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Chapter 218: Epilogue of the Deep, or what is called a God Part 1



It was a very quiet room.

It was a really spacious room with concrete walls and no windows, so there was not really any sunlight coming into it.

The only source of light was the soft LED light coming from the desk…… And on that desk there was a sole desktop style computer, one that looked ancient compared to today’s standards.


It did not have a touchscreen, but the keyboard was really thin and the monitor was displaying the images in a really good quality.

It was that kind of a PC that was common around the beginning of the twenty first century, and during its time it surely must have been something that was ahead of its time for the general public.




And inside of that concrete room, there was a woman who was sitting behind the desk.


She was wearing old and worn-out jersey top and pants, both of different colors and in different sizes.

Her hair was also a real mess, greasy and so long that their tips were brushing against the ground even when she was standing up.


She was sitting in front of that old fashioned computer, looking at the image on the screen that was of surprisingly low quality.

And even though she looked like the happiest person on Earth mere moments ago, right now that expression of happiness was no longer there.

What was on her face right now was a nasty smile, the likes of which embodies the malicious intent unlike anything the world had seen before.


「Haa…… I wonder if I should maybe change this thing into a death game after all……」


「Tsukuri, please give me a break.

You do that and it’s my head that’s going to fly, not yours.」


「It was a joke, I was obviously joking, Tsukuyogi.

Our…… No, I… it would be bad to be remembered for something so utterly villainous.」


Said the woman to the man that had just entered the room.

Even though she said it was a joke, when she was muttering those words she looked alarmingly serious.


Even though the man told her to stop calling him that, she was still doing it…… While letting out a deep sigh, the suit-wearing man called Tsukuyogi leaned against the wall and after a momentary silence he turned towards the woman and spoke up.


「Keep making distasteful jokes like that Amachi will be after your ass sooner rather than later.」


「I know, right I mean, it would be totally weird if he were not.」


 Tsukuri, Tsukuyogi, Amachi…… Those three people were the “founding fathers” of the game called ShangriLa Frontier, and the amount of money they managed to earn from developing that game was more than enough for each of them to build a house of their own and pay their bills for the rest of their lives.

However, there were times when Tsukuygi was missing the good old days when the three of them used to play around with the code and drink a sea of booze in their University’s dormitory room.


It was just then, at that time.

The door was left open, but even though the room and the walls on the corridor were built to be soundproof, you could hear the loud echo of tremendous footsteps that were drawing closer and closer with each second.

It was enough of a proof that someone was approaching this place at an alarmingly fast rate and soon after that another woman entered the room with such intensity that would make you think that she would swiftly break the door open if they happened to be closed.


It was a woman with a flat bangs, from who you could not feel even an ounce of sex appeal.

She was wearing a lab coat on top of sloppy clothes and her hair was messy and unruly, as if it was the effect of her cutting it herself.

She seemed to be that kind of person that would only go and take a shower once they were able to smell that their hair were smelling really bad.

That woman yelled at Tsukuri with such vigor that even the small wrinkles around her face seemed to be angry and agitated.


「Tsukuri! You were playing around with the database again, you asshole!」


「Shut up, you’re too loud, god damn it.

Besides, were you not the one who was messing with MY world in the first place」


「Well, maybe if you were not sticking your hands where they did not belong, two Unique Monsters would not be defeated in a row in such short amount of time!」


KACHIN! At that moment Tsukuyogi could hear the sound of a switch being violently flipped.

It was not the first such switch that got flipped since today’s morning.

And it probably would not be the last one today.


「Don’t you even dare to give me that kind of **! You are the one who put shackles and limiters on my cute Wezaemon and Kutanid! So don’t you even dare to start complaining to me that they got defeated, since you made them to be this way!」


「Can you blame me! Possessing a total number of fifteen forms! Using instant teleportation! Time manipulation to launch attacks from both past and future AT ONCE! And you have the audacity to wonder why we could not allow for bull** powers like that to be implemented into the final product!」


「Ahh, my poor baby, my poor, pitiable Kutanid…… Look what they have done to you, how they have massacred you…… Forcing you to fight only in four forms…… And you could even rival Wezaemon if only you could wield your full potential freely!」


「Full potential, MY ASS! If you make a boss to be this broken strong, do you know what this it It’s not being strong! It’s being SHIT!」


「Shit! Did you just call my babies **! I’m outraged! I’m outraged beyond words! My! World! Is! Shit! To! You! Care to repeat that!」


Hearing that exchange, Tsukuyogi let out another deep sigh and took out a stomach medicine out of his suit’s pocket.

It was his reality now that he was not parting with the blasted thing.


The genius who created the “world” of ShangriLa Frontier: Tsukuri Tsukuyo.


The genius who made it possible to adapt the world of ShangriLa Frontier into a game: Amachi Ritsu.


The above two were just like water and oil…… Did not mix all that well with one another…… So it was always the task of this genius to be a sort of mediatory between the two: Tsukuyogi Sakai.


Usually cat fights are all good and well, but not in this particular case.

When it comes to this particular catfight, they were the ones that could casually lead to the collapse of the great system known as the ShangriLa Frontier.

And what’s worse, they were happening here on a daily basis.


That is exactly why sometimes it was even hard for Tsukuyogi to be able to mediate between the two.

Sometimes even his stomach medicine was of no real help.

Hell, even the delicious bento his beloved wife was making for him was not enough to power him up for the task.


「If it was not for my hard work and effort, you would not be as god in my world! This whole world would be nothing more but a data blob! So don’t interfere in my creation!」


「Oh yeah! If it was not for me always tempering your bad ideas, that whole “world” of yours would have already collapsed on itself long time ago!」


「…… Ladies, please calm down for now.

You can keep on arguing as much as you like for all that I care, but first take a moment to catch your breath.」


「Hmph! HMPH!」




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