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Chapter 250: Wolf Dispute Settled / Violence At the Very End Part 2


It was a mutter full of excitement.

However, the one who was so astonished to hear about the item that allows you to have an unlimited inventory space was not Joset of the Sacred Shield Territory.

And it was not the Karoshis UQ from the “10 P.M Army” either…… it was someone else.


「Eh, really now Unlimited inventory space Ah, by the way, I hope that we can have a fruitful cooperation in the future from now on.」


「Ah, thanks, I guess」


This person naturally joined in on our conversation and even did a majestic bow while he was at it.


At the same time as the male avatar approached me, I was a little put off by the fact that Joset took a step away, but I guess it’s all fine in the end.


「Hmm, so is this item a drop from the Unique Monster How does it even work Now I really want one myself.

I already know the answer to that question, but I am going to ask it either way:; won’t you consider trading it to me」


「To answer some of the questions you may have: no, the weight of the item or your own is not going to increase, no matter how many items you put in there.

No, there is no space or weight limit to it, either.

It is a reward for defeating the Gravekeeper Wezaemon and even though it looks like an ordinary accessory, once you obtain it you cannot really remove it, so I’m afraid that selling it or trading it is out of the question here.」


At the time of beating the Gravekeeper Wezaemon, the player receives the book describing Wezaemon’s combat techniques, a core used to power up the Tactical War Beasts inside of the Inventory as well as the Inventory itself.


After defeating Kutanid of the Abyss, the player will receive the Holy Grails used by Kutanid during the battle, as well as the alarm bell that is going to warn the players of the incoming crisis.


All of the items described above could be categorized as “the items associated with Unique Monsters”, but the Inventory takes the crown here as the most odd and the most useful item of them all.


The Inventory may be related to Wezemon in such a way that it is the item from the Era of the Gods, but even so, even if this item was not related to him, it would still be useful beyond all belief.

After all, there is no such thing as not enough storage space.


Therefore, a simple conclusion can be made here: the items originally stored in the Inventory are the items that are related to the Wezaemon quest and boss battle, but the Inventory in itself is nothing more but a general purpose item.


And if we decide to follow up on that logic, it is perfectly reasonable to assume that somewhere out there in the ShangriLa Frontier’s world, there is an enemy that can drop Inventory as its loot.

Or it can be an item that can be found somewhere inside of the treasure chest.

Then, the most suspicious thing here is……


「Looks like the Unique Monsters are really something else…… But that being said, I am more curious to see what the World Quest is going to bring us.

Therefore, please let us know in advance when you are going to challenge the next Unique Monster.

We will be ready.」


As for the World Quest…… It is almost one hundred percent certain that something is bound to happen during its fourth stage.

After all, every time the players defeat the Unique Monster, the world itself should be undergoing some sort of changes.


「The information are already starting to spread, but apparently there are sightings of dragons appearing all over the new continent, causing all sorts of trouble and turmoil.」


「Dragons What kind of dragons」


「Yes, that’s right.

My Gilmen…… I mean, the members of my guild have encountered them sometime during the exploration of the new continent.

From what I was told, their occurrences are becoming more and more frequent, and it just so happens that they first started to appear around the time when the World Quest progressed.

So if possible, do give us a warning before you are going to advance the world quest further, will you」


I see, so apparently Library is not the only guild who tries to fish for information from others.

This alliance truly is a blessing for people like that.

But that’s impressive of “10 P.M Army”, to conclude something like that just from connecting the facts of advancing the World Quest and dragons starting to appear.


So in other words, what we have been doing by rushing the World Quest forward without consideration was like advancing the story mode on someone else’s save file without permission.


Since the nature of the MMO games is to not give any particular player a preferential treatment, knowing when something is going to take place or even is going to happen can be a huge advantage.

In other words, it is like being able to predict where and when a tornado is going to occur, which can save you a whole lot of both money and property.


「Oh, you know…… There is this huge black dragon flying all over the new continent, destroying ever player it sees.

Also, for some reason it is strangely hostile towards Siegwurm, one of the other Unique Monsters.

Both members of Library and 10 P.M Army are on the new continent for a while now, and we can confirm those happenings to be true.」


Ugeh, and now the Magical Girl Wannabe joins in on the conversation as well.


「By putting together and cross-referencing the testimonies of the eye witnesses, it can be speculated that there are other dragons out there in the world who are hostile towards Siegwurm.

And it can also be presumed that since there are many humanoid races throughout the new continents, that every single one of them is suffering because of the rampaging dragons.」


「The speed at which you guys collect your information never cease to amaze……」


「It is our job to collect the scraps of information and putting them together.」


It was a really nice thing, not having to hide every single thing from everyone.

Just like I gave Karoshis UQ some information, I most certainly appreciate the fact that I was learning something new in return.


「…… Fufu.」


There was no way for me not to rub the handles of my swords in satisfaction, all in anticipation of the battle that was to come in the not so distant future.

It also seemed that Pencilgton was more or less done as well.


The duel between the representatives of “Black Wolves” and “Wolfgang”.


If we win this, all of our unreasonable requests will have to be granted without a single word of complaint.

And if the other side wins, we will have to disclose all of the information we have in our possession regarding every possible subject.

High risk and high reward Only someone like Pencilgton could have come up with a thing like that.


The date was set to happen about a week from now on, and the stage was also decided.

Aside from that, for the next couple of days nothing worth of note was happening, so I used that time to regenerate.


And then after a week


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