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Chapter 229: Legal Half-Nakedness Exercised Historical Legitimacy As Well As Anomalous Metamorphosis from a Craftsman’s Point of View Part 2



Stop with using new words like that Emul, or else it will become really confusing for both of us.

That being said, I think it’s a slot, but…… In the meanwhile Efuree takes out a small pair of glasses from the pocket of her apron-like uniform and puts them on her nose.

This bunny…… you even need glasses for the sake of doing your job properly……!


「However, I must say that it is truly unheard of for someone in a state quite as yours to be able to fight both Nightprowler Luukan and Kutanid of the Abyss and live to tell the tale……」


「As long as you can move your body the way you want it to, you can usually do something about many things.

Including tough enemies and Unique Monsters.」


「Now I would like you to just be patient and bare with me for a moment.

This is but a standard procedure for the Accessory shops, but you might find it a little bit uncomfortable…… Alright, here, here……  and also here and there.」


Said Efuree while she was tapping my hand with her own in various places, but instead of going away instantly, the feeling of being touched lingers in my hand for a while.

And that feeling was only growing.














Why the ** does that thing hurt so much!


「Ah, yes.

That should do the trick quite nicely.」


「…… Why do I feel like a small child that was brought to the doctor to get vaccinated You said it would only make me feel SLIGHLY uncomfortable!」


It’s just like a vaccination visit.

They keep on telling you that it won’t hurt you one bit, only to distract your attention and get everything done in that time.

And ultimately it hurts just the same, so you feel betrayed.


But for the time being, it is good that the accessory slots have been opened.

But does that mean that I can start using them right away






「…… Somehow I feel like I should do something right away.

I can’t stand to just sit around any longer.」


「However, walking around town half-naked and with added mantle on top of it all seem extra suspicious to me.」


「We can always stay here and don’t go anywhere.」


「And what would that accomplish Besides, you guys do not know anything.

An attire like that makes you look like a wrestling superstar.

So I do not want to hear any complaints.」


After all, this is just a game! And a fantasy one, at that! So there is no harm in acting out a little personal fantasy like that, right I mean, who would not fantasize at least once about being a half-naked, mantle-wearing, bird-headed pro wrestler, walking around the town and showing all of his glory for everyone else to see This is the part of the men’s romance!


「I just cannot wrap my mind around just how exactly did you arrive at a conclusion like that.

And besides, I do not think you will be able to do that.」


「And why do you think that」


「The cloak.

It’s going to entangle around your feet.」


Now that I think about it, that cloak really seemed to be long.

Like, really long.

Like, really, REALLY long.


I think that part of the reason why it is so long is that I am not high enough for it.

After all, it’s not like Aramis took my measurements or anything, so there was no way for her to actually know what was what.

Also it is probably because this mantle is supposed to be worn with armor covering your body, so it would naturally stretch just a little bit.

Also, should it be tied around your neck


「Not to mention that since this is going to be covering my body with lightning, some sort of isolation would be nice.

Why are those gloves not made out of rubber……」


Having the gloves with amber ornaments on, there is an urge in me to try them out right away by pressing my thumb against my chest.

However, I do not want to cause an explosion or other kind of disaster in here.


「So How about my work Did you find anything that strikes your fancy I’m quite confident in my skills, you know」


「Yeah, yeah…… Oh, that’s right What’s the deal with that doll you’re making That for sale as well」


The annoying little doll that was neither a bunny nor a goblin.

It looked really suspicious to me, and apparently it possesses the effect of boosting one’s physical abilities.


「How much would you like for that」


Is this thing the best accessory that this store has to offer Is that really it The absolute best thing


「Ufufu~…… Quite a bold costumer, are you not That’s alright~, it’s not that I dislike bold people who know what they want……」


「Money makes the world go around.

And if we are all going to end up dead and hoarding riches, it is better to just spend it.

So what the hell, I shall but every single one of those dolls that you have here.」


「W-What bourgeoisie! Bourgeoisie, I tell you!」


Seeing NPCs happy is pretty much similar to hacking things away in Hack ‘n Slash games.

It just brings you so much joy to your heart.


There was a goblin, a skeleton, mandragora…… Each and single one of those dolls was deformed and did not really look like the monster they were modeled from, but you could see that Efuree put a lot of heart into making those.


「And back into the square one we go…… Our money is soon to be depleted yet again…… Good thing that I have paid in advance for those weapons and armor…… We could have been unable to afford them otherwise.」


「And seeing someone getting showered in so much money on the spot was a sort of interesting experience, I won’t say.」


You know Emul, every single one of us has to pay our bills.

So seeing a sum of money that can keep you afloat for a while is always a nice sight to behold.

At least we are not so different from one another in that regard, bunnies and humans that is.



「Now then, for the time being……」


「Are you perhaps going to pay a visit to my sister’s place」


「Huh Even though we have just been there like a moment ago」


「Muuuh! I am not talking about Efuree one-chan here! I am talking about Break one-chan!」


We leave Efuree to her job of making dolls and other stuff like that, and once we are back on the streets we head straight towards the Coliseum.


We can receive our weapons and armor whenever we want, it’s not like they are going anywhere.

But for now, I really want to test out those new accessories in battle.


I get a feeling that we are in to see something really good.


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