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Chapter 222: Real Strong Part 1



Before I could even notice it happening, Summer was already nearing its end.

It was also around that time that various chirping cicadas finally used up all of their lives’ worth and started to fall motionless to the ground one by one.


「Whole vacation-worth of homework Check.

My student ID card Check.

…… Alright, that should be it.

I think I have got everything that I need.」


Wearing a freshly cleaned summer uniform, I give my hair one last check in the mirror, double check if I did not forget anything and upon making sure I was all set I opened the front door.


「Right, I’m heading out!」


「Good, have a safe trip!」


My mother’s gentle voice sends me off like usual.

You could feel it in the air.

September was already here, and just like every good student I had to get back to school.



With the vacation period being over, I think about the time in the nearby future when I am going to get really busy.

And while thinking about that, I slowly traverse the road to school like a mine-rigged field that poses a significant threat.


For the time being, my gaming schedule will need to be adjusted accordingly to prioritize schoolwork.

This means more or less that I will need to play during the nights, but that’s not a problem.

I’m used to playing games like that.


The problem here is ShanFro itself.

This games follows the real world time to some extent, and depending on the time of the day different monsters, items and events may take place.

So I will have to take that fact into consideration.


Not to mention that I have defeated Unique Monster “Kutanid of the Abyss”.

This means that I have personally took part in subjugating two Unique Monsters.

You would think that there would be some merit to that fact, but no.

Instead of merits, this fact turned out to be more problematic than I would have liked it to be.


To illustrate that, here’s an example: when I have returned to Fiftsia, what was waiting for me was a flock of angry messenger flacons, constantly screeching and screaming at one another.

As a result I was quite literally buried under the mountain load of private messages and mail containing various kind of threats.


The vast majority of those mails were from…… Yes, you guessed it, the Magical Girl wannabe from that archive guild.

Library, I believe was its name


The mails from that girl were mostly spam mails of the same content: I really think we need to talk (URGENT!).

However, I was really starting to get scared **less when the number of messages from her started to exceed twenty five.


There was no way for me to get out of this situation.

So I had no other choice but to reply to her.

That is why I grabbed one falcon at random and scribbled a quick response, something alongside the lines of: I’ll send you a message soon, so stop spamming me and ** off”.

But god damn it, this girl is overly serious about this whole idea.

At this rate I might not even be able to freely walk around the town even if I wanted to.


The Blue Holy Grail could provide me with a solution here, but right about now it would be really awkward for me to use it.

…… Guess it’s off to Rabbitz for me once again…… At this rate I might as well stay there permanently……


「Some MMO experience this is……」


It is really fun to be able to play with other people, but if this keeps on going it will become more annoying than anything else.

This is going to start to feel like a real life.

In other words: real life’s problems but taken with you to the world of MMO.


「For the time being ,whatever shall I do for today …… Maybe some weapon repairs」


After I was done with all of my equipment’s repairs, I felt so tired that I immediately logged off and went to sleep.

After all that, I felt like I needed to take a little break from playing games for a short while.


I follow the road that during Spring time was filled with blooming cherry blossoms, and after some traffic lights and light turns I reach the last straight path leading towards the school.

It is this place that if you take a slight detour, you will eventually reach the Rock Roll.


It’s not like I have any plans for buying anything in particular, but maybe I should pay the shop a quick visit on my way back home from school today.


But since the owner is loving his Otome games, it seems that his gaming schedule is much more packed than mine.

That is only natural when you play a genre with so many titles available to you every month.


Umm…… come to think of it, since that guy plays so many Otome games even though he constantly whines and complains that he is so busy all the time, this must mean that as a gamer he is even more amazing than Pencilgton, Katsu and I combined.

At least when it comes to planning your gaming schedule and such.

That is an ability to be afraid of, and one that you must respect, especially when it comes to unlocking the requirements for Harem routes and Harem endings.


Oh, which reminds me.

I should really try to make something out of all the materials I got as drops from the sea monsters.

I mean, I got such large quantities of those that it would be a waste to just horde them all in.

My money problems had been resolved as well in game, so with funds to spend, those materials would really just be wasted.




Well then.


To slightly change the subject, do you happen to know what is the sign by which you can sense that other people are around you It is because you can “feel” the electromagnetic waves emitted by others.

Could you call it an aura Maybe, I don’t know.


And since our brains tend to work in really mysterious ways, it is a common occurrence after watching a horror movie that you get a feeling that someone or something is watching you, even though you know that no one is really there.


Could it be that we are sensitive to other people’s electromagnetic waves and we can sense their remains Food for thought.


But still, why am I even talking about things like that, you may wonder



(I get a funny feeling…… Am I being watched Or tailed)



No, there was no doubt about that in my mind.

I WAS being tailed.


I mean, forget about the electromagnetic waves and all that other crap.

It’s just that I was able to hear a whole different set of footsteps coming from behind me for quite a while now.


Could it be…… a stalker Nah, it could not be.

What the hell am I thinking Just calm down and get a grip.


Most likely it was just someone whose destination was coinciding with that of my own.

…… That is, if it was someone from the same school as me.


I mean, it is about time for students to be on their way to school, so it is most likely that, but…… I don’t know.

For some reason I could feel a stare on my back, one so intense that I was thinking it might actually burn a hole in my back.


(And the distance in between us is probably like one meter at best)


They were so close to me and sounded so steady that I honestly think that if I were to stop all of a sudden, that someone following me would just casually crash into my back.


(Or maybe they are walking around while simply looking at their phone Not noticing the world around them)


The possibility for that was also quite high.

They are so close because they cannot actually see me, but they hear my footsteps and are unconsciously matching to my walking pace.


Then there is but one, simple solution to see if that was actually the case.

If I just increase my pace just a little bit……


(…… No way, they are catching up to me)


Are you **ting me All of a sudden the stalker theory seemed way more probable.

But…… No way right It cannot be.

At least I want to think that way.


Could it be that this is someone I know Nah, none of my friends and aquaintances are living anywhere near me.

I go out of my way to school because it is located in a different district, so it means more or less that on my way to and back from school I would not meet anyone I actually know.


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