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Chapter 94


I woke up the next morning.

I was still alive.

I slowly opened the door, peering outside. 

Seems safe. 

I went outside to wash my face with cold water and feed the animals. 


I had breakfast inside the house and then, I decided I should take care of the field for a bit. 

Donned on my battle gear, I went to the field while keeping watch of the sky.

The field was still partially destroyed and some of the plants were already rotting, however, I was relieved to know only a small part of my field was destroyed. 

I leveled the ground that got damaged because of the battle from the other day and watered the crops that didn’t get harmed.

After quickly finishing tending to the field, I returned to my house by keeping my body low on the ground and staying vigilant of the sky. 


I had lunch.

I didn’t use any fire to make lunch. 


I trained in the blacksmith workshop. 


I combined both my body and spirit to unleash the ‘foot sword kick’. 


I practiced thrusting using a sword made from pig iron inside the blacksmith workshop. 

I trained wholeheartedly, paying no heed even when the sweat was trickling down my body.

I did nothing but work hard at training martial arts and swordsmanship. 


This might be the first time I ever devoted so much time in training.

Not only did my martial arts and swordsmanship improve but I also felt like I was more prepared in case of emergency.

Even though if I were to think rationally, it was impossible to try to bring that flying lizard with ‘foot sword kick’.

But I just felt like when I had to face that kind of situation again, I felt like I’d choose a different course of action than before. 

I wiped the sweat from my body with a wet towel and then for dinner, I had preserved food and the water from my flask.

Then I slowly opened the door, peering outside to check if there was any danger. 

After making sure the coast was clear, I took Ash in my arms and went back to my bedroom.

I placed the lantern near my pillow and laid on my back without changing out of my battle gear.

My sword, shield and bow were placed within my arms reach. 

I drifted to sleep, hoping I could make it alive through this night as well. 


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