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Chapter 65: Momentary Thoughts Part 12 Part 1

Let me proclaim this as a fact right here and right now: Emul-san is an apex of Vorpal Bunny, combining perfect strength, beauty and wisdom.

I know it was a totally over exaggerated compliment, but I was heading towards the Bunny Court right now and I couldnt afford to let Emul just sit on top of my head all the time like a freaking slime or other monster like that.

「Hey, the Great Emul-san, wake up.

Weve come to see your dear Daddy.」

「Fuehehehe…… Haah!」

While Emul was still having some problems with waking up, I took him off of my head and placed him onto the ground before I entered the chamber where Weissash resided.

「Oh, its you, kiddo.

How are you doing」

「Hi there! The promised day has finally arrived.」

Answering like that was a standard option in any dating sim, for it could open up some interesting side topics for conversation.

So when I said something like that Weissash opened his mouth and spoke in a tone that was only ever so slightly louder than a whisper.

「I see, even though I would like you to reconsider this idea…… I have no right to do so, so if thats what you set your mind on, then go right ahead.」


「Still, dont forget about your Vorpal Soul.」


I get a feeling that if was to ask right now what that whole Vorpal Soul thingy was, I would get killed on the spot.

No, even though I knew it was a joke, I was still able to understand the message that was tucked in between the lines.

Thats more than enough.

「Now then, take care and dont be cocky out there.」

「Sure thing! I am going to do my best!」

I bow my head to the Bunny King and then leave the room.

I check out my equipment, items, skills and all that stuff yet again, just to be on the safe side.

Now that thats taken care of, should I just rest until evening

Then I log out and get a short rest.

This is nothing but a sleep event.

Nothing interesting to see here, so lets skip that part and move on!

Later this evening…… Or rather, it was already night.

I woke up and took a quick bath, and then I made some last minute preparations and check-ups one last time.

I then put a piece of paper onto my rooms door with a message “Attending Urgent Business Until Tomorrow Morning.

Please Do Not Disturb.” written on it.

Lastly, I opened a can of energy drink and chugged it down in one go.

This wasnt really something that you should be doing while playing Full Dive Games, but ingesting caffeine before playing will improve your in-game performance dramatically for a short while.

But as a result, afterwards you will end up more tired than you usually would, so it was unwise to use that method extensively.

But if not for this occasion, then for what

「Ufufuhehehe…… Those are the extra strong energy drinks that I have ordered just for tonight.

And since they are American ones, they are sure to be far better than Japanese ones!」

As the caffeine starts to course through my veins and kill the remnants of drowsiness in me, the corners of my lips become horrifyingly distorted in a nasty smile.

Yes, I can feel it! I can feel it coming to me! The unlimited power that only caffeine could guarantee!

Additionally, I stuff my mouth with vitamins, protein cookies and other stuff like that.

If I was a character in a game, my POWER gauge would surely display nothing else but MAX value.

It was the best possible condition for me to be in.

Now, I only need to join Katsu in time.

「Now then, time for the battle that will decide the fate of the world…… or not!」

I log into the game.

As Sanraku, I rose up from my bed in the inn at the town of Rabbitz.

My body felt strangely light and I felt as though I would be able to do literally everything I set my mind on.

It wasnt that bad of a feeling.

The caffeine should show its full effects in about half an hour, so for now it was high time to join Katsu.

Because there was a fierce battle ahead of us, I decided to exclude Emul from the party for now, but instead of leaving him here in Rabbitz I asked him to wait for me back at Thirdrema.

When Ill be back, I shall pamper him however he wants until his mood improves.

「Sanraku-san, Sanraku-san.」


「Since you are going to challenge the Gravekkeper Wezaemon, I was asked to give this to you right before you depart.」

We are currently in one of the back alleys of Thirdrema, a place where we could be sure that no other players would visit at this hour.

Right as I was about to leave, Emul handed me a small necklace.

Looking closely it was just like a jewel or a small ring, although it was put in a reinforced metal frame for some reason.

「This is a talisman that Daddy made himself! He put it in a form of necklace so that you could carry it with yourself anywhere you want to.」

「Fumu…… Thanks a lot for this, but even without this talisman theres just no way that we are going to lose to the Gravekeeper.

Believe it!」

Gah! Emuls smile was so dazzling right now that I just couldnt help putting my hand on his head and stroking it a few times.

「But well, even though it is the super invincible me that we are talking about and theres just no way for us to lose, Ill gladly accept this gift.

Thank you.

In return, I shall give this fight more than one hundred percent of my power!」

「Y, yes! Please do your best out there!」

With that one last encouragement from Emul, I ran in the direction of Thridremas gate, where we were supposed to meet.

· Necklace of Fragmented Identity

No special effects.

It is nothing but a remnant, fragment of the past long gone.

It is impossible to determine to whom it may have belonged in the past.

But it is certainly proof of the existence of a certain person.


「Hey there, Sanraku.

How are you feeling You drank something to boost your performance」

「I did, in fact, but those drinks that you recommended to me are just god dang awful.」

「Well, I may have recommended them to you, but that doesnt mean that I drink them as well.

So I had no idea about their taste, either.」

We met in front of the “Snakes Apple” and immediately went towards the caves, all the while watching if no one was trying to follow us.

Apparently Katsu also drank some energy drinks himself and was now ready to have a go at it.

…… Well, seeing how he is a professional gamer whose performance was always being watched by thousands of people, Katsu seemed pretty calm and composed with what was to come soon.

Just like that, we finally enter the “Hidden Garden” area.

「Ah, thats right.

I witnessed the birth of a new bug in “Crap”.

It allows you to use special attacks multiple times while the special gauge is filled.」

「Hm Seriously!」

「Seriously, seriously.」

「I see, I didnt know that…… Why havent I thought about it myself Now its so obvious……」

I was thinking the exact same thing.

For a moment there I was sat on the ground because we had nothing better to do, until we saw that a certain part of the garden was beginning to become covered in crimson spider camellias.

「…… That would be it, right」

「The light of the new moon shall break the barrier and show you the way…… Was that how it went Or maybe its just……」

「Stupid! Dont say its just a bug! What if it really turns out to be a bug」

「…… Y, youre the stupid one here! Theres no way a bug could occur here, right! Not in this place……」

「Way to **ing go, Mister Professional Fucking Gamer……」


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