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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 231: Unintentional Price of Greatness Part 1





Upon entering Break’s workshop, we saw the black bunny working with the hammer at the anvil, the sounds filling the workshop being much more professional than those at Efuree’s workshop.


「Oh, it’s you guys.

So you have come.」


「You bet that we have come.

So How about it Are my orders done and accounted for」


「That they are, it is only a shame that I could not make a full set of armor out of those materials.

But first things first.

Here, the shield comes first…… It turned out to be a splendid Legacy Weapon…… It’s name is “Dis Pater”.」


「Ooh, ooohhh……!!!」


It was a shield that looked much like buckler from other fantasy games.

It was shaped like a disk, and it was black in color, with a bluish tinge to it.

But the air that was surrounding it was quite unlike any shield I have come across before.

I wonder what is even the category of this thing Is it a small shield Or maybe a great shield


「Even though its been dead for a long time, you could still superb vitality emanating from that bone.

The thing that you have brought me here were without a doubt of the highest quality, you can believe it.

That being said, I am sorry for turning it into such an unsightly thing without asking for permission first.」


Oh wow, this thing’s amazing! If you squeeze the trigger that was implemented into the shield’s handle, its outer edges would open and expand, effectively increasing the shield’s surface! It was now most certainly a great shield!


Ohh, this is fun! This is super fun! For a moment or two, I got so absorbed in playing with the handle’s trigger, switching the shield’s gimmick on and off without a rest, that I was only brought back to reality when Break smashed her hammer into my shin.

Ouch! What the hell, you blacksmith bunny! I do not wear any armor there, you know! Doing something like that to me is dangerous!


「Yo, this is seriously amazing! As you could have expected from a Grandmaster Blacksmith! You’re the best, Break!」


「Nfufu, you have not seen anything yet! It’s too early to praise me! Wait until you see this! Next item!」


「Uwoooh! Amazing!!!」


Next item was the one handed sword, just like I requested.

But when I took it from the anvil and tried to swing it around a couple of times, I could feel that there was a considerable weight in that sword.


It was a single edged sword with its blade dyed in the color of the deep sea, made out of steel that was reinforced with fish monster bone.

The blade was also made in such a way that it was reminiscent of the fangs of some huge sea predator.

I know that it was quite different, but I was getting lots of vibes similar to a Dullahan Blade from this piece of work.


「This here is the Sea Sword: Blue Predator! And I must say, making that one was a real challenge, since I am not all that well-versed when it comes to refining materials that originate from underwater creatures and monsters.

I had to combine some other refined techniques in order to make this work.」


「It certainly has a nice weight to it.

But I wonder if there will be no problem with operating this thing alongside the shield at the same time」


「But wait! There is more from where that came from!」


「Uwoooaaahhh!!! Amazing Amazing!!!」


「Sanraku-san and Break Onee-chan…… You guys surely are having fun with this, right It’s slightly entertaining , but at the same time slightly concerning.」


It’s just enthusiasm, you know Enthusiasm! Someone who is not into this sort of thing would never possibly hope to understand! And when one enthusiast meets another enthusiast, this is where the magic starts to happen! Not to mention that the fun from witnessing new weapons get even more intense that way……!


And the best thing about this thing is that it never gets old! So if I can get excited by seeing my new toys, why won’t you just let me enjoy myself a little bit more




「…… Say, Break」


「What is it now」


「I may be wrong about this, so please correct me if it is indeed like that, but this appearance…… were you perhaps aiming for it from the start」


The last but not least in the parade of the finished products were the helmet and waist armor that were made out of the remaining materials from Arctus Regalex, otherwise known as the Giant Oarfish.

Break said that those things were the ones she was the most proud of.


These two parts were apparently belonging to something called the “Rakedaimon Set”, and were made to imitate the image of Arctus Regalex as closely as possible.

And if you look through the history of the real world, you would find out that this helmet looks almost exactly like a certain helmet of a certain army from the particular time period in the past.

Also, the waist armor felt like it was not really an armor, but rather metal plates attached to pieces of fabric.

I then take a long and good look at myself and come to a certain surprising conclusion.


Hal-naked warrior.

A particular helmet.

Mantle on my back.

A round shield in my hand.

No matter how I try to look at it, I look exactly like a Spartan warrior from ancient Greece.


「Say, Emul, which of the two do you like more A half-naked wrestler Or maybe a half-naked Spartan warrior」


「Sparta What is that I have no idea, but in my opinion anything that is not a straight up half-naked is already a step in a right direction.」


「Thought as much…… Ah well, we shall see how it goes.」


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