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While Hinagiku & co are busy with Ikaros matter, inside another tent, Wu Yan sighed because of another unrelated matter.

He glanced at the figure who hugged her crystal wings while sucking her thumb as she slept.

He bitterly grinned when he saw the deep state of sleep she achieved.

The expedition team members fear of her made her think about the past she would rather not visit.

Although everyone more or less pacified her, she still wouldnt leave Wu Yans side no matter what, sticking like hot glue to him.

Compromising, he took her into his tent, and he gave her all the emotional support she needed, which took away most of his time with the other girls.

“Finally, shes asleep, kids are really hard to satisfy…”

He sighed as he rubbed her head, ruffling her hair in the process.

He cant help but smile when he saw her peaceful sleeping countenance.

“Good night, little missie…”

He gave her a light peck on the cheek and he draped a blanket over her tiny body.

He loosened Flandre-chans iron grip and he stood up before he came out of his tent.

Its now dark outside and the expedition members had already gathered logs to start bonfires that gave the whole place an orange-reddish hue.

They also started taking shifts to do patrol and other miscellaneous tasks such as grilling food, gathering fruits, making preparation for dinner and etc…

He scanned this area since hes currently in the center of this camping site.

He could see something that looked like a dome made of glass covering the whole place.

Thats the defensive barrier set up by the magician corps.

Its primary function is to defend against sudden attacks, buying time for them to respond to attacks.

It also had secondary functions like sound-absorption and shrouding to hide everyone despite the bonfires and conversations.

It wouldnt be funny if they were attacked due to the sound and smell they made.

The expedition members really did a good job in this area.

They were meticulous and clearly adept at doing this.

If it wasnt for the fact that their abilities are woefully inadequate for this trip, they would have been a greater help, unlike now, where they are reduced to fighting off small fries, patrol duty, cooking duty, and other such, non-elite-esque stuff.

Wu Yan stared overhead and he looked at the astral bodies shining down on them as his eyes reflected the brilliant sea of stars.

His black clothes danced along with a passing gale, melding his figure into the background in an impossibly mesmerizing manner.

He looked like someone who commanded the night, a sovereign of the dark, an existence molded by pure darkness.

The aura he gave other people made him look absolutely intoxicating.

The night sky is more prominent inside the Giant Beasts Forest than outside.

Tiny specks of light dotted the sky and it would move anyone who gazed upon them.

If one had to point out a flaw then that would be the lack of a beautiful moon to go along with this scenery, maybe the trees blocked it or something

Faint images started forming in the sky like constellations.

Four beautiful faces started forming in the sky…

Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, Yoshino…

He stared at the distant faces as he strolled down memory lane.

Like the twinkling stars in the night sky, his emotions are also wavering.

He examined himself and he snidely laughed at himself for being so fickle-hearted.

He missed Hinagiku & co when he was in Date A Live, after returning to Silvaria, hes starting to miss the girls in the other world.

He also realized that he created too many bonds with the people around him.

He also noticed that he would become very pensive on silent nights like this.

Is this what it means to feel lonely and empty

Wu Yan shook his head and he scolded himself for forming this idea in his head.

He has so many wives by his side, each of them are either very cute and/or very beautiful, why would he feel lonely!

Maybe its a case of the grass being greener on the other side Hell no! Hes so loyal, why would he even think about grazing on the other side.

He felt more guilty by the second, he destroyed his weak defense and he sighed as he continued gazing up at the night sky.

No matter how he tried to distract himself, its unquestionable that he missed Kotori and the others…

Wu Yan had the itch to summon Kotori and the others over!

When he wanted to summon the spirits, he started grumbling over his lack of summoning points.

Who should he summon first He would need more Summoning Points if he wanted to summon all of the spirits.

While he tried to think about solutions to his problem, a few individuals appeared behind him without him picking up on them.

Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki looked at each other.

This tier 8 is obviously unworthy of his title, what could be plaguing him so much that he failed to detect their arrival

Mikoto is the first one to voice her annoyed mood.

“Whats got you so thoughtful”

Her voice shocked Wu Yan back from the abyss of mental conflict.

He yelled out in an unsightly manner and he jumped in surprise.

He reddened when Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki actually gave him such a great shock.

“What are you girls up to Is it that fun to give people heart attacks”

He rolled his eyes at them.

He actually blamed other people for his own mistake, that was how thick his face actually is.


Mikoto raised an eyebrow.

She poked his body with a finger.

“Youre the one who shocked himself.

We were standing here for so long and you still didnt detect us, you actually blamed us for that…”

“Wait, you were here the whole time”

Wu Yan flinched as he scratched the back of his head.

“Were you girls here though I dont think I sensed you…”

“That was why we asked you whats got you so thoughtful”

Hinagiku hugged her arms.

She cast a doubtful look his way and he recalled the reason he was so distracted.

Naturally, he put on a very awkward expression.

“O-oh, its nothing much… Just letting my thoughts wander here and there, you know”

His gaze shifted away and he looked even more suspicious.

“I see, wandering thoughts, huh…”

Hinagiku and Mikoto narrowed their eyes at him, boring holes into his body with their gazes.

Wu Yan awkwardly laughed like a criminal who just got caught red-handed.

Shokuhou Misaki who observed all of this called him out.

“Youre not thinking about the girls you tainted in the transcript world you visited, right”

Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki heard an audible throb coming from Wu Yans chest.

They instantly knew whats up.

Shokuhou Misaki sneered at him.

“Yan-kun, you were thinking so hard about how to summon the girls on that side to this world, right Correct me if I am wrong…”

A series of throbbing sound came from Wu Yans direction.

Its impossible for anyones heart to thump so loudly unless their guilty conscience weighed down hard on them.

Hinagiku and Mikoto used their metaphorical weaponized laser leers on Wu Yan.

The throbbing sound became loud booms.

He started stepping back as the three girls are experiencing signs of turning into their alter-mode selves (TN: Raw literally said hatchet goddesses aka yandere mode).

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