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Chapter 267: The Afterglow of the Great Hero Part 2

Here in Rabbitz, there are two blacksmith workshops; one is located strictly in the town, while the other one is located inside of the Bunny Court.

The one in town belongs to Break, who I helped to achieve the rank of the Grandmaster Blacksmith.

It is also a place that granted me with so many SF-like items.

The other one, the one inside the Bunny Court, belongs to Weissash, so you can say that it is his personal playground.

And when it comes to that playground…… It may be not the most gorgeous or well-equipped of places, but each of the creations crafted there seemed to have possessed a life of its own.

At least that is the feeling I was getting.

「Oho…… So you have come」

「It was a true pain in the ass to obtain, but I somehow managed to get my hands on it, the Goldunines “curse”…… Here you go.」

The thing that I procured from my inventory was a small crystal the size of a human palm, completely filled with purple liquid inside.

The name of this item is “Crystalized Ingredient: Goldunines Curse of Poison”.

My assumption here was that the existence of this item meant that I have successfully managed to collect Goldunines poison.

However, it is only my personal opinion, but I think that the name of this item is far too long.

And it is also a mouthful to pronounce.

「And there is something else……」

While we were all stalling for time until Weissash got to the battlefield, what we did was not only avoid and evade.

For me, it was a struggle to see if I could get close enough to land yet another forehead flick onto the monster kid, and to see if I would be able to perhaps tear out the fangs of those stupid Naga snakes.

Well, I was trying different things and strategies, but none of them proved to be particular effective, but…… Due to all of my struggles I have come to discover something that at least for me was quite interesting.

「The four Naga snakes that were tagging alongside Goldunine…… I even managed to ride off the back of one of them…… and got this……」

Thanks to that I ended up sacrificing one of my arms, but thankfully I managed to restore it with some potions, guts, and strong will alone.

Otherwise it would have been pretty bad……

「Umm, I do believe that its name is “Ardval”…… Uwoah!」


All of a sudden, Weissash dashes towards me and reaches out to my arm and the rust sword that I procured from my inventory.

He did that so fast that I hardly managed to notice any movement at all.

Was that teleportation Or maybe Flash Step


「Ohh…… So this is where you have been all this time, Doradana……」

Weissash was looking at the rusty blade with a strange kind of relaxed and melancholic expression, as if he was just reunited with an old friend who he did not see for years.

Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing who that Doradana person is or was, but I do get a feeling that I just managed to raise a flag of some sort here.

But was it, really I mean, its not that I managed to obtain it in any special way or during a unique event.

No, honestly, I DID get it during a Unique Scenario, but the way I got it was just so random and obscure that it could hardly ever be called a special item.

You see, while I was riding down the Nagas back towards the ground, I happened to notice something sticking out of the Nagas back and I decided to grab onto it completely on a whim…… And that is the maneuver that cost me my arm, since I got stuck and the other snake managed to hit me.

And when I looked up to see what cost me my arm, can you imagine my surprise It was a rusty peace of useless metal, completely useless against Goldunine.

What an interesting story.

Hahaha, what a score! You could have given me a legendary weapon or something like that, since it was stuck in the body of a powerful monster like that.

But no, it had to be a rusty piece of useless garbage.

Ardaval-san, thank you so much, you were SO worth busting my arm!

「Ahh…… Could it be that this item holds some special meaning to you, Big Bro」

「………… Not really, right now it is nothing more but a rusted slab of metal.」

Yeah, keep saying that…… But did you honestly think that I would not pick up on how you hesitated with your words for a moment out there Or how your expression changed, ever so slightly Dont underestimate someone who has played a ton of dating sims in the past.

If there is one thing I know, it is when someone reacts emotionally to being given a gift.

So it was certainly a flag just now.

「Whatever you say, Big Bro.

However, this sword is too big for me to wield effectively, so you can have it.」

「Hoo, hoo…… I had no idea you cared so much about me…… But, very well…… It seems that the thing it was missing all this time is finally here, and that is the “edge” it was lacking.

In other words, I should be able to make it work for you……」

「Huh…… Is that so……」

If that is the case, then so be it.

But, isnt that actually kind of suspicious How generous the Gods of RNG had been with me as of late This much luck is definitely going to bite me in the ass sometimes later, isnt it I am sure there is a law out there somewhere that states just that.

「This blade…… It was used by my dear friend, long, long ago…… And to be exact, it is my no means a greatsword……」

Certainly, for a greatsword it was indeed quite strange.

It is not unusual for video games to shape different kinds of weapons in different ways, but greatswords usually resemble slabs of metal more suitable for crushing rather than slashing…… But this here sword was long and slender.

Whats with that

「This thing right here…… It is actually the tip of a Giants spear.

It appears as though some idiot managed to break it and was using the tip as a straight sword……」

A Giants spear…… I see, is that the source of the discomfort Ive been feeling for a while now It was not a great sword, but only a crazy big tip of the spear.

No, wait a moment, the blade of this thing is over a meter long, isnt it I know that there are spears out there called sword spears that can be two or three meters long, but looking at this thing…… How long was the genuine article Five meters long Maybe even more

「It is not a product of the Era of the Gods, and it is not something that was created alongside the world itself…… It is something that was created later, used, molded and shaped into the thing it is today…… “Great Full: The Spear of the Great Hero”……」

「Great Full……」


Is it really okay to be using something like that after all this time!


「Uwah, theres a dead fish if I ever seen one.」

「Shut up, nobody asked you for opinion.」

「For someone telling other people to shut up, you sure act awfully loud and obnoxious!」

「Why do I get the feeling that this conversation is going nowhere……」

Now then, after a fun battles with hard enemies, there comes a time when I must engage in a not so funny interpersonal battle.

And there is another funny thing of note here; although it should have all but worn out while I was doing the Full Dive, for some reason I could still feel the taste of the energy drink on my tongue.

Oh well, I guess I will just wash it away with milk.

Yeah, that should do the trick……


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