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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 238: Information Cross Counter Part 1



The request on our end was simple and clear.

We just wanted Library’s help and backup in case there would be an all out war in between us and “Black Wolves”.

Just that, nothing more.


The place were the meeting was supposed to be held was a conference room on the second floor of a rather prestigious inn, a place that could even serve as a respawn point.

This place was proposed by the “Professor” on account of the fact that no one would expect people like us to come to a place like that.

A perfect place for a secret meeting.


「We have come from amongst the stars, the sea of stars is our domain.

If you are looking for the Gods, they are not to be found amongst the stars.

The Gods are to be found……」


This is where I decided to pause the video.

That was the really effective way of luring people into cooperation with you.

You show them a video like that, you cut it in the place where it was supposed to be the most interesting, and you leave the viewer with a sense of cliffhanger.

The feeling of “Eh! That’s it! I want more! I want to know what happens next!” is what going to do the trick here…… They will want to want more, and we shall give it to them.

On certain conditions, of course.


「…… I see, it seems that you guys…… No, scratch that.

It seems that YOU possess way more information than we would have initially expected.」


Ahh, I knew it.

No matter how you try to hide it or how you try to explain it, this here Magical Girl Wannabe is essentially the same as Pencilgton.

Maybe not worse, but cutting it really close.


It is that kind of tactician that would try to get his opponents to reveal as much information as they know while revealing little more than nothing on his own.

A kind of swindler that would cheat its way towards victory after having successfully convinced his opponents to play fair and square.


「I understand your point and what you want us to do.

However, do you realize something here Do you even realize just how convenient it would be for us to relay all those information to “Black Wolves” Besides, you are not the only ones who might have those information.

Sooner or later there will be others as well…… What then」


From this point onwards, it was supposed to be mostly Pencilgton and I two man show.

Surely, the Library is always on the lookout for new information all on their own, but most of the time they rely on the intel provided by the top tier players.

In other words…… the info we possess is too valuable for them to simply let it pass them by.


But what the “Professor” wanted to communicate here was that it would work for them better to just receive all of the information after the “Black Wolves” force us to make them public.

That way they would get what they wanted, without having to agree on any conditions that we have presented to them.

They are also right in that one regard: someone will eventually obtain the same information as we have.

However, the question remains: who long will it take for someone else to find it out And can Library really allow itself to wait for God knows how long


Before the meeting, Pencilgton said something like that to me:


「Obtaining the new information is everything those guys care about, so we need to be really skillful when it comes to bargaining.

Anyways, once we clearly state our business with them, they will try to turn the situation around on us.

When that happens, just leave it to me.」


It is important to realize the power of the cards you hold in your hands from the first round and just play them right after that.

At the current moment, I probably know more about the World Quest than any other player on the server, and I am in possession of certain key words that no one else is aware of.

This is our biggest trump card right about now.

This is our leverage in negotiations with Library.

This is why when you throw them a bait, they will eat it whole and lick their lips afterwards.

After all, words and information are power.


「Plan A and Plan B……」




「Bahamut, Leviathan, Behemot, Jizz……」




「Delta Device.





It really pains me to disclose those information to other Guilds so casually like that, but…… I guess it is something that is unavoidable at this point.

It cannot be helped.


「Unique Scenario EX “Epic of the Vorpal Bunnies”…… I don’t want to do anything unreasonable or stupid, but worst case scenario my motivation might drop significantly and I might be forced to put that quest on hold for the time being……」


Such a threat was always a possibility here.

We were choosing our words carefully here, so if this strategy yields us no results, retiring from the game entirely just to keep my secrets hidden might be the only valid strategy.

But I would not want to do something as rough and cruel as that.


I might start playing the game in secret from everyone else.

I have my safe haven that is Rabbitz, so I might wait out there for a time when the next opportunity to push the Unique Scenario EX presents itself, but how long would I have to wait for such an opportunity But honestly speaking, I do not like that idea one bit.

It does not sit right with me.


But even if I was forced to do something like that, even if it stands in direct opposition of being a part of a Guild, when you get down to it, it is not all that different from the way in which elementary school boys keep on waiting in anticipation every week for the next issue of JUMP, so that they can get to know next part of their favorite story.

It takes patience, but it can be really painful.


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