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Chapter 250: Wolf Dispute Settled / Violence At the Very End Part 1


Even so, with all that happened here, it was that everything was supposed to harm Riberios and his followers in one way or another.

The contents of the talk were set beforehand, as the entrance of the other guilds representatives.

Everything else, like the way how to handle Rei’s transfer and the resolution of the PK issue were only an added flavor here.


Why do all this It’s simple.

It was all a request by none other than Saiga-100, a request that went something alongside the lines of: make Riberios and his followers isolated from the Black Wolves.


Personally I do not know how I should feel about all this, but it seem that both Pencilgton and Saiga-100 had things covered on their respective ends, so there was no need for me to worry about anything.


「…… I’m not convinced in the least! They are all making fun of “Black Wolves”! They are underestimating us! Isn’t that right! Admit it!」


This shapes to be a good fireworks display.

The heat just keep on rising in here, without anyone even noticing that something is seriously wrong in here.

They won’t even know what is going to hit them at this rate.


The correct way to get out of this mess would be for Riberios to keep it cool and think about his options.

But instead, he was about ready to go on a full-scale rampage as he was letting anger take control of his ability to think and reason.

That’s a really bad quality to have there, certainly something unbefitting of a leader, you know


「Calm down, Riberios.

You are making a scene.」


「That’s because this is all so messed up! Saiga-0 is currently the strongest ShangriLa Frontier player when it comes to raw firepower, don’t you understand! You cannot just sell her off to those “Wolfgang” bastards like that!! That’s not right!! You are practically giving her to them on a silver platter!!」


Honestly speaking, I did not think that he would just back down silently like he was advised to do.

After all, if he was to back away now, there would be nothing for him to gain by doing this, and he would risk losing virtually everything.


Besides, this game is not really all that forgiving in the first place, so backing away without actually being able to achieve even something small for yourself would severely undermine your credibility as a leader.

But wait a moment…… Credibility Money… money…… income…… Ah, could this be Katu was about ready to go forward to the grand finale Alright, let’s do this thing!




And there goes yet another thorn into Riberios’s side.

I mean, I honestly did not know what this guys might have expected here.

But if this thing goes on, he is going to be so full of holes that one might think that Godulnine drilled her tunnels inside of him.


「You’d best remember that…… Ekhem, but if that seems to be the case, how about we decide the outcome of this dispute in a more traditional way」


「Forty three points.」


「I would say…… about fifty eight points」


Oi, Kyo-Timate, what is with the high score You should be more harsh with your scores, show them that this is not going to be easy.

A little bit of tough love never killed anyone, you know


Katsu’s role in this whole farce is to propose to settle the little dispute here by the means of a duel.


The reason why Katsu was kept in the backline for such a thing is simply because Kyo-Timate, Pencilgton and I were too battle-oriented to be ever taken seriously with an offer like that.


Like that, Katsu’s offer would look strangely attractive to the rest of the people here.

And since we have focused all of the hostility towards our three, Katsu was unaffected by it, which is making this thing possible in the first place.

In other words, Katsu was the key to this whole operation right now.


Truth to be told, even if Pencilgton or I tried to lure Riberios and his followers into settling matters using force, it would not have worked simply because they would be wary of us and would most probably back away.


As I watched Katsu clenching his fists in an attempt to try not to laugh, I started to think how did it come to this How a conference like that was starting out to resemble a shonen battle manga more and more There was also another issue here: will Riberios and his followers fall for our provocation here……


「A duel」


It was like trying to fish with a hand grenade.

You would get the results that you wanted for sure, but there will be some collateral damage to that.

Now would also be a good time to take a look behind the scenes some more.


I keep looking around at the different people while Katsu continued to deliver his role the best way he could.

Some people were entirely focused on that, while others, like the Magical Girl Wannabe, were looking back at me with question marks hovering above their heads…… And since right about now I have time to spare, I might as well play around with my inventory for a little bit.


「Umm, let’s see here…… Those ten “Regalias” were that much mani, and this here is worth four million mani, so combined together this gives us…… 」


Hmm, oh yes, not that I did not expect that, but this combined gives us more than one billion mani worth of assets The most expensive items here were exceeding five digit numbers per single unit, and that is not counting smaller, but expensive items as well.


Now the question is if all of those items could be converted into mani, but it is something that I have no idea about.


It would be nice if Pencilgton would give me a more advanced crash course on the gold migration…… If it would work, we could pay Rei’s debt in little to no time, and would still have money to spare.


It was then that I felt that someone was staring at the INVENTORY bracelet locked on my wrist.


「…… Say, what is that」


「Uwah, personal space…… Ah, you must be Joset, right」


「Yes, that’s correct.

Hope that we will get along.

Umm, you and those other guys are wearing the same thing on your wrists.

I thought it might be a proof of being a guild member.」


Then Joset casts a quick glance towards Kyo-Timate.

She is the newest addition to “Wolfgang” but she does not have the bracelet.

Which is a given ,since only those of us who challenged Gravekkeper Wezaemon would have that particular item.


「So, what’s the deal with that Is it only a decorative accessory, so that you can fill an empty slot」


Personal space, personal space, you’re too close!!! And besides, something smells awfully fishy in here


「Well, to put in in a simple terms…… It is something that acts like the second inventory with infinite storage room.」


「Really now!」


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