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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 268: With Enough Money and Time, One Can Take Advantage of Most Events In Life Part 1


「Say, no matter how you look at it, this guy seems to be pretty upset.

You sure he is alright there」


「Its alright, its alright, dont worry about it.

When it comes to Sanraku-kun, he is better when he needs to work in a state such as this.

Just leave him alone.」


「What was that saying again Something about the candle burning its brightest the very moment before it goes out」


「Thats right, thats right.

This guy may look like a lifeless husk if he is not devoting himself to doing something, but if you fill him to the brim with energy drinks and let him in the sun for a while he is going to be more than alright.」


「Who the hell is bracing up for the grand climax, you assholes Leave me alone, I was busy all night yesterday with some pretty epic stuff.」


「Ah, but when this is all over, dont think that you are off the hook right away.

Both members of the Library and the Saints Guards want to have a word with you.

Just to let you know.

Are you happy」


「Can I just go home already」


It goes without saying that my request was denied almost instantly.


If someone right now were to ask me how I feel, I would answer that I feel like a monster made out of omelet.

An omelet made out of spoiled eggs, with teary eyes made out of ketchup, and with slices of wieners mixed with milk that was thrown in to the mix as a side dish.

Oh, and lets not forget about the fact that all of the above is drowned in energy drink juice.  Honestly speaking, that is the only fuel that is currently making my engine roar, but I think that this kind of diet is starting to affect me in a really bad way.


「If beef is to be considered a vegetable, does that mean fish and milk can be considered a vegetable」


「Alright, you know what Im so sorry, Kyogoku-chan, but I may have lied to you.

Upon closer inspection, this guys does not look so good after all.

He appears to be slightly messed up.」


「You call that “slightly”」


「Try hitting his head from the side.

Maybe that will fix him up.

Or he will fix himself up on his own.」


I could see with the corner of my eyes that someone was trying to slap my cheeks with the back of their hand.

But their moves were all too predictable.

I could avoid them with my eyes closed no problem.

In fact, that is exactly what I did.

Did I succeeded






「Would you kindly stop fooling around We are trying to have a strategy meeting here, thank you very much.」


「「Alright, Mom.」」


Kyo-Timate was titling her head in puzzlement, but no need to worry.

You may call it weird, but for us, this type of behavior is completely natural and there is nothing weird to it.


「Oh well, no need to sugarcoat things.

We all know that our opponents are standing at the very top, and it is precisely because of that that their equipment is nothing short but top notch as well.」


「Equipment is one thing to be worried about here.

But it is precisely because our enemies are the member of “Black Wolves” that not only their equipment is top notch, but they also have player skills to back that up.

But we talk about their in-game skills.

As far as player skills goes, it is everyones guess here.」


In terms of play time and experience here in this game, it was the two PKers that needed to explain somethings to both Katsu and I, since in terms of play time we were still novices, or barely managed to graduate from being such.

Or rather, since PK got us into this mess, it was only natural for the ones well-versed in the art to provide a suitable preface here


「You see, since I have some connection with Momo-chan behind the scenes, I have at least some level of knowledge about what we are going against.

Therefore, I think that we can easily counter three out of five of our opponents here.」


「Gee, talk about spoiling all the fun.」


「Every fight starts way before you get to cross the blades with your opponent, my dear Katsu-kun.

That being said, the true problem here is going to be the Saiga sisters, without doubt.」


The absolute pinnacle of the “Black Wolves” guild, Saiga-0 and her older sister, Saiga-100.

No matter how you look at it, their avatars are walking battle trams, possessing both destructive attack power and impeccable defenses.


Even if you know that something is going to be coming straight at you, it is still hard to avoid it and move out of the way.

Especially if it is something that you know you cannot deal in advance.


「Personally, I am more than happy with that turn of events.

But werent we supposed to do a match fixing beforehand」


「Even so, defeat is something that the leader of the “Black Wolves” absolutely cannot allow to happen to herself.

And even if she is going to lose, she wont go down without a fight.」


I take this moment to cast a quick glance at the members of the “Black Wolves” at the other side of the arena that was designated as the venue for todays duel.

Amongst the fighters who looked about ready to throw themselves into battle at any time, there was Saiga-100, looking as serious as ever.


I think that this whole situation is a result of her personal problems with Pencilgton, but could it be that there is actually some other cause behind all this I get a feeling that there might be something like that.


「As a player, Momo-chan is a perfect superhuman with the class of “Sword Master”.

That alone is more than enough to cut her opponents into ribbons with ease.」


「Sword Master…… huh」


Wasnt that Aramis furball a Sword Master as well Or was it a Sword Saint But whatever the case, it seems that Sword Master was a class that was versatile enough to hold its ground no matter if it was a solo fight, or five versus five.


「Actually, Saiga sisters are the ones who are going to be extremely troublesome here.

Both their builds are oriented-towards close quarters combat, but their firepower is so powerful that they can easily take down multiple opponents at once……」


「Thats cool and **, but can I ask something here」


While Pencilgton was clearly going to elaborate on the idea of a threat that the Saiga sisters possess, Kyo-Timate interrupted her with a question of her on.


After saying that, she looks around the four of us, and then her ears start to twitch rapidly.

It was a gesture completely different from the ones human ears do, and it was honestly really cute.


「…… We seem to be lacking one member.

Where are they」


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