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Chapter 224: Encounter Penalty Part 1

Saiga-0 wanted to leave the guild “Black Wolves” and transfer into guild “Wolfgang”.

If that is not the news worth of first page coverage, then I do not know what is worthy of such title.

And what is so shocking about that fact is that “Wolfgang” is the guild that houses the player that took part in subjugation of not one, but two Unique Monsters and managed to emerge victorious from both of those battles.

If that information was to be leaked to the general public, to say that it would cause quite a stir would be a massive understatement.

Combine that with the previous big news and you would get a sort of a news double helix, one that would spread throughout the community like wildfire and cause all of the players to basically lose all of their sh*t.

And let me just ask you this: WHY Why did you decided to do something like that Why leave your guild and all of your comrades and friends there Why transfer to our guild And why would you want to do such a thing right as your guild was about to finally go to the new continent and make a name for themselves over there as well

Is there any sort of connection between matters such as “Defeating the Unique Monster Kutanid of the Abyss” and “Wiping out the members of the Guild “Wolfgang”” I had to know! So I tried to look it up on forums or message boards, but……

Saint-chan is so cute…… Saint-chan is so cute…… Saint-chan is so overly cute that it should be illegal to be this cute…… Oi, if you want to spam the forums with useless garbage like that, why wont you create a special thread just for that, huh

「Something smells fishy here…… I dont know what exactly, but it definitely stinks……]

In input the word “SANRAKU” into the search bar and tap the search button…… Oh wow.

Thats unexpected.

The number of topics exceeds a three digit number.

And while some of them were rather normal and civil, others were making it into the territory of truly bizarre topics such as: “The Conference for Countermeasures Against Rare Bird Monster Sanraku and How to Capture It”, or “Is Sanraku Even a Human Being in the First Place”.

Now I am really glad that a place like Rabbitz existed in the first place.

At this rate it might be the only place where I will be able to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Otherwise I would probably have to deal with a number of angry mob waiting just outside of the inn every time I would log into the game.

「Alright, onto the next topic: is there anyone in here that made their ShanFro debut during the summer vacation or not]

This was simply out of curiosity.

I wanted to know if there is the exact number of people that made their ShanFro debut over the period of Summer Vacation.

The schoold day was rather brief on the first day of the new semester.

It was pretty much homeroom, a brief class period that consisted of turning in your summer homework, and then basically school was out.

So after doing just that I left the school building and started to head back home.

When it comes to location, my house is situated in a really weird place, right on the edge of the district in which this school is located…… And because there are not that many high school students living in that area aside from me, it is basically right in front of the school gate that I say goodbye to all of my friends, and we all start to head back home in our respective directions.

I originally wanted to go straight back home so that I could make a Full Dive into ShanFro right away, but I ultimately decided not to do that.

At least not for now.

Before I head back, lets make a small detour and stop by Rock Roll, shall we

「Who knows Maybe there will be some really nice bargains that I could enjoy as a distraction from ShanFro……]

My name is Hizutome Rakuro.

I am a Sh*tty games hunter and the scavenger that is always on the lookout for more sh*tty games to try in my spare time! Also, while I am being at it, I help to lessen the stock of Rock Rolls shop, taking off their hands any sh*tty game that is not selling well for any reason.


And so, that is exactly why.

This bring me here to the shop that I frequent almost religiously.

「Do you happen to have any good sh*tty games on you right now If so, hook me up.]

「You again, huh…… Did you not say the last time that you were here that you would try to spend your youth in a more meaningful way]

「Non, non, non.

Certainly, I did say something like that, but I do not want to be reminded about that by someone who closed his business for a whole month just so that he could waste his precious time away on making a marathon with otome games…… By the way, did you manage to complete every single one that you wanted to complete]

「I sure did.

Alongside the secret routes and hidden endings.

If you want to , I can send you my impressions via e-mail later.]


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