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Chapter 254: Complete Transfer of Momentum by Capturing it to the Core, Flight That Does Not Depend on Kinetic Energy Part 1

When I think about it now, it all starts to make sense.

The reason why my encounter rate with Saiga-san was so high as of late is all because of her strategy of getting closer to ShanFros Sanraku.

However, it is also good to know that we are both people who love ShanFro, and that we can talk to one another without reservations about it.

「Ah, by the way.」

「Y-Yes What is it」

「O-Oh, its nothing much, really.

I just thought that since it is more or less decided that you are going to transfer to our guild, I might as well give you the address of the SNS server that our guild members use.」

「A-Adress, you say……!」

「Yes, thats right.

I will also send you my personal address as well, alongside with the link to the SNS server.

That way should you have any questions, you can ask me anything, anytime.」

Uwah, whats with that face right now It looks so happy and radiant that it is actually a little concerning.

Right about now, Saiga-san looks like a cat that was thrown into a batch of catnip, or a dog that was given a big and juicy piece of steak.

「This…… This right here…… Exchange, please……!」

「Y-Yeah…… Thats right, exchange.」

With movements that resembled that of a broken robot or a machine with rusty parts, Saiga-san reached out towards her bag and took out her cell phone.

Then, she presented it to me in an overly exaggerated manner.

「E-Even though I may not be the most competent person out there, please take good care of me!」

「Ah, y-yeah, sure…… Do you happen to have this App on your phone Thats what we are using.」

I know that I may repeat myself by saying that, but lately I am getting a feeling that Saiga-san is actually more of an interesting person than meets the eye.

I dont know what else I can say here, its just the way I feel.

Those words might be a little bit rude to Saiga-san herself, but I cannot think of any better way to describe it right now.

「God **ing damn it, what the ** is wrong with this AI!」

What you see and hear here is the sight and sound of pure frustration.

After we went to Rock Roll after school, I went back home and gave Ryuuguin Fugaku battle another go.

As a result, I suffered another twelve consecutive losses.

In order to distract myself from this frustration and ShanFro problems, I started taking some more VR kendo classes.

But since that was not going all that well, in order to distract myself rom THIS frustration, I decided to log into ShanFro in the end.

So one might wonder: just what am I doing right about now

「Gugh…… Nguguh……!」

Right about now I was rock climbing in the depths of the Valley of the Lost Souls.

It seems that my avatar was still at the center of everyone attention, so even if I wanted to do some normal quest, I would be unable to do just that.

So since that was out of option, I needed to find myself some new distraction.

So, since I was having a little bit too much of free time on my hands, I decided to do the following thing: come here and revisit the nest of the crystal scorpions.

Its been a while since I was last here, even though for me it felt as if not all that much time has passed in the first place.

However, even though I should be a whole lot stronger than I was back then, I made sure to have some safety precautions at the ready, just in case.

Namely: having the INVENTORY and MP Potions at the ready.

And since its been so long since I have been here, I decided to climb over there all the way from the bottom of the valley, just so that I could see how it might go this time around.

So I was slowly but surely climbing up the rock wall, not forgetting to rest within the confines of the INVENTORY every time my Stamina was dropping dangerously low.

I realize that there was literally no merit for me to do this, but going out of my way to do something like that from time to time was something that would reawaken my soul of the sh*tty game hunter.

It was also fun in its own right.


I gently touch the edge of the cliff and pull my head over that edge.

I dont think that there would be any Crystal Scorpions out and about right now, since it was essentially nighttime…… Yeah, just look at that! Beautiful Crystal Plains, so calm, silent and majestic!


Just then I see something.

That something causes me to withdraw my head from over the edge of the cliff and press my whole body as closely towards the rock wall as possible.

Mere seconds after that, I can hear a huge mass passing right over the spot where my head was a moment ago, followed by the sound of rock crunching against the rock.

The golden glow was there for a couple more seconds before it moved away.

Fortunately, it seems that it did not see me there.

Its been a while since our last fight, but its not that I have forgotten how to do this thing.

Its just that I was not here today to fight, at least not an opponent of this caliber.

The main reason for me coming here today was to obtain ore.

Various weapons that the players can obtain in ShangriLa Frontier can be divided into two categories when it comes to enhancing them: monster materials and ore materials.

Of course, there are some exceptions to that rule, like the wooden weapons, but we are not going to delve too deep into that subject right about now.

What is important here is that this here cliff is the literal treasure trove stacked full of precious ore materials.

So as long as I am wary of those damn Crystal Scorpions, it should be a simple pillage for me, nice and easy.

「Now then……」

If I climb the rest of the way up poorly, there will be vibrations here, and the Scorpions will know that I am here.

So the only way for me to get to that precious gem ore is to somehow go past the scorpions unnoticed…… Or maybe I should just kill them all and be done with it No, its no use.

Like that, I will keep on pondering endlessly all the way until morning, without actually having done anything.

「So this means we are going straight into Plan C, then.」

Plan A, “Escape into Inventory”, was out of the question.

Not because it was impossible for me to do it.

Its just because I have decided not to do it.

Plan B, “Wait for a moment when all the Scorpions suddenly drop dead or stop moving”, was unrealistic as well.

And even if something like that really happened, I would have ended up sending an e-mail to the developers with lots of question marks in it.

I call it Plan C, but it is more like a Plan A: Inventory Escape 2.0…… Spectrum Inventory! There is no other choice but to go with it!

If you die, this means you are dead! So in order not to die, you need to do everything to not let that happen! Bow, Amu Namida Butsu!

「Good morning, mother**ers!!!」


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