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Chapter 270: Scrap And Build Part 1

「Ah, what misery! This is the best kind of entertainment one could possibly hope for!」

「So, is the “White Tiger’s” ability just compression and expulsion If it is indeed like that, I wonder if it would be possible to suck in the soil to create a landslide Or suck in the air and fire a bullet of compressed air …… Ahh, just like I thought, I am not very compatible with this thing.」

「You think so I thought that kind of thing was made for people like you, Sanraku-kun.」

「The things that I mentioned before sure sound nice to put into practice, but the scale of the attack is way too severe, in my opinion.

I mean, the attacks are performed just like you would expect them to perform, but there are way too many sudden accelerations and breaks for comfort here.」

Basically, I am the type that likes to move non stop from the starting point all the way towards the goal that I have in mind.

However, this machine moves in such a way that it dashes around in short bursts many times, instead of allowing for one swift movement.

It’s like trying to perform repetitive side jumps.

It’s not that you cannot do movements that involve accelerating and coming to a stop in quick succession, because you certainly can perform such complex behavior.

But it’s the idea that human body is not all that compatible with such movements.

「It’s like trying to draw a circle, but only with using a straight line.

The only way for you to even hope of drawing something that resembles a sphere is to shift the angles all the time, correcting the lines you have already drawn.」

In that regard, you can say the compatibility I had with Azure Dragon was terrible as well.

I mean, I basically imagined the path in the sky and forced it to glide alongside it, robbing it of its freedom of movement.

If I were to throw Zero Gravity into the mix, we could technically possess some sort of maneuverability, but only as long as my semicircular canals would hold on.

「And what is that」

「Ahh, thinking about it now, we never told you, right Kyogoku-chan So you don’t know about it This thing here is one of the Non-Standard Tactical War Beasts -- “White Tiger” and its control terminal “Banbu”.

This is one of the prizes you get upon defeating the Unique Monster “Gravekeeper Wezaemon”.

Of course, besides this one, there are three more Tactical War Beasts.」


「No…… Ah, actually that was a point of concern for me as well, but…… Isn’t that thing, like, crazy strong or what Maybe even too strong」

「But that is exactly what makes them so awesome, don’t you think」

The second challenger from the Black Wolves team was a sword user with a long coat.

It seems from his movements that Iai-jutsu was his forte, but unfortunately for him, he was unable to even draw out his sword.

Because Katsu laid his hand on it and prevented it from being unsheathed even an inch.

Of course, he closed the distance in a matter of seconds, that is what made it all possible.

「Batto-jutsu (No Drawn Style)」

「This is like having Peperoncino, but without pasta.」

「This is…… Umm, just olive oil without anything else to it」

「No, no, no.

Listen here, my sweet Zero-chan.

Don’t forget about the spices.

You still have garlic and various herbs in there.」

「Yeah, but even so…… Without pasta added to the mix, Peperoncino just loses all of its identity, don’t you think」

Pasta without noodles As much of an interesting concept as it is, I think that no one would be willing to be the pioneer who would like to test that out.

But still, sounds interesting.

Well, I can only speak for myself here.

As for others…… They might be willing to tryi it out, but that’s entirely on them.

Hm I wonder if half-naked would go along well with lightly dressed meals

「Sanraku-kun, did you know It is really funny to see you quarrel with your own thoughts out loud like that sometimes.

Are you an Ouroboros, or something like that」

「Local production should be meant completely for local consumption, right Like Crystal Scorpions.

You should give them a go some time.

It’s tons of fun.」

Clearly, all that talk about pasta made me remember Summer, even though right about now it was neither the time nor the place for that.

Man, fireworks blooming like flowers in the night sky sure are nice……

「Now then, Reberios-kun, you are next! Keep them coming!」

「No, that’s actually wrong.

Wasn’t his name Rebelliosus or something like that」

「Umm, this is…… It’s actually Ribelius.」

The name itself was not all that hard, but man, good luck with typing that correctly.

Things like that take a special kind of talent in and out of itself.

That being said, the rest of the Black Wolves might consider themselves to be lucky.

While it is true that Tactical War Beasts are a huge boost in power and are a remarkable force that one need to reckon with, they also come with one fatal flaw, one huge disadvantage.

Their time limit.

The amount of energy stored within the reactor.

Especially when the user combines himself with the machine, the energy consumption goes so high that it is just **ing stupid.

That is why you need to wrap your battles up quickly, because otherwise you might find yourself in a truly tight spot.


「That being said, even though they are so powerful and mighty, they were still struggling quite a lot against that damned octopus.」

By the way, how are things on Katsu’s end Surely , right about now he should be……

Arriving at his limit…… Nah, somehow, I don’t think that this is the case here right now.

I think he can still go a little bit higher before hitting the ceiling……



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