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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 271 Part 2


Now, what was that sound Was that Riberios’s mind that broke to pieces Or maybe it was his body The impact of the blow sent Riberios flying towards the wall of the arena.

He crushed into the wall only to fall back to the ground.


「But still…… There is Leader…… to……」



Then Riberios dispersed into a geyser of red polygons, but he would not receive any penalty for dying.

Just like that, Katsu was the only one left standing.


「Alright, that takes care of the three people I was supposed to take care of.」


Indeed, with the three people taken care of, Katsu was out of aces up his sleeve.

Both Tactical War Beast and his sub-class of Destroyer had been revealed, and there was nothing else he could do right now.


「But that does not mean that I won’t give it my all.」


Right about now, there was only one person that remained on the battlefield.

Saiga-100, the leader of the “Black Wolves”.


「So Care to explain to me why you did not order Katsu to retreat now that he has done what he was supposed to do」


At first I thought that Pencilgton wanted Katsu to lose on purpose, so that “Black Wolves” could at least retain some of their now lost dignity.

However, it seems that no such command was given, which was making me wonder about the meaning of such action.


But surprisingly enough, it seems that I was the only one in here who did not get it.


Pencilgton smiled bitterly here.

Kyo-Timate smiled like a complete lunatic.

And Rei looked downright apologetic. 


「Well, it’s really a rather simple story, my dear Sanraku-kun.

For example…..

Hmm, oh yeah, for example, please imagine this: what do you do in order to beat a raid boss solo The one that is brokenly strong」


「What was that strange pause supposed to mean And exactly when you looked at me Well, let’s see…… You would need appropriate levels, equipment and information about the boss itself.」


But well, even I know that there are things beyond our control.

Things you have no idea that are a factor unless you actually encounter them.

And I also know that general gamers tend to look down on **ty game players, even though **ty games help you accumulate experience as a gamer and train your skills.


It was then that I could see Saiga-100 landing on the edge of the arena, just at the edge of my field of view. 


「That’s right, and if that’s the case, then……」


The golden sword she was carrying struck through Katsu like a hot knife through butter.


「How strong do you think one player can get through the course of one year Especially if the thing they were training to take down is none other than Nightprowler Luukan」


Hit by four super-fast sword slashes, Katsu’s body fell to the ground and immiediately respawned. 


And once Katsu’s body was with us again, he only opened his mouth with an expression of shock on his face.

His mouth was also left agape.


「……… Huh」


Apparently, what just happened was too much for him to process on the spot.

Ah well, guess I’ll fill him in later.


「What the hell was that」


「That, my dear, was the unique magic of the Swordmaster sub-class, a “Sword Art”.

And that one was called “Quintet”.

You can control up to four additional swords at once, and the one in your hand is the fifth.

As you could see, they are quite deadly in close quarters.

This is part of the reason why “Sword Saints” are thought to be one of the strongest avant-garde class in all of ShangriLa Frontier.」


「What’s more, Saiga-100’s Quintet is even more unique.

See her main weapon That’s the “Holy Blade Excalibur”.

It was created by combining the high level holy sword with high level materials by “Sacred Hammer” cat blacksmith of level one hundred.

And its special ability is so downright broken that it just makes you want to laugh.」


「Wait a minute, could you explain that once more That was a whole lot of words to listen to.

Fancy ones, at that.」


「It’s a downright broken weapon that hits you up to thirty times with a single slash.」


The ** is this That’s downright scary!


「Ahh, that would explain why I felt that my flanks were being attacked at that moment as well……」


「Umm…… In my sister’s case…… Her magical power is also pretty great, that’s why she can be flexible…… I do believe you call someone like that “An avant-garde with a rear-guard potential who is strong at distance control……”」


「So it’s like “You cannot fight me because you cannot get close enough to me”.」


「I don’t know why, but I get a feeling that she would fit perfectly into many **ty games with that awfully specific setting.」


For me, she surely feels that way.

Or that someone made a project for that weapon and abilities, and there was no time or resources to see if it was all good and balanced.

Or that when they realized that something was wrong with them, it was already too late for adjustments or fixes.


Only if they did just that, everything could have been resolved peacefully, without anything noticing or having to suffer because of the unbalanced power.

But that on the other hand, would be straight up boring.

That being said…… 


I am often myself a fighting maniac who likes to challenge himself against strong opponents of various sorts, but from that kind of enemy I would like to get as far as humanly possible.


This is just that, you can sense that you get no fun or thrill from trying to fight this thing.

It just feels wrong.

Like trying to make notes, only to find out that you’ve been writing the same characters over and over again in your notebook.


「Shitty games」


「Ahh, even though I am in the ShanFro therapy for such a long time now, I knew it –– it is really hard to actually forget about your roots.

And I am rotten to those very roots.

But no need to concern yourself with that, Kyogoku-chan.」


「I’m going to drive you into the ground.」


「Well, sorry to break it to you, my dear Momo-chan, but the only one getting driven into the ground is going to be you.

For you see, I really like my guild mates there, and if I can help it at all, I want to be the cornerstone of their victory!」


Ignoring that arrogant and aggressive declaration, it seems that Pencilgton was going to be the next one to step up and fight here.


Perhaps she also changed the equipment so that her specification would fit her current opponent’s abilities…… Right about now Pencilgton was standing on the field with very light clothing and a spear that was giving a striking resemblance to the golden sword wielded by Saiga-100. 


「Now then, come on, Momo-chan! Since we have nothing more to say to one another, we might as well just get down to it!」


「Her navel is showing……」


「Personally, I could never muster enough courage to wear something like that.」


「S-Same here.

I would never wear something like that, too……」


「Have you no shame woman! What about your conscience And what would your Mother say to you if she saw you right now! I don’t even know how to call you right now!」


「That was the only thing I could think of to prepare for this battle! Also, I’m only HALF-naked here! Just like you! Look in the mirror before you start lecturing someone else about shame!」


What was that about your conscience


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