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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 271 Part 1

7-9 minutes 03.11.2022

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 271: Sword Wolf Turns Out to Be a Thunderfire Beast, Part 2 PART 1

As we were all about to witness the battle of the Holy Spear versus the Holy Sword, a thought occurred to me.

This was going to be a battle of a Hero versus Hero.

But if it was to be like that, there was one more thing that needed clarification, at least in my eyes.

「Say, Rei What exactly is the ability of that Holy Sword」

「The Holy Sword Excalibur possesses the power to…… resurrect its user upon death.

It’s a common power when it comes to legendary weapons of great Heroes…… It also restores one’s HP and MP, and……」

「The power to overcome basically any obstacle before you」

「That’s right…… Umm, Kyogoku… -san」

「Kyogoku Ultimate.

And you are Saiga-0-san, correct」

For some bizarre reason, you could almost see sparks flying in between Rei and Kyo-Timate.

Was it because Kyo-Timate’s provocation so common for Player Killers Or was there an entire different reason behind it

By the way, at the end of the era of the Tokugawa Shogunate, it was a common understanding that a mere gesture of the hand going in the direction of the sword’s hilt could be read as provoking someone to a fight.

And provoking a fight was more than enough of a reason for you to get yourself a nice divine punishment.

「I can more or less guess what this thing is all about.

You see, the power to overcome any obstacle……」

「It is the power that in a pinch can greatly increase all of your attributes, except HP and MP.

Also, the more of a pinch you are in, the greater the chance of this effect activating.」

「…… And that thing right now was a result of that」

I mutter those words while looking at Pencilgton who was somehow managing to do relatively well against the four flying swords here.

Of course she had to use quite a bit of consumable items to make that possible in the first place, but the result was actually quite good.

If this thing goes on, she might even learn something from this experience and grow stronger as a result.

「I have heard that together with Saiga-0-san here and Akitsu Akane-san you managed to take on Nightprowler Luukan and live to tell the tale.

If so, then how come that members of Black Wolves were unable to do that before Especially since you’ve managed to do it with so few people」

「When it comes to Sis…… Umm, when it comes to Nightprowler Luukan she managed to fight against it on number of occasions, but every time their numbers were not enough, or their equipment and classes were all over the place……」

Sometimes life really be that way.

And even when everything seems perfect, the thing that manages to screw you over in a second is nothing other than RNG.

Isn’t that a tragedy Besides, it seems that Black Wolves did not know about Luukan’s shadowy alter ego until I have told them about it.

Well, in our case the deciding factor turned out to be the high-power fire fan called Suzaku…… Of course, I had some plans on the ready so that we would try to survive without Suzaku’s help, but its help proved to be way too good for us to simply pass up on it.

In other words, the ideal strategy is as follows: you wait for a night when there are no clouds in the sky, and the full squad should log in preferably at the same time.

But also you need to proc a random encounter with Luukan to fight it.

So this strategy was relying on so much RNG that it was actually breaking my heart just thinking about it.

「When it comes to players who all log in at night…… Umm, doesn’t that mean that 10 P.M Army would be more that ideal for the taks……」


Well, that’s actually true.

Black Wolves may be the strongest guild out there, but they are pretty much divided, and that is working against them.

10 P.M Army, on the other hand, is unified and majority of their players log in at night.

Their teamwork must also be on a very good level.

So if I were to choose which guild had more chances at fighting Luukan…… Yeah, I would certainly choose 10 P.M Army, without fail.

「As a result, this is my individual opinion as a sister, but…… Umm, I realize it might sound wrong for me to say it, but…… If Black Wolves are to truly be the strongest and unified, I do believe that Riberios-san and his followers have to go……」

「So, for that to actually happen, they need to struggle with all of their might and lose…… No, with this level of abilities, could it be that an easy defeat would more than suffice here」

But since Saiga-100 is so strong, this is not going to be all that easy.

Hmm Do my eyes deceive me Or is Pencilgton going to get acquainted with the business end of the sword At this rate, she is about to lose it……

「Uwah, that’s amazing, Pencilgton.


She rushed to kill you without the slightest bit of hesitation here.」

「So it means that either Kyo-Timate or I need to win this……」

Since Rei was actually pulled over from the other team, this means that we cannot use her in this fight.

I don’t know what game Pencilgton is playing here, but for a moment out there, an “Old Maid” crossed my mind.

However, card analogies would only cause unnecessary confusion here, so I try not to think about it all too much.

「Does that mean she’s that strong」

「If I were to tell you that she would probably have a good shot at taking down Wezaemon all by herself, would that be enough of a comparison」

「Ah, I see……」

If Pencilgton was playing normal sports, like golf or baseball for example, I get a feeling that she would be the kind of player who would like to make things exceptionally hard for herself.

Like, trying to strike a hole in one with sticks that are clearly not cut out for the job or always aiming towards a home run.

On the other hand, I get a feeling that Saiga-100 is someone who would always aim towards maximum efficiency with the smallest amount of effort possible.

Right about now, winning here would be increasingly difficult to pull off.

I mean, Saiga-100 got her Excalibur for attack, and if need be her other swords would be used either for offense or defense.

And they could switch purposes in a blink of an eye.

With something so solid, there would be no need for her to even think about evasive maneuvers at all.

「This spear of mine has the Armor Piercing effect, so it just so happens that it is the natural enemy of people or monsters with low Vitality stats.」

「But is that effect spears exclusive」

「Alright, the defendant Katsu is hereby sentenced to death for asking stupid questions.」

「Pardon! Please, have mercy, Your Honor!」

Actually, I was thinking the very same thing here, but I am not going to say anything here.

I’ll take it to my grave.

And could it be that Saiga-100 actually has low Vitality stat So she sacrificed the defenses for offense, and was using the additional swords exclusively for defense

「No, I mean, if you could raise all of your stats through different means than normal ones, do you actually need to worry about HP and MP in the first place」


You see, Sword Saint is a class that burns through MP like any other specialized magic profession, so that’s where the magic part of the job comes from.

You need lots of MP and you need to manage it correctly, otherwise you are going to burn through it in no time, especially with “Quintet”.」

Even though the concept is similar to mine to some extent, it is surely different.

We both have our own issues and merits, but we both must avoid getting killed at all cost.

But no matter the details of that special ability of Saiga-100, I think it is safe to assume that she is the same as me.

She is used to dealing with pinches and tough situations, so it means that actually bringing her down might be really troublesome.


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