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Chapter 251: Slip Slash Scramble Part 1


And just like that, we have managed to escape from the Black Wolves den in one piece.

For some reason all the other guilds’ representatives followed along and were casually chatting amongst themselves right now.

However, both Pencilgton and I were walking while keeping silent.


Five on five duel format.

And it need to be noted that four out of five members of the Wolfgang belong to the sorta dark category of players.

Was that really enough to make a calculation Will that guarantee our success……


「Welp, I guess things will work out eventually At least we need to hope for them to work out.」


Now that all of my errands have been taken care of for the time being, I decided to log out and finally grab something to eat for dinner.

Now then, what should I do after that…… Yeah, that’s right.

Let’s go with that.


「Why did you bring me here of all places To some back alley like an alien that was captured by humans and transported to some secret military base Are you going to dissect me」


「Hmm, let’s see… Let me put it short and simple way, so that you can understand.」


「Alright, let’s hear it.」


「I basically sold you and called all of them.」


「Uooooghhhheeeee!!! Let me goooooo!!! This is the violation of at least a few if not all laws of Geneva Conventionsssssss!!!!!!」


God **ing damn it! First we have been discussing almost all night long about what we will do next week, and now this **! I want more space so I can be by myself for a moment! I want more time!


Damn it, no matter how I complain about it or how many curses I throw their way, random numbers will always be ruthless and without mercy! But I am not going to give up! I am not going to yield! Even if I was going to be tortured, my resolve shall not waver!


「For the time being, I cannot be too sure about both “Library” and “10 P.M Army”, but I know that the “Saint Shield Territory” was interested in you for their own, personal reasons, my dear Sanraku-kun.」


It would be nice if SF-Zoo actually managed to get itself together after that last incident.

I know it’s not my role to say this, but I want those guys to live strongly.


I mean, personally My head was filled with lots of unpleasant thoughts and ideas, but I guess there is no harm in actually listening to what they have to say.


「Well, if you were to ask me for opinion, I think that it is pretty obvious.

I mean, the Saint-chan seems to be deeply interested in you, so it is only logical that her faithful servants are going to be interested in you as well, since that is in accordance to the Saint’s wishes……」



If I remember correctly, her official name was something like Saint Aegis Terra, was it not And she was supposed to be the saint of what, exactly Ah, yes, the Saint of Charity.

Charity Really No matter how you look at it, that sounds fishy as hell.


Wasn’t she the one that is supposedely able to lift of any curse that’s been placed on the player The one that Saiga-100 mentioned and who was supposed to be the vital part of the alliance That kind of NPC


But ever since the curse marks on my body had been upgraded to the “wounds”, going to see her was out of the question.

And even If I did, there would be nothing she would be able to do in order to help me……


「In me, specifically」


「Yes, actually, because of the Saint they were actually trying to find you on their own, but as you can see they were having no luck with that endeavor.

So I guess that they thought it would be much faster to get to know you if their guild got on good terms with ours.」


「Not for the future: if you want to catch me, I recommend the good old wicker basket plus a stick kind of trap.

Throw some **ty game under the basket as bait and you have me pretty much in the bag.」


Yeah, yeah, keep telling yourself that, just who the hell do you think I am Ahh, but if it was some limited edition, and straight out of the factory at that, I might actually jump in and take that bait.

For example, if it was something like Galaxy Sheet Laberer.

It’s a **ty game for sure, but its price on auctions can reach as high as two hundred thousand yen per package.


It is a game that is a little bit too faithful in reproducing the world setting, as the idea of the ever expanding Universe causes the data on the map to be erased on regular basis, meaning that you can never return to the once visited world.


The game also has a system called Dangerous Gambit.

There is always a forty percent chance that a stray meteorite can hit your spaceship at any given time, and if you are not careful in choosing which systems to visit at what time, you can have your ship reduced to space debris in little to no time by various space hazards.

Best thing is, you cannot turn that system off.


And even though some of the alien races that you can meet out there may initially be peaceful, there is always a sixty percent chance that they may turn hostile just because, for no apparent reason.

And you can’t possibly beat aliens in the battle of space warships.


Also, you need to take care of your crew’s metal health at all times.

If you don’t the crew will gradually lose their sanity, and will throw you into the void of space in an act of rebellion, forcing you to witness a game over screen.


If you can somehow get behind all those drawbacks, this game is not even all that bad…… Ah, I also forgot about something.

There is a new version of this game that came out recently.

For the price of the one hundred and twenty thousand yen you get the edition with bonus planetarium device, which can display the galactic map all over your room that reflects the galactic map from within the game on your current progress.


Personally, I have only bought the standard version of the game (which was still a whopping one hundred and eighteen thousand yen) without the planetarium, but even though it was a **ty game, I do not regret spending that money.


Sure, sometimes navigating the map was like trying to find ants with the help of a magnifying glass in a desert larger than Japan.

It was frustrating, but actually satisfying in its own weird way…… Ahh, the spaceship battles, the alien races, the black holes and supernovas wherever you look……


「…… Hah!」


Ah, for a moment out there my thoughts were soaring somewhere else, towards the end of the Universe.


Not good, not good.

Even though the game had no real story or the end goal to speak off, it was really interesting and I could not stop myself from playing it.

It was only about after four months’ time of fighting the evil Galactic Empire that my thoughts started to gravitate back towards the Earth, and right about now that game rests atop of my shelf in peace.

Undisturbed and with a seal put on it.


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