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Chapter 108: The Most Important Secret Room

Nighttime, in the castle’s study.

Liu Feng stretched and turned his head to look at Mina.

She was sitting on the desk and reading Journey to the West, and her tail swayed from time to time.

“…” Liu Feng’s finger shook as he tried to resist the urge to grab Mina’s tail so he wouldn’t scare Mina away.

Anri, Weya, and Nicole had already gone to bed after dinner.

Liu Feng rested his chin on his forehead.

“Mina, aren’t you sleepy You have slept at all today”

“Not sleepy, Mina said, shaking her head and putting down the book in her hand.

She looked worried, and said, “Young Master, you’re the one who needs to rest.

You’ve been busy all day today.”

She knew just how weak humans were.

They were weaker than beastkins by nature, due to natural selection and evolution.

Beastkins had been struggling and living in harsh and bitter environments, while humans lived in wealthy places and comfortable environments.

“I did get a pretty new experience today,” Liu Feng said, clenching his fist.

His physique had become way better than before he had started transmigrating.

It was just a guess, but he thought that every time he transmigrated, his body would be trained or honed a little.

He could feel himself getting stronger.

It might not be obvious, but Liu Feng could tell that his physique had been strengthened by about 20% over the two months that he had been transmigrating.

If his physique was 1 before he started transmigrating, then his current physique was 1.2.

He had gotten that information after carefully testing his physical abilities with machines.

At first, he had thought that he had been affected by this world or had gotten a slight genetic mutation, but when he went to the hospital to check, the results showed that everything was normal.

If Liu Feng didn’t say anything, then no one would know that he could get stronger without even bothering to exercise.

The increase might be negligible in the short term, but with the passage of time, his physique would become way, way stronger.

As for how much stronger his physique could become Well, Liu Feng doesn’t know either.

Liu Feng touched his face.

He could feel that his skin had become better.

It seemed that the transmigration was optimizing and perfecting his body in all aspects.

Mina looked at Liu Feng, who was lost in thought, and worriedly said, “Young Master, Young Master What’s wrong”

“Huh” Liu Feng turned his head and saw Mina’s worried eyes.

He shook his head and smiled lightly.

“It’s nothing.

I just suddenly thought of something important.”

“Young Master, you should go and rest.

You’re starting to lose your concentration,” Mina said, jumping off the table and dragging Liu Feng out of the study.”

“Okay, okay,” Liu Feng said. It’s about time for me to go back to Earth.

Otherwise, it’ll be too late for me to sleep after I come back.

I don’t think I can fall asleep on my bed on Earth anymore.

He listened to Mina talk the whole time.

“Young Master, you shouldn’t work this late.

You can leave some of it to Anri.

She’s very smart and can learn things very quickly.

Cooking excluded.”

Mina remembered the surprise that they had prepared for Liu Feng.

They had later tried their own meal and were shocked by it.

The egg-fried tomato that Anri had made was so sweet that it tasted disgusting.

Weya’s buns were even worse- they had to spend quite a while cutting them with a knife to cut them in half.

“Okay okay, I’ll give them to her,” Liu Feng said, looking at the side of Mina’s face. I can’t get enough of this view. He suddenly remembered the scene in the carriage, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

“We’re here.

Young Master, you so go to sleep early…”


“Mina, why aren’t you sleeping yet Come over and sleep with me,” Anri said, sounding like a spoiled kid.

“I can’t really fall asleep!”

“Sigh, you’re an adult already and yet you still need me to sleep with you,” Mina said, blushing.

“No! I can’t sleep well without you- mmmmm…”

Anri still wanted to say something, but Mina instantly rushed up and covered her mouth, dragging Anri to their room with a red face.

Liu Feng grinned.

“Seems like I’ve heard something interesting.”


After going into the room, Liu Feng shut the door close.

Nicole had lit the candles in his room before she had gone to bed.

Liu Feng came to the cabinet in the room, opened the cabinet door, put his hands inside, did a few things, walked in, and appeared in a whole different place!

Well, okay, inside the cabinet was an iron door with a 12-digit combination lock.

One needed to get all 12 digits correct to open the lock, and even after that, they need a specially-made key to open the door.

This alone showed just how much Liu Feng valued the things inside.

There were a lot of secret rooms in the castle.

This one, for example, was a secret room that Liu Feng had changed, and now it was the most important secret room in the castle.

It was even more important than the inner vault, and he was the only one that could enter the room.

Nicole, Mina, and Anri were aware of the existence of the room, but they didn’t ask anything.

If they came to Liu Feng’s room and didn’t find him, they would immediately know that he was in this secret room.

Liu Feng unlocked the combination lock, took out a key from his storage space, open the iron door, walked in, closed the door, and locked it from the inside.

The real reason Liu Feng had built this secret room was that it made it convenient for him to transmigrate.

If someone was in the room and see him suddenly appear out of thin air, Liu Feng would probably be shocked to death.

The castle would have more and more people in the future, and Liu Feng couldn’t be too careful.

Transmigration was Liu Feng’s biggest secret, and he had no intention of letting anyone know about it.

Translator’s Notes:

Forgot that I have an exam today.

F in the chat.

The one problem with translating is that sometimes when I read the raws I get so drawn in that I forget about translating altogether and just keep reading.

Anyways, I think I have time to translate another chapter.


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