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Chapter 229: Legal Half-Nakedness Exercised Historical Legitimacy As Well As Anomalous Metamorphosis from a Craftsman’s Point of View Part 1












There was a bunny that was twitching and tingling its long brown ears while sitting comfortably in a rocking chair, being busy with a small handicraft that was probably a doll making.

As for the doll’s shape, it was a bunny.

Or maybe it was a goblin It was hard to tell.

Also, right next to the rocking chair there was a small table, and on top of the table there was leather key chain.

Apparently, that bunny here was…… Oh yeah, about that.

Apparently this bunny was yet another one of Emul’s siblings.

I don’t know how many more siblings he has out there, but this one was the owner of the accessory shop.

A brown-colored bunny that was currently busy making an accessory for a key chain.


「…… Oh myyy~, do come in.

Emul and…… Ahh, you must been that rumored bird-boy that everyone around town keeps on talking about.」


「And this one speaks in a dialect, huh……」


「Sanraku-san! Please allow me to introduce you! This bunny here is Efuree onee-chan!」


「And thanks to the rumors I know who you are, boy.

But that being said, I am the owner of this here accessory shop.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance.」


Now, how should I put it This bunny is Emul’s older sister, just like Break is.

However, for some reason that I cannot really put my finger on, the atmosphere surrounding her was quite different from that of both Emul and Break.


「The winds here carry various rumors with them, you see.

And it just so happened that one such wind brought me a rather interesting rumor.

A rumor saying that the representative of Catzeria presented you with the finest accessory there is.

But I am not all that well-versed with jewels and gemstones, you know So why would you even want to come here, to a shop that can only present you with a selection of ordinary accessories, hmm~」


Yup, there’s no doubt about it now.

That bunny and Break are blood relatives for sure.

Their appearances may be different, but the way in which both of them wield words and stab with them as they were swords is pretty much identical here.


And honestly, the way that she was smiling right now was actually kinda scary.

That, plus her eyes.

Her eyes were saying it all.

While also stabbing daggers at you.

“Why would you even come here if you already have someone else making accessories for you” “Why do you come here if I won’t be your exclusive accessory creator” And why is it so chilly in here all of a sudden Because it is, right It is really chilly in here, like actually ice cold!


However, as the self-proclaimed **ty games hunter I won’t yield! I’m not going to bend under pressure! Years of experience in playing **ty games made me immune to it! It is one of those things that come with the job, whether you like it or not.

Besides, things like class of the craftsmen or their skill is totally unrelated! It is just like with **ty games! You go look for them alongside all other games, and even though they may be mixed, you can find some true treasures! Same principle with the craftsmen!


「Actually, this is a rather embarrassing story on my part.

You see, up until this point in time I have rarely even considered investing into accessories.

No, truth to be told, I did not give a damn about them all this time.」



Is that so」


「But now I have come across some good accessories that I would like to try out.

Thing is, the accessory slot in my inventory is still closed.

That is why I have come here today: just so that I can open that slot up.」


「You see, when it comes to the world and society in general, this here Sanraku-san is pretty much equivalent to a monster, or a barbarian, or a simple brute.

Opening up the accessory slot will be the first grand step on his way towards being reintegrated into society as a proper person.

But in order for us to do it, we need your help, Efuree one-chan.」


「And just who do you call a barbarian, monster, or a brute Huh Care to explain」


In order to silence Emul, I start to pinch and pull at his cheeks.

Incidentally, since I have been putting Emul so much on my shoulders and head as of late, I can more or less tell where his cheeks are located.

And I can pinch them even without looking.


「Ufufufufufu, it is just like Bi-ane has told me.

Now I can see why she takes so much interest into you.

I get it now, I understand.

If it is a slot opening that you want, then please just leave it to me…… Oh, and if it is not too much trouble asking, why don’t you have a look through the accessories that I have made Maybe you will find something that catches your eye.」


「I’ll buy them for sure.

If you show me only the finest of your creations, that is.」


But leaving that fact aside for now.


It seems that for the current moment the maximum amount of accessory slots that the players can open are six.

You get one slot at level one for you to use, so that would mean that the new accessory slots become available to open every twenty levels or so.


So that means that if I were to go to the new continent and release my level cap just like Kyo-Timate did, I would have six accessory slots available to me.

However, if I were to leave the level cap as it is, I would bet only five slots.


「I see…… So this bracelet here eats the one and only accessory slot that you possess for the current moment, Sanraku-san.」


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