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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 248: Wolf Conflict Reinforcement / Obedience or Expulsion Part 1


This is the recording of a certain phone call on a certain day.


「Ah, hello, hello there, my dear Momo-chan! I am so terribly sorry for not picking up earlier, the shooting session took way longer than I expected.

What’s up Would you like to go out somewhere」


「Just listen to you, you have not changed a bit since the good old high school days…… No, it is about ShangriLa Frontier.」


「Hoo, hoo…… So, what could it possibly be all about What would the leader of the strongest guild in the game want from the leader of a small guild such as myself」


「It’s about that thing that we were discussing earlier.

I have finally made up my mind.」


「…… Hee, really now I was really curious whether or not you were going to accept it or not.」


「I was originally going to decline…… Ahh, yeah, yeah… Sorry, could you give me just a moment……」


「Hmm…… Oh well, not that I am going to pry too deeply into your matters.

But just so you know, you do realize that once you decide to go with it, you will need to stick with it through till the end」


「I do realize that the “Black Wolves” can’t stay on the top forever, and that our decline is inevitable at some point, but……」




「Because you guys have already proven that it is entirely possible to defeat the Unique Monsters with small group of people.

That there is no need to have a whole guild for that.

And you managed to do that not once, but twice.」


「Ahh…… Well, you see, whatever you say.」


「The current “Black Wolves certainly are strong, but…… It is not something that I would like to openly admit to……」


「Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before he would become more and more greedy for power and influence…… Riberios-kun, that is.」


「I will admit that: he certainly has the charisma to bring young people together under his banner, but who else but you should know that this kind of ambitions  is nothing more but a cancer on the management side of things.」


「You can say that again.

But then again, Momo-chan Have I picked a wrong time to call I could not help but to notice that you are a little bit out of it……」


「Hm Ahh, not, it’s nothing.

A matter that is totally unrelated.

A little sisterly quarrel, is all.」


「Ah…… Could this be, don’t tell me, you little sister is giving you a hard time」


「It’s only natural, I guess.

But since we are quarrelling so much right now, I am kind of worried what might happen during the next few years when I am going to be away from home.」


「Tell me about it…… By the way, is that really alright I don’t want you to prioritize me over your relatives just because I want to hang out.」


「…… Oh yeah, about that matter.」




「You can treat is as a consultation between “Black Wolves” and “Wolfgang”.」





「Let me put it that way, as to be straightforward with you: I think that Unique Monsters are too strong of an opponents to be fought and beaten by a weak guild with less then ten members to them.」


I have quite a dilemma right now.

How exactly should I describe the current situation that is unfolding


For example, if the heard of ten sheep is attacked by a lonely wolf, it is likely that one of the sheep is going to get caught and devoured by the wolf.

This is what we call a scapegoat.


However, as long as there is a secret agreement between “Wolfgang” and Saiga-100, a “True Black Wolves” as some would like to call it, I feel that the term scapegoat does not really belong in here.

It sounds way too artificial in this exact situation.


「But we are not like that.

We are not weak.

We have lots of powerful equipment on our hands, tons of items laying in our storages, not to mention influence and connections with important NPCs…… So a weaklings like you…… Oh, please excuse me, that was a little bit rude of me.

Should I say, a guild that lacks in every single way」


In this current setting, about ninety percent of this whole meeting is a farce, a play that we have put up for everyone in Black Wolves to see.

The remaining ten percent is this guy and his lackeys, who think that they can grow even more powerful at the expense of others.


He continues on to deliver lines that would normally be way too embarrassing to utter them out loud.

He does so with the absolute confidence and believing his words to be true.

But for us who already know how this is all going to end up, this is…..

How should I put it without sounding TOO offensive A cringe.



All this time Saiga-100 stays silent, only pretending to be listening to what Riberios had to say.

In reality, she was looking at us this whole time.

Watching and waiting.


「So if you provide us “Black Wolves” with satisfying enough information, we may all gracefully allow you guys to join our own ranks……」


「Hmm, Riverious, was it」


「My name is Riberios, what about it」


In this farce of a meeting that is happening right now, four different people were assigned four different roles beforehand.


Pencilgton is the puppet master here, as always.

Kyo-Timate is the one who made this whole deal possible, the one who initiated the PK incident on the members of “black Wolves”.

Katsu would have a more general role of provoking them and deciding how much about the Unique Monsters we could say.

As for me, my role during this stage play is……


「I understand, I totally get it.

You guys, the “Black Wolves” are truly huge of a guild and your ambitions are even grander than your own size.

So tell me, what are you up to, these days」



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