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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 260: Moonlight Shining in the Moonless Underground Part 1


They say that good things and bad things tend to go hand in hand with one another.

And depending on what comes to you in bigger quantity, it can be said that someone is either “lucky” or “unlucky”.


For example, think about buying a new game: if you are lucky with your purchase, you are going to have a good time and great entertainment value.

If you are unlucky with your purchase, this means you are not going to have any fun and that you have wasted your money.

But sometimes, you might regret buying the game, but the entertainment you get from it makes up for the regret.


Thinking about it like that, one might think that **ty games gravitate towards the “unlucky” aspect, where they cause more frustration than fun, and make you wish you did not buy them.

But that is not always the case…… Fufufu, oh, all the hidden gems I have discovered.

Whoa, whoa, here comes a dangerous insta kill attack.

Evesive manouvers, evasive manouvers!




「Your moves are way too slow and too predictable, stupid!!!」


Sure, it was cool.

A projectile attack that was shaped like a sword, created from the vomited bodily fluids was something original.

It was also a nice added touch that the sword was apparently poisonous, judging by the cloud of noxious fumes that was surrounding it.

However, this level of attack was something that I could handle with my eyes closed, and even without the help on energy drinks.


However, this whole location was working against me.

I would need to see if I can get out of this mortar crater before anything else.


「Tsk…… “Firing Up”! And then “Growing Up”!!!」


I originally did not wanted to use it so soon because I thought it would be really incompatible with this setting here, but right now I had no other choice.

So I switched to Scorpion Gauntlets and right after that I pointed them towards the ground, creating a crystal pillar that was erected from the ground, serving as instant makeshift shield.

And my time could not have been better.


I acted out of impulse here, but I had good intentions.

I was hoping that the crystal pillar would act like a shield and cause the poison sword to crush against it and scatter around on impact.


「But I did not think this through.

This thing is a mineral, after all……」


The poison sword hits the crystal pillar alright.

However, instead of dispersing, the purple vapors start to dig right into the crystal’s structure, breaking it and evaporating it on the spot.


Then, the crystal pillar was broken in half by the mighty kick of the self-proclaimed Goldunine, revealing my little self crouching behind it.

So not only did it not work out, it also decreased the weapon’s durability by a huge margin.




「Oh **, this looks bad…… “Hidden Water Mirror”!」


I use the Secret Art “Utsurou Mikagami” here in order to get the aggro off my back and let the clone handle it for the time being.

In the meantime, I use that breathing room to jump onto the body of the self-proclaimed Goldunine.

I first jump on her knee, then I use her chest as a trampoline so that I can jump even higher, reaching all the way towards her chin.

I then ready my swords and slash away without reservations.


It was a mistake for your to bend over so that you could try and reach my decoy, stupid! You can blame none other but yourself for having your chin slashed like that, with me putting the full weight of my body into the swing in order to make it even more powerful! It might not do critical damage here, but the shock value was bound to be great!


「Let’s give your stupid brain a little bit of a concussion, shall we!」


Because of the added effect from the Lete Punisher, the effect that increases the probability of “faint” status when you attack your opponent’s head, the whole body of the self-proclaimed Goldunine shakes and sways greatly.

Alright! Status ailment successful!


「Attack from the side! And then another attack from the side! Then a big swing! …… And one more attack from the side!」


I continue to deliver a steady flurry of attacks, causing the stunned self-proclaimed Goldunine to take a step back, and then another one.

Seeing that, I am determined to attack even more.


I adjust my position so that I will be able to fire another crystal pillar.

Then I do just that, right after yet another slash from my sword, so as to not give her a space to retaliate.


The crystal pillar shoots forward and crushes right into the self-proclaimed Goldunine’s fist.

There was also a loud sound of flesh hitting the hard surface, as well as a crack of shattered bone.

This should stop her from using that nasty poison sword, albeit only temporarily.


Hmph! How about that! I am used to adjusting my positioning on a frame by frame basis! So if you want to reach me, please come back when you are able to do the same thing! However, the possibility of you doing that is like hitting a jackpot in a roulette!


But contrary to the real life game of roulette, inside of the game the movement of the device itself is of little to no importance at all.

Inside of the game, what decides about the outcome is the randomly generated number at the very start of the roulette.

You know about that situation when you are sure that the needle is going to stop at a certain slot, only to move JUST a little bit more so that it would not give you that sweet grand prize Yeah, something like that.

The thing that makes you want to laugh and rip the hair out of your head at the same time.


Oh, but I digress.

Let’s get back to business, shall we


For me, the current situation leans more towards the “lucky” side.

However, my opponent is a humanoid.


What’s more, it’s a humanoid that can adjust its movements if the situation demands that from it.


I am not all that good in player versus player battles, but I have managed to beat a fair share of human opponents in my day.

However, that does not mean that I can allow myself to be relaxed here.

Need to stay vigilant at all times.


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