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Chapter 225: Opening Up Old Wounds And Curses Part 1



「…… Hmmm, nhmmm, kahaahhh……~~~」


First of all, together with Emul we went to pay Break a visit, to get her into the speed of things.

I expected many different reactions out of her, but for some reason the only thing she did was to let out a really long and really weird sigh.

As if, the whole air went out from her body all at once.

Weird way to react to an announcement: “Hey, so…… We have basically managed to beat Kutanid!”.


「Listen now, you…… I knew that you are reckless, I really knew that.

But this This is something else entirely…… Khaaaaaa……~~~」


「You don’t say, huh Hey, Emul Why don’t you try to talk to her Maybe you’ll have better luck.」


「Sure thing, just leave it to me, Sanraku-san.

It may seem that this whole ordeal was business as usual with Sanraku-san, but this whole excursion to Lulilas was one big accident on our part.」


「…… So What do you want I assume that you did not come here only to boast.

If you have managed to defeat it, that means that you have stuff to repair, right Just how badly it was damaged We talk bad, or really bad here」


「We have been basically trapped in there for whole seven days without actually being able to leave to restock on items or to repair our equipment.

As for me, except for but one weapon, everything else is in tatters.

Quite literally.」


The only thing that did not fell apart after this whole Unique Scenario EX was the Dullahan Blade.

And I won’t say, it goes really well with me, but it is not a go-to kind of weapon if the one hundred percent sure critical hits are what you are aiming for.

That being said, it may not be a reliable weapon for critical hits, but it does its job well.

Even after all those hard battles, the blade was still there and was yet to fail me.

Not to mention that it was able to deal with even bigger enemies without problems.


That being said, the Dullahan Blade was almost completely devoid of its durability, well at the breaking point.

Aside from that, probably the biggest damages were done to the Scorpion Gauntlets, which were destroyed and damaged pretty badly during the Kutanid fight.

But at least they have served their purpose.

I opened the weapons window and presented it to Break, so she could assess the scale of the damages herself.

Her facial expression was pretty sour the whole time, but upon seeing the status of the Scorpion Gauntlets, she frowned in a way that I have never seen before.


「…… Okay, so, I get it.

I totally get it.

When you get into a fight with someone as might and fierce as Kutanid, you can pretty much expect the following battle to be to the death.

You can pretty much expect the damages done to the weapons to be severe.

But to THIS extent」


「I mean, rather than me, should you not blame the system Or the design …… I may be wrong here, but I think that it was the designer’s thought to have these things break apart after every serious use.」


「Oh yeah And who was it that put those poor things through so much stress and pressure that they were all put way past their breaking points, huh」


No, no, no, listen here.

If you are a man, you will want to do it, you will want to try and push things way past their limits to see how they would respond to that.

However, it would probably be a good move here to keep silent about that fact…… as well as the one about forcing the gauntlets to act while outputting one hundred twenty percent of their usual capacity.

Even though doing so was very romantic, and vast part of the population would want to witness such romance at least once in their lives.


Putting things way past their limits is nothing but a gamble.

And while gambling is generally considered to be bad, without it around the world would be really boring of a place.


「There is also one more thing I would like to ask of you.

I want you to make me some new weapons.

I have both money and materials for that.

No, scratch that…… I have lots of money and LOTS of materials.」


「Hmm…… Sure, I do not mind making you some new weapons.

However, how much money exactly are we talking about here」


「Believe it or not, but this here Sanraku-san has almost single handedly robbed Lulilas’s shipwreck graveyard from all off its treasures and money.」


「And the amount of money I got from that You would not even believe this! You would be able to afford to build a small castle from all of that, and then you would still have a plenty money left.」


But I get it: the talk can be cheap.

It is better to aid your words with actual action, to show that you are absolutely serious.


So I do just that.

I open my inventory and start taking out the materials.

Then I take out the materials.

And then I take out the materials.

And then I take out even more materials.

And then I take out even more materials.

I take out so much materials that I could see Break’s facial expression turn into that of “Wait, wai, wait! You cannot be serious!” in a matter of seconds.


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