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Chapter 242: If You Are a Man, You Will Do Everything In Your Power and Die at the End Part 1



For the time being, I tried to equip my new dual swords to see if I was meeting all the necessary requirements.

And since I was able to equip the dual swords and brandish them in my hands without any major issue, this must mean that every single requirement was successfully met.

That of course include the level of my Vorpal Soul being at two hundred or above.


That is fine and all, but it brings me a certain problem.

As far as I am concerned, the amount of Vorpal Soul needed for those weapons is quite high, at least when you compare it to the other stats that are required of the player.

And unlike HP, MP, or even Stamina, Vorpal Soul seems to be a hidden stat, meaning I cannot measure its current level, and I cannot be sure if it won’t increase or decrease in certain situations.

And if I am unable to confirm its value at any given point in time, there might come a time where I will need it for something, but I  will end up unable to use it and will be screwed as a result.


[…… Oh well, it is not that I did not have at least a vague idea how to raise that particular stat, so no problems there.]


To be more specific, I guess that I have managed to satisfy the Vorpal Soul level requirement at the time of climbing through the crystal hills.

I mean, it was there that I have fought a fight that allowed me to basically achieve the current level cap in one fell swoop.


For the time being, the effects of those weapons are as follows: “Kinsho” gives a debuff to the opponents upon landing a successful critical hit, and “Meiki” gives a small buff to itself upon landing a successful critical hit…… but a buff to itself That’s a little bit……


[No, that’s not good.]


No, it is really not good.

Because I like to have control of every tool in my hands.


[Oooohh, ooohhhuuufffhhh……]


In the first place, as far as the weapons performance go, I already have one weapon that is excellent both in stats and its performance.

Namely, the Dullahan Blade.

So do I really need another weapon that would be similar to it performance-wise But that being said…… Whale Rabbit Moon has that advantage that technically it would be really hard to bring its durability down.

But does that apply only to the single weapon, or does it count for the other one as well It’s an important issue for me, since as a dual wielder I am going to use both of them at the same time.


No, but wait just a moment.

Since it is an Anti Blade Sword, it should meant that more or less its effects should trigger every time I clash with something that wields weapons of its own……


[So at the very least this does not make it totally useless, it is not totally useless, it is not totally useless, no, no, no……]


Those swords are so cool, that is why they are not totally useless…… While I was doing my very best to convince myself of that fact, Weissash threw something my way while giving me a bitter look.

It was as if he was able what was exactly happening deep inside of my heart.

As for the item itself, it was small and it looked just about small enough to fit in the palm of my hand……


[And this is supposed to be……]


It was an object whose shape was reminiscent of a gun.

But instead of a regular bullet shooting gun, this thing looked more like a flare gun you would see in movies and other games.

In other words, even though it looked kind of cool, I could feel little to no killing potential from this thing.


[Right, this little fella here is…… I just call it Busy Beacon.

BC for short.

It may not be of any use for you right away, but from what I understand it will be of great help…… After all, it is a kind of a whistle.

A whistle that will let you summon Bahamut.]




What! Wait, what was that just now! The sheer destructive power of those words was just too great! I feel I could make the Magical Girl Wannabe drop dead on the spot if she heard that!


Anyways, that one word, that one information seemed to work as the last missing piece of the puzzle.

And having obtained that, I was able to slowly connect the dots of other information I managed to obtain thus far.

And with each new dot connected to the rest, they were starting to form a clear picture, a picture that was the answer that I was looking for all this time.


We have the footage found in the ruins of the old castle’s basement.

We have the words of the Setsuna of the Distant past herself.

And right now we have Weissashe’s words and the “whistle” he has given me.

I think that all of the above are more than enough of a proof that “Bahamut” is more like a machine or something born out of science rather than a mere monster.

Now…… How does that connect to both Leviathan and Behemot Could it be that it is irrelevant I was not quite aware of the fact since those are the names of monsters and creatures that appear rather frequently in fantasy settings, but could it be…… that those names are the names of the Gods here in ShangriLa Frontier’s setting No, but then…… Kuh! I would very much like to throw myself into the storm of considering various options here, but for the time being the information regarding this Busy Beacon gun are way too important for me to pass them up!


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