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The average-looking cloak got different reactions from the people around him.

Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki are surprised with its appearance, they looked like they were familiar with this cloak.

The others are very puzzled with its function, meanwhile, Ikaros and Sylph still looked as unfazed as before.

“This cloak…”

Fei Fei examined the cloak in Wu Yans hands.

She knew that he took this out because it would help them sneak into the skeleton fortress.

But, how

“Little Yan, dont tell me…”

Shokuhou Misaki rubbed her chin.

She more or less knew what Wu Yan is going to do, she just wanted confirmation.

This is the cloak that never got to see the day of light since a long time ago, the cloak of invisibility that Wu Yan stored away as a memento.

“Yan, youre going to use the cloak to sneak us into the fortress”

Hinagiku gasped and frowned.

“I dont think this will work, did you forget what happened to us when we used it back in the treasure hunting trip”

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros used it to hide themselves during the treasure-hunting trip.

In the end, they still got found out by the Giant Spider Queen.

If the spider queen didnt fall into the trap set by the people from the auction house, they would have been forced to escape with their return to town scrolls.

They would have never got their hands on the three rings hidden away inside the ruins.

The spider queen just ascended into tier 9 and it still found Wu Yan & co who hid from view using the cloak of invisibility.

Now, there are more demonic beasts that are stronger than the spider queen standing in their way.

They should have no problem detecting them.

Wu Yan knew what Hinagiku is trying to say.

“The cloak of invisibility isnt perfect, the risk is still great…”

Over a dozen pebbles appeared in Wu Yans hands.

“If we use the aura-sealing stone along with the cloak of invisibility, we should be able to fool the monsters senses.”

“Aura-sealing stones”

Shokuhou Misaki picked up the weird pebble in Wu Yans hand.

She scrutinized the pebble with her starry eyes.

“You mean, these stones can lower our presence”

Wu Yan took a stone and he grabbed it.

Soon, his aura died down nobody could sense him even if hes standing in full view in front of everyone.

Fei Fei & co were shaken by this scene.

As an accomplished cultivator, Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi had confidence in their perceptual powers.

If the gap in power isnt too large, they would sense the person if they come within a certain distance.

Wu Yan is standing so close to them but they still cant pick up his presence.

If they closed their eyes, they would lose track of Wu Yan if he moved from his current position.

Fei Fei & co cant help but shiver at the effects the stones had.

If this stone really can hide their aura and presence then its a very terrifying item indeed.

If an assassin got his hands on these pebbles, they would be able to reach the top of their profession with help from these stones.

Wu Yan grinned as he dangled the cloak and stones in front of them.

“With these aura-sealing stones and the cloak of invisibility, we can sneak our way into the castle without a problem.”


Fei Fei and the squad leaders were shocked.

“You mean that cloak can make someone invisible”

Wu Yan looked like he just took out a bunch of measly items.

Fei Fei & co couldnt help but doubt his words.

They looked at the cloak and the stones, they had their own thoughts on the matter…

Hinagiku and the other ladies looked at the items with intrigue.

They are familiar with the wondrous items sold by the System so they arent too astonished by their functions.


Shokuhou Misaki continued.

“We might just succeed with these in our hands!”

The other girls agreed with her.

Ignoring their origins, the effects provided by these items meant that success became possible.

They took an aura-sealing stone each and they wore it to hide their presence.

The cloak of invisibility shrouded them from view the moment Wu Yan summoned them over.

An outsider would see them vanish from view the moment they entered the cloak.

Fei Fei and the squad leaders cant help marveling at this spectacle.

“Alright, dont make a peep of sound, this cloak has sound-absorbing properties but I dont want to take any chances with this.

Watch your steps and stay in line…”

Flandre-chan and Astrea covered their mouths with their hands.

They were afraid that they might accidentally make a sound.

Inside the cloak, Wu Yan & co held the cloak while peering outside.

They can feel the fabric in their hands but they can clearly see through the cloak like theres nothing between them.

The System really sold the good stuff.

“Alright, listen up…”

Wu Yan lowered his voice.

“There are five patrolling demonic beasts but its not hard to circle around them.

The real challenge comes from the two monsters dozing off near the entrance.

Again, stay in line, dont wander off by yourself!”

Wu Yan & co started making their way past the trees.

He confirmed the locations of the thirteen demonic beasts and he led the way into a chink in the formation.

They subconsciously held their breaths as they sneaked their way around the monsters with Wu Yan leading them.

They got past the beasts without an issue and they are currently in front of three demonic beasts that are scanning their location vigilantly.

They didnt notice over a dozen puny ants walking past them brazenly.

Whenever the gaze of one of the monsters shot past them, they would go numb from the tense sensation.

This is a high stake situation and the pressure slowly piled on top of them, they cant help closing their eyes in anxiety every time the monsters looked in their direction.

Fortunately, the three stationary monsters werent perceptive enough as they failed to sense Wu Yan & co.

They didnt leave footprints behind as they moved so they successfully infiltrated the sentry posts of the stationary monsters.

Near the entrance, they finally felt first-hand just how stifling a peak tier 9 monster can be.

Just by standing there, they felt like these monsters can sunder the land with a roar.

Their intense auras made them sweat buckets of sweat.

Wu Yan exhaled and he led them past the two guardian monsters.

Suddenly, the two monsters abruptly moved their heads up.

The trespassers stood like statues, unmoving lest the monsters can somehow see through their disguise.

The two peak tier 9 demonic beasts looked around and they went back to laying on their stomachs.

Wu Yan led the others into the skeleton fortress after this brief moment of fear.

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