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Night time, inside a certain tent.

Ikaros is currently kneeling on top of a rug, she kept rubbing a spot near her chest with a worried look in her eyes.

She looked pitiable, it would invoke a protective sense in anyone who saw her.

It would be hard to endure the urge to give her a hug and tell her its all going to be fine.

Angeloids do not dream and they do not need to sleep.

Along with Astrea, both Ikaros and Astrea sat in their own resting spots, quietly passing the night as the world went into the dreamland.

Because of this, Hinagiku and Mikoto would always drag Ikaros and Astrea to spend the night with them inside their room so they wouldnt feel lonely.

Even if, in the end, they would still be watching the girls sleep.

Ikaros and Astrea arent particularly bothered by this.

They were somewhat upset in the past but they can always sneak into Wu Yans room and watch him sleep whenever the loneliness is too much to bear.

They would often find themselves watching him sleep until rays of sunlight broke through the windows of his room.

The bliss of watching their most important person sleep is an irreplaceable part of their sleepless lives and just as precious.

Maybe this is also part of the reason why Hinagiku and Mikoto would always drag them into their rooms, the girls are probably a bit envious of them.

Whenever Hinagiku and Mikoto fell asleep, Ikaros and Astrea would always sneak back to Wu Yans side.

Of course, that depended on whether or not Wu Yan is doing the nasty with other girls.

For instance, last night, when Wu Yan was engraving his mark on Shokuhou Misakis porcelain body, the two angeloids were blushing as they stared in a stunned state, they didnt have the courage to enter his tent.

They knew that if they entered, they would probably be dragged into a multiple-female-single-male party of the beasts.

The sky is starting to turn even darker and as per usual, Hinagiku and Mikoto tried to drag Ikaros and Hinagiku off for girls chat.

Astrea followed along while Ikaros, surprisingly, declined their invitations.

This is unprecedented.

When Ikaros declined, the two knew something big is going on with Ikaros.

Ikaros isnt a girl who was adept at hiding her emotions and thoughts.

Inside the dark tent, if one took a closer look, the spot she is currently caressing is faintly glowing…

“Full-body scan revealed no irregularities… Re-testing… Scanning… No irregularities discovered…”

Her eyes flashed with data and other pertinent information in a fashion similar to a digital display.

Her mechanic voice escaped her luscious lips, giving everyone an idea of what shes currently doing…

“Scanning, no irregularities discovered… no irregularities discovered…”

For the nth time, her scan revealed no abnormalities in her body.

She finally gave up on scanning her own body and the emerald-green color of her normal state returned to her eyes, replacing the streams of numbers and data flashing in her eyes.

She glanced at the slightly glowing part of her chest and she subconsciously tightened her grip on that area.

This unknown phenomenon persisted since the morning and it never stopped.

She noticed this and thats why she turned Hinagiku & co down.

She stayed in her own tent to try and figure out whats going on with herself.

However, extensive scans and tests revealed nothing.

Shes mysteriously flashing for some reason and her scans told her this is normal Pretty sure nobody ever started glowing for no reason, that would be very odd under normal situations.

Ikaros didnt know what is going on with her body.

She only noticed this phenomenon after the death of the Longarm Ape King.

She rose to tier 9 and this weird condition kicked in…


This unknown status gave rise to anxiety within Ikaros.

Right now, she wants to stay with Wu Yan and be by his side.

The sense of safety and comfort he gave her ignored the fact that shes technically way stronger than Wu Yan.

After thinking about it, she terminated this idea.

She didnt know what is going on but her instinct told her that this isnt a bad thing so if she informed him then it would only make him worry without any reason.

Ikaros wasnt aware that when she turned Hinagiku and Mikoto down, she already betrayed her own thoughts.

Outside her tent, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou are gathered outside as they peeked in through a crevice in the tents entrance.

They also noticed the weird glow on her chest.

“Why is Ikaros-senpai like this”

Astrea stared with wide eyes, she cant hide the worry in her tone.

“Is something wrong with her body Why didnt she tell us…”

“Shhh, be quiet, it would be troubling if she heard us…”

Hinagiku nudged Astrea.

Shes also very worried like the others regarding the weird phenomenon on Ikaros body.

“In the end, are we going to tell that dude about this”

Frenda stood on her toes.

She stared at the weird glow on her chest and she continued.

“With that guys understanding of Ikaros history and background, he might be able to come up with an explanation, right”

“Lets super not do that…”

Kinuhata Saiai rejected her notion.

“Ikaros chose not to say so it would be presumptuous of us to tell on her when the person herself chose to conceal this, wouldnt it”

“We cant just ignore this…”

Mikoto lowered her voice but she still leaked her scratchy tone.

“If something really happened to her, what then…”

“I think its not as bad as it looks…”

Shokuhou Misaki said with her fingers to her chin.

“Ikaros is an Angeloid and she should be clearer than anyone on her own condition.

If shes really in a bad condition, she wouldnt have dragged her feet until now…”

“Oh, now, I remember!”

Astrea hammered her palm with her other hand.

“Ikaros-senpai has a self-recovery function, she can fix anything wrong after initiating that function!”

The others directed their attention to Astrea.

Shokuhou Misaki asked her.

“Self-recovery I think I heard Yan-kun telling me about this before, she has some sort of ability that can diagnose and fix anything wrong with her…”

“Nn Nn…”

Astrea bobbed her head up and down.

“Ikaros-senpais self-recovery has not kicked in yet so that means shes doing fine!”

Astrea wanted to cheer out loud and they hurriedly shut her yap with their hands, completely sealing her mouth.

“You super idiot! Were going to get super discovered at this rate!”

Kinuhata Saiai grumbled in annoyance.

“Astrea, are you sure theres no flaw in that self-recovery function”

Shokuhou Misaki questioned Astrea.

Astrea shook her head without hesitation, she shook herself free from the girls hands.

“Ikaros has no conscious control over this self-recovery function, as long as theres something wrong with her, it would activate and barring external interference due to extensive damage, its impossible for the function go haywire!”

“I see…”

Shokuhou Misaki muttered and she used her starry eyes on Ikaros, staring as if shes thinking about a lot of stuff until she finally gave up in a helpless manner.

“If thats the case then we can only wait and see what happens, we will base our actions on further developments, I guess…”

The other ladies looked at each other and they nodded with this suggestion.

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