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Chapter 247: Who Is the Hunter Here and Who Is the Hunted Part 1


Never a dull moment with this girl, huh What a fool she is.

This is what I have thought at that moment.


Well, when I actually saw her do that, my initial thoughts were more like: “Oh, yeah, I guess there are people like that out there”.

But as long as you run a large guild you would never actually stoop so low…… Or should I say that there are a whole lot of players who just grow accustomed to their leaders acting like lunatics in certain situations


In other words, what that stupid Pencilgton did was to talk back and offend someone who commands a force much larger than our own and who would easily obliterate us if she only wanted to do so.

The only saving grace here is the fact that apparently Pencilgton knew what she was doing.


This time around, not only Saiga-100’s eyebrows twitched noticeably, but you could see a surprised expression clearly on her face.

She kept silent for a moment and then slowly opened up her mouth to ask:


「Huh…… Yeah, alright, I feel like it is no use asking, but…… Why」


「It’s simple, really.

We are not the “Black Wolves” slaves or lackeys.

And forgive me if I’m wrong, but there is no point in the contract that dictates that the information must be shared for free, right」


「You surely are twisting this whole thing to be really convenient for you!」


Fufufu, you utter fool.

Did you not learned on the example of that last guy Everything that you are saying here only works against you.

You really should have let your leader handle this whole mess and remain silent yourselves.


Every time someone speaks something rashly, it is similar to walk a road where there could be landmines buried at every single step of the road.

And this minefield in particular has been set by a crazy lunatic who enjoys to play with other people and torment them as much as humanly possible.


「Convenience, you say To such an extent…… Very good joke, very good indeed…… If you have an information advantage like the SF-Zoo or Library does, there are other clans that have the money, and are willing to pay for acquiring those information.

Do you understand what I’m getting at Hmm」


「Ah! You were dealing behind our back!」


「Could you tone it down a little bit This is getting really annoying.」


「You have no one else but yourself to blame for getting into a situation like that.」


The moment Pencilgton took the baton of conversation from me, she was entirely in control.

There was nothing that could have opposed her.


「The Library surely has a bunch of curious information that they like to keep for themselves rather than sharing with others.

And in order to get along with them really well I’d say it is well worth it to give up a unique info or two.」




「SF-Zoo was keeping a low profile for a while now, but we all know that all that they care about is animals of various kinds, and that is kind of a league of its own.

So imagine my surprise when I heard that they have managed to identify the way to make Nightprowler Luukan spawn.

It was certainly a big surprise for me.」


Actually, that might have come with problems all of its own, but usually SF-Zoo are not bad people…… They are only rather peculiar.

But you know what they say, there are all kinds of people to make the world.

And their animal knowledge is second to none.


I even heard that if would come to the SF-Zoo and would describe to illness or sickness that your pet might have, they would offer you almost professional-like advice, completely free of charge.


「Is it not avoiding giving us information regarding the Unique Monsters In fact, the Library should have disclosed all of the information about the Unique Monster “Gravekeeper Wezaemon” we have given to them.」


「So how about the appearance pattern of the Nightprowler Luukan What about it」


Right now there is a needle of legitimacy in our hands, and we must poke the “Black Wolves” with it as much as we possibly can.

There are some nice remarks that I would like to say to them on my own, but I could see it on Pencilgton’s face: it was best to leave it to her.


There are two kinds of people in this world; those who know how to shut up when ordered to, and those who will learn to do so.


「Leader, could you possibly leave it to me」


It’s here.


(((IT’S HERE!!!!!!)))


It goes without saying that in this exact moment all of the members of “Wolfgang” shared the same emotion, although we did not let that show on our faces in the slightest.


「Ah, let me introduce myself.

My name is Riberios, and I am the Vice-Captain of the “Black Wolves”.」


「Ohh…… Ahh, nice to meet you.」


I replied in a polite way while doing my best to hold back laughter.


Also, what was with Pencilgton’s expression It was stone cold.

Was she even human


In a similar fashion, Kyo-Timate was not showing any emotions on her face at all…… No, wait.

Her ears we quivering like crazy.


Katsu was having way harder time to keep his poker face on, and as a result his face looked like ahegao from certain 18 books…… or like he just swallowed a pickled plum.


To a sudden suggestion of this Riberios fellow, Saiga-100 let out a deep and long sigh, but surprisingly she just nodded her head once and let the man take her place at the table.

The man himself seemed rather content with that turn of events.


I presume that Saiga-100 thought he would be able to see this thing through to the end in “Black Wolves’” favor.

I could see that Riberios also seemed to be rather confident in himself, so it was all the more reason for me to mutter a few words filled with sympathy under that salmon mask of mine.


You poor fool.

You have no idea what’s coming for you.

You are the one…… You are going to be our scapegoat in this little comedy we play here.


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