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Chapter 261: Multitasking Prestissimo Part 1

Goodness gracious, say, Goldunine-san Just how many more times are we going to do this before you are going to feel satisfied You are extremely hard to please, and I hope that you are aware of that fact.

「Too slow, too slow! Like this you are never going to catch me! You are not flexible enough for this job, my dear self-proclaimed Goldunine!」

「Kill! Must, kill……!!!」

「See, this is how you are supposed to do it! This is how you are supposed to use dual swords to their full potential!」

Your skin has become stronger and more durable, hm And so what You may be harder to hit and properly injure, but it does not come without a cost.

You have traded durability for mobility, and because of that you will never be able to catch me! (But her skin still felt like rubber to the touch).

The number of poison swords that you can hold has increased from one to two, hm You may pack a stronger punch thanks to that and the number of your attacks may have increased, but that came with a cost as well! Right now you are more deadly, but your moves are easier for me to read in advance!

Just because you have two swords right about now does not make you automatically stronger.

If you do not know how to properly wield them, two swords might as well be nothing more but two slabs of metal.

If you want two swords to be effective weapons, you need to get familiar with them first, learn how to attack properly alternating between the right sword and the left sword, researching new combination attacks, getting the timing of your attacks to be just right, the range of said attacks, etc.

Personally, my dream is to one day be able to dual wield two longswords.

However, realistically speaking, the shorter the blade is, the better it is at handling and more compatible with two swords style.

As they say: knowledge is power, and this saying rings especially true when it comes to tricky sword fighting styles.

Additionally, Anti Blade Swords have pretty unique shape because they can be untied into one greater sword.

I still think that the old Rabbit Moon was way better with its scissors-like type of handle, but that is because I was more used to that form.

As for the combined form of the Whale Rabbit Moon, so far I have given it a go only once…… And the feeling of handling it was so different from its previous version that I almost wanted to laugh out loud because of that.

For example, a rotating slash that was using my whole bodys weight in order to enhance the power of the slash barely managed to do anything against the Snake Woman.

It also left me with a really bad position, one that I needed to save myself from by using Flip Float so that I could use the body of the Snake Woman as a scaffolding for a somersault.

That was out I was safe for the current moment.

While doing another somersault or two I decided to throw a hit or two towards the monster, eventually managing to land behind its back.

「As I expected, slashes will do me no good here.

It might be better to shift into piercing attacks instead……」

While I say that to myself, I resort to something that in the gamer code might actually be thought of as the ultimate disrespect and offense: I deliver another two quick slashes just a little below self-proclaimed Goldunines butt cheeks.

Yeah, I know.

It was a low blow in more ways than one, but at this point in time I was willing to do whatever it takes.

「A little bit more until the gauge is filled completely……」

Once the monster molts, its skin goes back to being soft and vulnerable to damage, as it needs time to become hard once more.

And with each new molt, the self-proclaimed Goldunines skin becomes even thicker and harder to slash.

The only real salvation here is the fact that the poison does not harden, keeping its original state of liquid.

「I might want to rethink my strategy here.

Positioning is important, and I must decide if I want to focus on attacking either top or the bottom of this thing……」

At the same time as I think this to myself, simultaneous swings come down at me from both left and right.

Jumping to either side right now would not be the wisest of decisions, so I hop forward without any hesitation.

I managed to easily slip right between the two attacks, and then jump on top of the Snake Womans arms, using them as foothold for what I was going to do in just a moment.

I then jumped a few more time all over the body of the self-proclaimed Goldunine, creating just enough momentum to allow me to land right on top of her head.

After both of their recast times are finally over, I activate both Flip Float and Zero Gravity again.

Then I kick the void of air and use that to jump up, only to accelerate on my way down as I prepared for the attack.

「And with that…… MAX GAUGE!!!」

A mighty top to bottom slash attack traces a fine line all the way from self-proclaimed Goldunines nape down towards her hips.

What is left behind is a nice carved wound that would not disappear all that fast.

By the way, all of the necessary preparations are all but complete at this point.

However, it is not possible for me to act right away.

Like this, the giant Snake Woman should have a section that would take even longer to harden then the rest of her body.

Right after another one of her molts is complete, a new and completely jet-black body starts to shine with hatred, one that you could almost feel.

Also, I do not know if it is connected with the molting process or no, but the poison swords started to foam like crazy.

The giantess then brandishes her twin swords and glares at me.

「What will you do now, huh Spit poison at me Or maybe do some other kind of long range attack」


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