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Chapter 257: My Body May Be Crushed, But My Spirit Will Never Die Part 1

It seems that every Unique Monster can inflict players with a curse of some sort, but the type and the way in which the curse works is different for every Unique Monster.

In Luukans case, the black curse marks have rather crude effect to them, most probably because they are engraved with fangs and claws.

And depending on how one would like to look at it, the curse marks can even look like tribal tattoos or something similar to them.

As for Siegwurm, I have caught a glimpse of the curse marks when I looked at Akitsu Akanes face, but aside from the fact that the markings are red and look slightly different than that of Luukan, I have no idea about their specific effects.

As for Wezaemon, Kutanid and Weissash, I do not know what kind of curse they might inflict, and I have no idea how would their marks even look like.

The same can be applied to Orchestras.

I have little to no idea about what it does or how does it look like.

And then we have Goldunine.

Goldunine and her curse that made it impossible for the defenders of Rabbitz to go back home and meet their families, confining them to this place where they would die all alone.

This makes the matters even worse, since a curse like that not only make the ones afflicted by it suffer, but also their families and friends.

「As I have explained earlier, we shall aim to stop and then push back Goldunines offspring as far as we possibly can.」


「All the while I infiltrate behind the enemy lines and eliminate the commanders that produce the poison, right」


「Yes, thats right.

It might be a simple task on paper, but in reality it wont be that easy.

Worst thing is, we cannot really do anything to actively support you while you are behind the enemy lines.」


「Now its just continuous knocking!」

Sure, the continuous knocking like that was annoying as hell, but on the other hand you must hand it to the visitor standing at the other side of the door, they had culture and class to not enter the room uninvited.

It must have been for exactly that reason that Edward nodded his head to the bunny guard standing closest to the door to open it and let the visitor in.

「Ah, hello there, everyone!」

「Uwah, Akitsu Akane」

「Thats right! I know that this is sudden, but Sickle-san offered me to take part in this here Unique Scenario! So here I am, ready for action!」

Invitation to Unique Scenario from Sickle Does that mean “Epic of the Vorpal……”…… No, those quests are given to you at the Bunny Court.

So, does that mean that “The Defense of the Bunny Country” is the kind of quest that occurs automatically

No wait, its too early to decide that.

I have way too few information.

It would be best here to ask directly.

「Hey, if you dont mind me asking What is the name of the Quest that you were given」

「Umm…… “Bunny Volunteer”, if my memory serves me correctly.」

Okay, so there is no change in the quest order, so Akitsu Akane did not overtake me.

And who knows There may be some differences when you are participating as an Volunteer Legit defenders may possess different kind of responsibilities here.

「Im sorry, it seem that I have interrupted the meeting.

Please continue, Edward-dono.」

「…… Very well.

As soon as we reach the front line, we shall clear the area using the full power of our Magic Casters Unit.」

Well, even if they decided to go with a full-blown suicide attack, it would still work because of the new defenders that would replace the old ones, but…… Edward points at something on the map.

「Next we push back the front line as far back as possible, at the same time sealing the side tunnels before Goldunines forces manage to flood us from the sides.

In the meantime, you will keep on moving forward…… fighting against any surprise attack that might await us from the side tunnels ahead.

You will also dispose of any commander that you happen to come across.」

「Understood! I may not know the true extent of Goldunine and her abilities, but I shall do my best to get rid of her!」

Akitsu Akane says so while striking a heroic pose.

His youthful energy and enthusiasm was almost frightening, but there is a slight concern that I hand to raise here.

「Say, this might sound stupid, but what are you going to do after we split up You are going to get surrounded and you might get slaughtered, right」

「If push comes to shove, everyone in here is ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of our country.

That being said, I would like to avoid the situation where we get surrounded and slaughtered if I can help it……」

While saying that, Edward points his hand to something hes been carrying on his back this whole time.

「This thing is one of my Fathers specially crafted weapons.

Its name is “Tanryu”.

Once you unsheathe it from its scabbard, no matter the distance, the offspring of Goldunine will have no choice but to swarm towards the swords location.」

It was a longsword with a bright scabbard covered in intricate and elaborate ornaments.

The sheer sight of it looked majestic enough, thats for sure.

「The very moment I pull this sword out, even if you are lost and dont know what to do…… You will have to get away from us as fast as possible.」

Edward says that while staring at me.

But he was not the only one.

Somehow, at that very moment I could feel that every single Vorpal Bunny in here was looking at me intensely.

Is it really okay for them to give their lives for someone like me Am I really worthy of ending this conflict…… I understand that right in this moment every bunny in here was trying to measure my character and worth as a warrior.

「This will be the final battle, think you are up to the task」

When asked something like that, the best thing to do is to roleplay.

After all, it was the most effective way of reassuring the NPCs who are unsure and afraid.

I then equip the Whale Rabbit Moon and show it off to everyone present.

I brandish it over my head and look at it for a moment, hoping that the determination that was in my gaze would be show through the bird mask that I am currently wearing.

「You can leave it to me! Gravekeeper Wezaemon, Nightprowler Luukan, Kutanid of the Abyss…… I went to face them head on and lived to tell the tale! I have always emerged victorious! So please believe in me! Trust in me!」

「Thats right! If there is anyone who can do it, its Sanraku-san!」


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