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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 220: Interlude World Truth Book ‘Abyss’ Part 1



The recommended party size for fighting Kutanid of the Abyss is eight people.


It is also recommended that the party should contain as few people as possible.


There are no limitations as to party roles, but having at least one heavy Tank on the team will allow for even more freedom and flexibility in party composition.


The conditions for beginning the Kutanid of the Abyss-related Unique Scenario EX will change depending if it is your first time accepting this particular Unique Scenario EX.

First time requires you to accept the Unique Scenario ‘Punching the Apostle of the Abyss’ and meet the conditions for that quest.

After clearing the quest for the first time, at least two weeks-worth of time need to pass in order to undergo this Unique Scenario EX again.

It is then required to talk to the quest related NPC in Fiftsia’s port and set sail onto the sea, encountering Kutanid-sent Ghost Ship, which can appear at random.


Inverted Underwater City Lulilas Overview


In this specially designed area, the appearing monster will change depending on the time of the day that is currently dominant in the city.


During the daytime, it is possible to encounter ‘Kinsmen of the Abyss’ as well as the ‘Fake Mermaids of the Abyss’ roaming the city’s streets.

During the night it is much more common to encounter monsters from the ‘Deep Sea of the Dead’.


There are many abandoned houses in Lulilas, and as long as the house is safe, you can go to sleep in the bed in those houses, save your progress and safely log out.


There are four towers located at the corners of the underwater city, each housing a respective boss-type enemy – ‘Sealord’.


Each of the Sea Lords possess one unique ability connected to Kutanid’s power, that is going to be described below.

By defeating each Sea Lord, that respective ability of Kutanid can be sealed away.


Kutanid lies in wait in the sealed off area beneath the center of the Lulilas Castle, however, until the gimmick of the castle’s top floor is deactivated, Kutanid is being kept in ‘Delusional’ state.

Defeating it in this stat results in prematurely ending the Unique Scenario EX and all players and NPCs being forcibly transported to various areas on the map at random.


The top of Lulilas Castle house three chambers: King’s Office’, ‘Throne of the Key’, ‘Nostalgic Top Floor’.


King’s Office holds the Queen’s diary, which holds the hint towards solving the castle’s gimmick.


Throne of the Key houses the ‘Reverse Keystone’ key item, an item used for dispelling Kutanid’s ‘delusional’ state.


Nostalgic Top Floor holds the ‘Old Glory’ key item, an item that is necessary in order to defeat the monster ‘Devil’s Shark’.


The gimmick is canceleld by returning the ‘Old Glory’ to the ‘Reverse Keystone’ thus restoring the keystone to its former glory and dispelling Kutanid’s ‘delusional’ state and transporting the players to battle.



Sea Lords Strategies




Clione-shaped monster which holds the ability to absorb all magic.


Its tentacles may seem intimidating at first, but it is a relatively easy boss to deal with, since all you need to do in order to defeat it is to attack it either at close range or long range.

However, since it absorbs all forms of magic, don’t bother with bringing players with purely magic-oriented builds.



Enslaving Dagon and Hydra


One boss sharing two bodies, a so-called ‘Two-Bodies Boss’.

It nullifies all forms of physical attacks, therefore skills are also ineffective against it.

Although it is the hardest of the four bosses to defeat since one cannot attack it physically or use skills against it, it is possible to defeat it with magic attacks, since its base stats are not all that impressive to begin with.

You can also dodge its attacks or block them, which should create an opportunity for magic casters to shine in this battle.



Bashed Mernakul


A kind of a symbiotic boss, where the main body of the boss is covered by a colony of smaller, barnacle-like monsters that grow on it and in turn prevent the boss from receiving any form of close range damage.

However, since the boss is short sighted and its vision area is not too large, long-range attacks are effective since the barnacles tend to disperse slightly if no threat is present.

Also, they are pretty weak individually and can be torn off from the boss’s main body.


Instead of single attacks, and All-Out Attack type of strategy works best here.

It is also a good idea to try and throw the boss off balance, so items such as ropes prove to be especially effective.



Ammon Outum


This boss negates all forms of long-range attacks and the only way to deal damage to it is to engage it in a knight-like duel with weapons in hands at close range.

Even though a duel-like strategy is required, it is technically one of the easiest fights, since its battle style closely resembles that of humanoid enemies or other players.

The only point of concern may be its rapier, since it is difficult to block effectively and enables the boss to use some advanced forms of combination attacks.



Strategies for Kutanid of the Abyss Boss Fight


There is a time limit related to this boss fight.

Since you can only stay at the underwater city Lulilas for about seven days, you must defeat either ‘Delusional’ or ‘Imaginary’ versions of Kutanid of the Abyss within that exact allotted time.

Doing so will result in clearing the Unique Scenario EX.



Different forms of Kutanid of the Abyss




The initial state of the boss, in which it looks like a jet-black octopus.

In reality it is only a phantom vision that affects the people perceiving Kutanid, not Kutanid itself.


In this state, Kutanid can use a special ability called ‘Fake Abyss’.

That special action casts a ‘curse’ onto every NPC that participates in the boss battle.


The NPCs affected by the curse will now be forced to engage the fake, illusionary Kutanid in battle, no matter what.

The curse is also impossible to lift, no matter the methods used.


It is impossible to ‘defeat’ this particular form of Kutanid.

But if the gimmick of the Lulilas castle has been resolved, upon being dealt enough damage Kutanid is going to shift into its ‘Imaginary’ form.


Its main methods of attacking is to slam its tentacles into the battle arena or to swipe them across the arena’s whole surface.





Kutanid’s second form, one of a strange creature with eye-ridden tentacles emerging from the magic circle with an eight-armed star drew in its center.


At the start of the battle, it will use its special ability called ‘Abyss Glare’ to inflict all of the NPCs participating in the battle with the status effect ‘Fear’.


The ‘Abyss Glare’ effect is going to be dispelled after enough damage has been dealt to all of the eight tentacles of the boss and it will cause it to shift into its phase.


The main attack of this form of Kutanid is to use its tentacles as whips that home on the player characters and NPCs, alongside the attacks that the first form possesses.


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