt like a whole bunch of rubber stuck together, and I accelerate further.

Certainly, such levels of acceleration should not even be possible normally.

However, right now I was using the power of repulsion to bounce off the air right under my feet.

Think of me like a living pinball for now, ready to bounce off anything and anyone at a moment’s notice.


Thanks to my fusion with the blue dragon machine right now I am able to glide alongside Kutanid’s tentacles.

By the way, this is only a hypothesis, but those tentacles look as though they were made by fusing together the blood and flesh of the monsters that Kutanid managed to assimilate into itself.

My current goal is to reach the base of those tentacles, to find myself right near Kutanid’s side, who took the Vitruvian Man pose once more.


While gliding down the tentacles I operate my inventory real quick, while the tentacles try to do their best to shake me off.

It was not going all that well for them, since I was using the power of attraction to keep myself glued to their surface.

I had to hurry and be sure that I execute everything here perfectly, since I was on a strict time limit and the clock was ticking non stop.


This is the legacy left by Gravekeeper Wezaemon, the Tactical War Machines.

Powerful armors that can act independently if need be.

But if we have armor, it goes without saying that weapons must be following suit.


「Non Standard Armaments…… Let us break away from the Sword and Magic setting for a while!」


Then I select the twin guns “Castor Pollux” and transfer it from the INVENTORY into my own equipment.


When they appear right in front of me from the INVENTORY space, they do not look all that special.

Honestly, they looked like two rectangular block of black metal, not like some weapons of mass destruction.

I was expecting at least something similar to heavy machine guns.


However, when both of my hands touch the rectangular blocks as instructed by the Seiryu on my helm’s display, the block immediately started to change and deform.


A single line appears on top of the blocks’ surface and begins to trace all over it, causing the blocks to start to unfold just like an origami figure.

Once it finishes unfolding, I was left with two huge barrels that attached themselves to my arms, followed by a series of power cables that plugged themselves into my arms and back.

Right after that, the streams of energy started to flow through the cables.


「Hoo, hey, that’s so cool……!」




「Twenty shots in one gun, or both …… Aw well, to hell with it! Let’s assume twenty shots in total for now!」


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