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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 262: A Snake of Hatred That Devours All Part 1


When it comes to what I must do, there are three major things.


I needed to confirm the extent of the abilities that my opponent could do, I needed to secure the right position and make sure that my opponent will perform a powerful overhead slash with both of her swords at once.


And in order for me to be able to do just that, I needed three things as well: one was speed needed to start the run and be able execute every possible action.

One was the firepower needed for me to do a reliable amount of damage.

And one was the means of controlling the other two.


「It is something that cannot be automated by any means…… But is it not impossible from the perspective of management」


Depending on how you choose to look at it, the size of the weapon had increased tremendously.

It was now similar to the great swords that I have been using in the past, so its size was not completely unknown and unfamiliar to me.

While holding it firmly in my left hand, I take out a small crystal from my inventory and hold it in my right hand.


Then, as the Snake Woman started to get dangerously close, I took out a small crystal and put it close to the “Blue Moonlight”.

In the next second the small crystal was swallowed by the sword’s crystal core, just like a drop of water would get absorbed into a bigger body of water.


「Looks like we cannot avoid this, no matter what.

So if that is the case, I am going to stop caring about items and treat you like a big game!」


Just like that, I started to feed all of the crystals that I have managed to collect from Goldunine thus far into the “Blue Moonlight”, and the blade started to respond by incorporating the crystals into its structure.


「Deep Coating!」


It is certainly a good thing that speech recognition works so well in this game, but at this moment even one second loss is annoying beyond belief.


By feeding the crystals to the blade, its power and parameters should grow tremendously, equally to the number and quality of the materials that were fed to it.

On paper, it is nothing special and the effect of the growth may seem purely visual.

But technically, since the quality matters as well, those boosts should be tremendous.

We shall see about that in just a moment.


「Come on now, Goldunine! Let’s settle this……!!!」


At that moment I activated Levin Trigger Disaster Hand.

Then I take a battle stance, holding onto the “Blue Moonlight” with both of its grips.

True to its size, its weight was also grand.


But even so, Whale Rabbit Moon, “Blue Moonlight” is not just a greatsword.

The dark blue blade is just a “sheathe”.

The true blade is the golden one that rests inside of the blue sheathe.


「With this great sword of mine…… I will show you what turbulence is all about……!」


First of all, it is a skill that is not natural.

At least not completely.

It is a skill that comes as a result of the player using a different skill continuously.

The difference comes from the fact that no matter if the second skill comes to pass or not, the first skill is activated normally every time.

And by repeatedly activating the first skill, you can then make the second one achieve even greater heights…… Something that can rival even the technique that the Gravekeeper Wezaemon used.

That’s right.


By combining a certain skill book with a certain item from the Era of the Gods that were both in my possession, instead of engraving the skill onto a certain weapon the player can burn this skill directly into one’s brain.

And even though I know that it is just a game…… I shudder with fear thinking what would happen if that technique was engraved upon me as a real person.


Because of such a setting, the use of this air turbulence skill differentiates from any normal skill and is considered to be exceptional.

Its visual effects are also quite unique.


Therefore, this skill here is actually a sword drawing technique.

Its name is t homage to the raging winds and a certain mechanical samurai that used that technique in battle: Tachikaze.




Since she was originally a snake, Goldunine gets on all fours and then she lounges forward just like a mad beast would do.


I activate a skill and for a moment everything around me goes into a slow motion.

I could also feel in in both of my hands, that there was a tremendous amounts of power starting to gather within the scabbard and the blade.


However, with things as they were right now, we would only collide with one another.

This is something we would like to avoid here.

What we need here is a leap that will give me the advantage, something that skips all the bothersome processes.

So the only solution here is……




We still run towards one another, but with my next step I actually skip a great distance ahead.


It might seem cowardly to use magic in a physical fight like that, but it was the best course of action I could do at the moment: get behind Goldunine’s back and get the initiative as a result.


Before I disappeared for a moment I could clearly see the look of shock and surprise reflecting in Goldunine’s eyes.

Feeling that it looked really funny, I could feel the corners of my mouth shifting into a smile as I jumped in the air and activated Flip Float.


I make a foothold for myself in the air and make a huge step in that void.

The golden blade that is being pulled out of its sheathe has a bluish glow to it, similar to the glow of the moon in the night sky.


「Clear Air Turbulence…… Raging Gale!」


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