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Wu Yans action spoke louder than his words, hes basically admitting his won guilt at this point.

Hence, Hinagiku and Mikoto started taking on a darker aura…

“Oh, It looks like youre on quite a friendly basis with these other girls…”

Hinagiku said with an eerily placid face, her closed eyes only magnified the dread emanating from her.

“Well, I wouldnt put it like that…”

Wu Yan laughed awkwardly as he tried to defend himself with flailing arms.

Its better to put some distance between himself and Kaichou-samas heightened power right now.

“You got so careless because youre too busy thinking about them, tell me, is that not due to your familiarity with them”

Mikoto sneered.

“Come, tell us what they look like, surely they are more attractive than us, right Why else would you be in such a dazed state”

“Well, they arent that beautiful…”

Wu Yan wanted to wipe his forehead, he must be sweating like crazy right now.

He knows one thing for sure, his back is completely drenched with sweat.

“Not that pretty, you say…”

Shokuhou Misaki smiled ambiguously.

“Look around you, youre basically surrounded by beautiful girls…”

“Erm, I wouldnt say they are that big of a deal…”

“What did you say!”

Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki roared at him, shocking him wide awake even as he slowly lost his ability to come with proper responses.

Wu Yan didnt need to check his own look in the mirror, hes having a full-on sweat-outburst…

With cold sweat running down both sides of his head, he slowly back-pedaled away from the girls.

He cried like a baby inside, he was just missing his other girls in the other world and now hes in deep trouble.

He shuddered at the thought of what would have happened if he summoned the girls over, wouldnt he be dead right now

“Calm down… Calm down…”

Wu Yan lifted his arms and he pushed as if this would make them stay at a certain distance away from him.

He is trying very hard to maintain his amiable smile even as he bled deep inside.

A price for everything, a stab for each waifu, he finally understood what this meant.

Pursing his lips, Wu Yan turned towards Shokuhou Misaki with malicious intent in his eyes.

Its because of this evil queen! He reckoned that his one-on-one lesson wasnt absorbed properly by Shokuhou Misaki.

When his eyes fell on Shokuhou Misaki, she immediately recalled how this man screwed her over, in multiple positions, by the way.

It felt like someone poured a tub of cold water over her body and she immediately killed her desire to avenge herself, she became intimidated.

Wait, hes not going to knock on my tent tonight, right

Her heart started racing at the thought.

Eighteen positions, thats a low ballpark figure for the type of plays they did last night.

She can still vividly recall how he marked her as his own.

If he pulled the same thing on her again…

She trembled at both the likeliness and the scenarios she might experience later…

A flash of idea appeared and she snorted.

Her tone trembled as she tried to wave the matter off.

“Forget about it, since it already happened we cant change what has already been established with words alone.

You got yourself into this so you should try and get yourself out of this properly, you hear me…”

Hinagiku and Mikoto looked at Shokuhou Misaki with confused looks.

When did she become so benevolent

Thinking about it, she had a point.

Theres nothing much they can do at this point.

More importantly, Wu Yans attitude on this matter is more relevant than their reactions.

But, they just cant shake off this feeling of something being weird here.

More like, they are even more upset and frustrated for some reason.

Hinagiku and Mikoto gave each other a look and they bitterly laughed.

Although they are still suspicious about this matter, they took the same stance as Shokuhou Misaki.

Wu Yan flinched in surprise when the three girls actually compromised on this, he felt slightly moved.

“You girls arent going to say anything about me summoning them over

Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki didnt overlook his touched look and they softened a bit.

Snorting, they turned the head the other way.

Shokuhou Misaki sighed.

“Whether or not we agree, the real question remains, can you guarantee that there wont be any conflict between the parties involved You dont want to see us fighting each other, right”

“No no no! That absolutely wont happen!”

Wu Yan shook his head like his life depended on it.

“They are all very nice girls with personalities similar to you and the other ladies, you girls will definitely hit it off!”

“Are you sure about that”

Mikoto grumbled.

“If we do bicker, what are you going to do”

“Are you on our side or are you on their side”

Hinagiku asked straightforwardly.

They are a bit uncomfortable with new people joining their Big family.

They more or less wanted to compete with them.

“Let me put it this way…”

Wu Yan said after lowering his head in thought.

“Of the four of them, one of the girls, Kotori, has multiple personas.

She has a bubbly, the-girl-from-the-next-door type of feel.

The other personality resembles an imp, but thats just a façade to hide her tsundere self.

Then, theres Kurumi.

Shes normally like a really well-behaved rich noble lady, she had a few screws loose in her head in the past but I think shes moved past that by now, there shouldnt be any problem there.

As for the other two, its a girl who looks like shes between eleven or twelve-years-old, the last one is kinda like Astrea, you can treat her Astrea v2, there, are we all happy now”

“A tsundere, an Ojou-sama, a loli and a bottomless-pit…”

Mikoto chuckled.

“You sure can spread your love around, huh”

Wu Yan tried to laugh it off.

“Mikoto, its okay when it comes from someone else but when youre the one saying it, something just sounds wrong, ya know”

Hinagiku frowned but she nodded reluctantly in the end.

“If its as you said, I can see us hanging out with the for sure…”

“Right Right!”

Wu Yan almost failed to hold himself back from howling like an overjoyed wolf.

It looks like the happy end is not far away from his grasp.

“A noble lady, huh”

Shokuhou Misaki turned her attention towards one of the mentioned individuals.

shes the only one among his harem who looked like she came from a really good family.

Shes quite intrigued by the appearance of another Ojou-sama type character.

“Kurumi, was it I am looking forward to our meeting…”

“I am also looking forward to meeting the girls!”

Hinagiku and Mikoto said at the same time, they clenched their fists.

“We need to let them know whos in charge!”

Wu Yans eyebrows start jolting non-stop when he heard them.

He started flipping tables inside his heart.

“I say, I want you girls to play nice with each other, not go at each others throats, mind you!”

Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki giggled after they regained their rationalities.

Now that hes done sealing a big marital concern, the place fell silent once more.

They made the situation awkward by looking at each other without saying anything.


The corners of Mikotos lips twitched and she egged him on.

“Would you hurry it up!”

“Hurry what up”

Wu Yan was stunned.

“I dont know what you want me to do!”

“Did you forget to bring your brain or something!”

Mikoto shrieked.

“Didnt we say we are okay with this Summon the girls over already!”

Wu Yan started explaining himself with a bitter laugh.

“You see, I met a little problem on that end…”

“What is this about a small problem when we are already at this juncture”

Hinagiku wanted to chew this guy to death.

“Youre not going to say its not just four of them, right”

“No no no!”

Wu Yan hurriedly shook his hands.

“I dont have enough Summoning Points to summon all of them here.

I was thinking about who to summon first…”


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki fell speechless.

“Youre dragging your feet over this”

Wu Yan nodded without trying to hide anything.

They looked at him like they are looking at a dumbass, Wu Yan just met their critical gazes with awkward laughter.

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