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Space Mage with a system END Awakening Ceremony

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I don know what changed in me, but I feel unparalleled confidence in me now. For everyone, talent decides their fate. For me its the Magic Power. Since, I awakened space power now. I can act without unnecessarily lowering myself in front of others. Then with a slight grin on my face, I moved towards the talent awakening stone and placed my palms on it.

light color illuminates from the stone, indicating the talent. Simultaneously, changes take place in the display screen.

[Talent Level – Level--4]

My spirit deepens even more now. Wow, Even without a system, I can have smooth sailing in my career. This really feels good. Having a system with me now is just icing on the cake.

When the display screen shows level 4 talent, A loud exclamation breaks out, " talent 4 " Some one voiced out his opinion.

Simultaneously, People begin to utter in disbelief.

On the other hand, Ceremony Master Daniel got excited. In his session with talent 4 were awakened.

On the other hand, Teachers side.

Class Teacher Robert stunned in disbelief. "What are the chances of awakening talent 4 during the session?" He wondered to himself. But today was a miracle. Everyone saw two events which are unprecedented in this area.

Seeing Jins face, He sighed in relief. He was really worried for nothing.

Just as he pondered, Class Teachers words echoed in his ears.

"Mr. Robert Congratulations, Your student is amazing" He said with a slight envy.

Hearing that Mr. Robert wise commented, "Thanks for your words, Mr. Jhosh. But he will later transfer to Elite Rank Division."

Hearing his words, the rest of the teachers nodded. elite rank division is filled with top notch talents. Not necessarily, have to be with high grade talent. As long as they have Mid level talent and Magic power. They can transfer to the elite Rank division.

Then teachers begin to congratulate Mr. Robert one by one. Due to Jins stellar performance.

At the same time, after successfully awakening the talent under everyones fiery gazes. I went back to my seat.

"System, Show me the process rate?" I called out in my mind. Earlier when I awakened the Space power, the process started but I didn want the reminder to constantly buzz in my head. So, I asked system to show me the process bar later.

At the same time, System shows after hearing his commands.

[Ding! Synchronization Done – 100%]

[Ding! The Hosts Magic Power Synchronized]

[Ding! The Hosts Magic Power – Space]

[Ding! The Hosts talent is detected]

[Ding! Synchronization Done – 1%]

[Ding! Synchronization Done – 3%]

Seeing the Space power is successfully synchronized, I sighed in relief. Then I shifted my attention toward the talent process. It will take one or two minutes to complete. I made a simple calculation in my mind.

Soon, the first batch of ceremony ends after three people beside me awaken low level talent with mage power. There are still quite a few people in the second and third batch. I believe they will continue the session till night.

I believe, each class has thirty people, after this session a major reshuffle is going to take place. Each year students graduate from the school. So, they left out a few vacancies in each class. Which is filled by either new admission or Awakening ceremony.

Just as people begin to disperse one by one. Class Teacher Robert came in front of Jin. "Jin, Congratulations on your awakening. By the way, the Headmaster requested your presence." He said with a smile.

Hearing that I nodded, "Class Teacher, I believe its about transfer " I inquired.

Hearing that Mr. Jin nodded. Then I followed him towards the Head Masters office.

While following him on the way, I also inquired about the system status in my mind.

[Ding! Synchronization Done – 100%]

[Ding! The Hosts talent is detected – Level--4 ]

[Ding! The Host can see further information using Status Panel]

After seeing the completion of synchronization, I smiled. Then I shifted focus to new information.

After confirming Jins words, the system shows the status panel.

[ Hosts Name – JIN COOL]

[ Mage Level – Level 1 ]

[ Talent – Level--4 ]

[ SP= -1200000 "credit one time" ]

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