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Chapter 106: Sewing the Wound Like Sewing Clothes

The doctors nodded and wrote down what Liu Feng had said, and marked it as a quote.

This was so that when they take on apprentices in the future, they would quote Liu Feng that losing a catty of blood was fatal for a healthy young person, and would say that Liu Feng had been very strict when giving the warning.

Liu Feng didn’t know what the doctors were thinking, but it would only make him happier if he did know because that was exactly what he wanted.

Niu Er laid down on the bed nervously and stretched out his dirty arms.

He was the first person to have blood drawn out in this world.

“Clean their arms with these alcohols,” Liu Feng said, taking out two bottles of sterilizing alcohol from the first aid kit to the doctors.

He didn’t want to save the person just to have him die from an infection.

He decided that he would try to make alcohol¹, which was commonly used for disinfection and wound cleaning.

They were very important items.

Besides, alcoholic drinks could fetch quite a good price because nobles were very fond of them.

As long as the alcoholic drinks were packaged well, the high nobles would probably be willing to spend dozens of gold coins to buy them.

After the doctors finished cleaning Niu Er and Dali’s arms, Liu Feng took out two tourniquets from the first aid kit and tied them to their arms.

Pointing to the blood vessels that had appeared on their arms, he said, “This can help us quickly find the blood vessels in the human body.

This method is especially useful for people with thick blood.”

The doctors nodded their heads as they quickly recorded everything.

Liu Feng took out a blood transfusion tool.

It had needles on both ends.² He took one end and stabbed the needle into the vein on Niu Er’s arm.

He waited for the blood to flow out the other end and squeezed the air out before stabbing the needle onto Dali’s arm.

Watching the blood flow slowly, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“You must not allow air to enter a blood vessel.

Otherwise, it could take a person’s life,” Liu Feng warned.

“Understood!” the doctors said, nodding rapidly as if they were chickens pecking on rice.

This was a primitive way to transfuse blood and a certain degree of danger came with it.

Liu Feng had no idea whether or not it would work and was just hoping for the best.

Liu Feng checked Dali’s condition and found that his face had become a litter redder and wasn’t as pale as before, indicating that the situation had gotten better.

“Now the most important is to deal with the wound,” Liu Feng said, taking out the alcohol to clean his hands so that he wouldn’t accidentally infect Dali when treating his wound.

Liu Feng cut the bandages around Dali’s wound with a scissor and said, “Next time, you should use cloth that has been soaked in high-temperature water and has been dried.”

“Understood,” the doctors said in small voices.

Liu Feng looked at the wound on Dali’s abdomen and let out a sigh of relief as the wound seemed to have been from a wild boar’s tusk scraping through rather than it stabbing through.

Tearing wounds were much easier to deal with.

As long as the wound was stitched and applied with ointment, it would heal within a month or two and the person would become strong and healthy again.

However, the people that saw the still bleeding wound all had sad expressions on their faces as they didn’t believe that someone with such a large wound could be saved.

Many of the people present had been hunters and had seen their companions die from loss of blood from similarly large wounds.

Liu Feng hurriedly took out a needle and catgut suture³ from the first aid kit.

After disinfecting them by soaking them in alcohol, he sewed Dali’s wound as if he was sewing clothes, constantly putting the needle and thread in and out of Dali’s body.

The crowd hadn’t expected that to happen, and they all stared at Liu Feng with their mouths wide. Since when could human wounds be sewn with a needle and thread

This scene scared several people so much that their feet became weak, especially the doctors, who felt their scalps tingle as they gasped for air.

Mina walked forward and wanted to tell Liu Feng to let her take over, but seeing Liu Feng’s serious face, she didn’t say anything and just looked on with her eyes full of pride.

“You need to sew large wounds like this one with a needle and thread so it won’t bleed profusely.

It also helps the wound heal faster.

You need to disinfect the needle and thread before using them.

For the thread, you can use ones made from sheep intestines.

After getting sheep intestine and taking off the coating, you should dry the coating in the sun and soak it in strong liquor before you use it.

I will send you some strong liquor later.”

Liu Feng focused on stitching the wound.

On Earth, he had seen this on TV, which made him curious, and he tried it on pork.

However, Liu Feng’s heart was still trembling a bit because a human wound wasn’t pork, and he was nervous.

Mina gently wiped off the sweat on Liu Feng’s forehead with her sleeve.

“Lord Liu Feng, why do we need to use threads made from sheep intestine” a doctor nervously asked.

“Because threads made from sheep intestine could be absorbed by the human body, and the ones that aren’t absorbed would fall off naturally, eliminating the pain of removing the thread,” Liu Feng responded without raising his head.


The doctors immediately scrambled to write as they recorded Liu Feng’s every move.

Each of them had quite a few rolls of sheepskin rolls.

“Phew…” Liu Feng let out a long breath as he finally finished sewing.

He nodded in satisfaction as he looked at his work, with the wound looking like a centipede. Good, the time spent practicing this on pork isn’t wasted.

“After you finish sewing, smear some medicinal powder and wrap it with a clean cloth.

Remember to change the medicine and clean cloth regularly and let the patient rest and recover quietly,” Liu Feng said as he smeared medicinal powder over the wound and bandaged it.

He then stuffed a few anti-inflammatory medicines in Dali’s mouth.

Then, under the dumbfounded gaze of the crowd, Liu Feng clapped his hands as he stretched.

He hadn’t expected to be a doctor today and perform the first surgery in this world.

“My lord, is that all” Niu Er asked, his eyes rolling around.

“That’s all!” Liu Feng estimated that Niu Er had about 500 mL of blood drawn before he had pulled out the blood transfusion set.

He patted Niu Er, saying, “It’s done.”

Niu Er got up, dumbfounded.

He didn’t feel any problem at all and felt that he could solo several people.

“If Dali has cold sweat and a fever tonight, then feed him these pills and he should be fine tomorrow,” Liu Feng said, handing a few pills to a doctor.

“Don’t let him scratch his wound,” he warned.

“Understood!” the doctors quickly said, bowing.

Author’s Notes:

( ̄▽ ̄).

Blood transfusion is dangerous.

Please do not imitate it! Sewing pork is fine though, you can try it.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Alcohol isn’t drinks but rather an organic compound found in alcoholic drinks/liquor.

² Something like this, but with actual needles:

³ It’s not actually made from cat gut but rather the coating of small intestines of mostly sheep and goats, and occasionally horses, cattle, hogs, mules, and donkeys.

My laptop shut down and restarted while I was in the middle of translating…


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