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A cold gust of air blew from within the skeleton fortress.

The chill invaded the comfy interior of the cloak and everyone froze up for just second.

They shivered and some of them had to exhale to calm themselves down.

Looking at the two peak tier 9 monsters dozing off some distance away from them, Wu Yan took out a pearl and he dropped it on the ground.

The pearls lovely levitated into the air and it exploded.

A mysterious flow of air came from the explosion as it suffused the whole interior.

Suddenly, a flash of light temporarily blinded everyone else.

Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi turned very grave.

They were worried that the monsters outside would see this disturbance.

Soon, the four of them calmed down when they saw that the tier 9 monsters stationed outside didnt move in in response to what was supposed to be a very flashy move from their side.

Did the monsters miss the flash of light

The remnants of the light slowly faded away into nothingness and the interior of the skeleton fortress became eerily cold and frosty once more.


Wu Yan released a sigh of relief.

He pulled away the cloak from everyones hands.

“Looks like that worked…”


Fei Feis jaw dropped in shock.

She turned back towards the two demonic beasts behind them.

“Wont we be found out by them”

“If thats the case, they should have noticed us a long time ago, I mean, we are so close to it…”

Shokuhou Misaki said in a very poised tone.

She adjusted her messy hair.

“That pearl should have been an item that allows us to explore this place safely…”

Shokuhou Misakis words came as a slight surprise for Wu Yan.

“Actually, I wouldnt mind it if you were a little slower on the uptake…”

“That pearl…”

Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi looked up at the ceiling above them.

Aside from scary-looking bones, there arent a lot to see.


Wu Yan shrugged.

“Its going to take a while for me to explain so I will just summarize it.

That pearl allows us to do whatever we want in this place, as long as we dont destroy the whole place, the creatures outside wouldnt be able to detect us…”

Fei Fei blinked in response.

She looked at Wu Yan who is brimming with confidence and she looked at Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, and the other girls who looked like they had absolute faith in her words and she shook her head laughing at her own disbelief.

“Seriously, where do you get all those miraculous items”

“You like them I can give you some if you want.”

Wu Yan said nonchalantly.

Shes not sure how she should reply, no matter how you looked at it, these items are too incredible, they must cost a fortune and/or are very rare.

She thought Wu Yan is just hosting her.

Hes actually speaking the truth, these items didnt cost a lot of money, specifically, they were cheap in terms of Item Points.

The others started scanning their surroundings.

Due to the low luminosity here they can only see about 10 meters into the distance.

The skeleton fortress is made of bones and mud.

Staying here, it feels like one fell into the maw of a gigantic beast.

Its also cold here, making it all the more unsettling to stay here.

There is black miasma wandering around the whole place, it looked poisonous but they are all fine standing in it for some reason.

Its apparently not dangerous.

Wu Yan turned back towards the squad leaders.

“Well Are we still going in”

They nodded so Wu Yan can do nothing but lead the way inside.

“If thats the case then we should get going.”

Wu Yan said.

“Thank you.”

Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi thanked him at the same time.

They are very touched that Wu Yan would go this far for them.

They wouldnt have made it inside here without his help.

Wu Yan is only close to Fei Fei, he didnt have the obligation to help anyone other than Fei Fei.

“If you want to thank me, treat me to a giant meal when we return.”

He rolled his eyes at them.

He used the cloak to shroud everyone.

They arent sure whats waiting ahead for them.

They might actually encounter the beast king so they should cover themselves up with the cloak of invisibility whenever possible.

The skeleton fortress is designed like a natural cave, it got narrower the deeper they delved.

The deeper they went, the lower the ceiling.

Finally, they found themselves moving along tight passageways.

They felt like they are wandering inside a maze of some sort.

The twists and turns threw off their sense of direction.

They can find corpses here and there, the degree of decomposition suggested that their demise happened not too long ago.

Some of the cadavers are also shoddily buried, the stench of rot pierced everyones nose.

Besides the sound of their footsteps, there is almost no other noise.

The dark aura here made one suspect if a corpse would suddenly reanimate and jump at them.

It felt like a very well-built haunted house for others.

They kept going forward until the tight corridor became wider and wider.

They can see a bit of light at the end of the corridor, the exit presented itself in front of them.

They stopped for a moment.

A short while later, they lifted their legs and they drew closer to the source of light.

The closer they got, the brighter the light became.

Finally, they arrived at a shocking scene.

A wide room appeared in their fields of vision.

The walls are still made with bones and mud, this place is like an audience hall with only one chair, made of bones, of course, in the center of this place…

Resting on his laurels, a man sat on the chair.

A handsome man draped in beast hide slept on top of the chair with a fist supporting the side of his cheek.

Disbelief, confusion, and shock climbed onto everyones faces.

“A human”

Fei Fei whispered in astonishment.

“No, that cant be! Why would a human reside in the center of the Giant Beasts Forest”

They expected to see a demigod-tier demonic beast that looked like the monsters guarding outside, they never thought they would find a human in this place.

Its hard to find another lifeform in the Giant Beasts Forest other than monsters and plants.

A rational human wouldnt go on an adventure into this forest unless they had something to do or a special reason to be here.

Nobody wanted to get their ass munched by demonic beasts after all.

Meanwhile, at the center of the Giant Beasts Forest, they found a human guarded by thirteen late-stage tier 9 monsters.

Nobody blamed them for flinching in shock.

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