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Chapter 112: Nobles’ Morning Practices

Early morning…

A group of birds when resting outside the windows and chirping.

They had filled their stomachs and were enjoying their time.

In a few days, they would have to migrate south because winter was coming.

Someone yawned, startling the “guests” and causing them to fly away.

Liu Feng opened his eyes, looked at the curtain, and sighed.

“Sleeping here is so much more comfortable than sleeping on Earth.

I can sleep all the way until the sky lights up.”


The door was carefully pushed open.

Nicole looked inside and immediately saw the things on the table.

She wasn’t surprised because she saw them pretty much every day.

Was Nicole curious about where these items came from Yes, she was, but she could contain her curiosity.

May had taught her that the biggest charm of men was the secrets that they held.

Nicole understood that if he wanted to tell her where the items came from, then he would tell her.

But since he didn’t, she was just going to help him keep his secret.

Nicole turned around and ordered the maids behind her.

“Be careful.

Don’t disturb Young Master’s sleep.”

“Yes,” the maids answered in a small voice.

They were carrying boxes.

“Just put the boxes down here and then leave, like usual.

Don’t go in until I tell you,” Nicole ordered in a small voice.

“Understood,” the maids said. 

The maids were all commoners from Xi Yang City.

They were between 13 and 16 years old, and they were very mature.

They knew that many people could only dream of working in the City Lord’s Mansion, and their families were extremely happy when they got chosen to work in the City Lord’s Mansion.

Niu Ben and May had trained them before they started working.

They said to treat Liu Feng as the highest being, and to never eavesdrop, spy, or steal from Liu Feng.

Even if they heard some meaningless words that Liu Feng said, they should forget them in the next second.¹

They didn’t really have any chances to come into contact with Liu Feng anyway.

Most of their chances of contact were arranged by Nicole, like today, when they would bring boxes into Liu Feng’s room.

They had no idea what the boxes contained.

All they knew was that a different person would be called to help every day, and the boxes were sometimes heavy and sometimes light.

The maids carefully placed the boxes down by the door and left.

Last time, a maid had made too much sound and woke Liu Feng up.

She had burst into tears, afraid that Liu Feng would fire her.

Liu Feng didn’t know why, but his heart felt warm when he heard the voices outside.

Maybe it was because he was being cared for.

“Lil Nicole,” Liu Feng said, turning his head and looking at Nicole, who was walking carefully.

“It’s like you’re trying to steal something every time.”

“Ah!” Nicole almost threw the box away.

She turned her head and saw Liu Feng’s black eyes.

“Young Master, you scared me again.”

“Sorry to bother you again today,” Liu Feng said.

“It’s not a bother.

This is something I should do,” Nicole said, putting down the box and pouting.

“Don’t say such things next time, Young Master.”

“Okay, okay,” Liu Feng said, waving his hand.

“Young Master, did I woke you up” Nicole asked, feeling a bit guilty.


I just slept early yesterday so I woke up early today,” Liu Feng said, sitting up and shaking his head.

The blanket slipped off, revealing Liu Feng’s bare chest, causing Nicole to blush.

Sure, she might be helping Liu Feng to change his clothes every day, but she was still a bit shy.

“Young Master, do you want to get up now” Nicole asked, running to the closet to take out a Hanfu.

“Get casual clothes.

I’ll go do morning practice later,” Liu Feng said hurriedly.

His closet had all kinds of clothes.

“Ah” Nicole froze slightly.

“Young Master, you want to do morning practice” She knew what morning practices were.

They were practices that nobles did and generally included practicing sword skills, practicing spear skills, and practicing horse-riding skills.

Nicole knew that her father would take her five brothers to do morning practices every day to practice all kinds of skills.

“Yeah, I’ve been slacking off too much recently,” Liu Feng said, clenching his fist.

“This can’t go on.

In the future, I’ll have to protect not only you guys but also the citizens in my territory.”

Nicole shook her head as she stared at Liu Feng.

“Young Master, you are a noble.

You knights and soldiers will protect you and everyone, so there is no need for you to put yourself at risk.

If you have to move yourself, then they are failures.

Besides, you being injured will make everyone sadder than anything else.”

Nicole took a set of casual clothes and came to Liu Feng.

She said silently, Young Master’s life is more valuable than all of our lives combined.

“He…” Liu Feng laughed lightly.

He wasn’t so dense as to refute when a young girl was being this protective of him.

Human life was long, and accidents were inevitable.

He might get a different feeling when he picked up a sword and fought with it.

Besides, although rare, there were still nobles that fought on the front line.

Of course, Liu Feng didn’t like accidents.

He preferred the feeling of having everything in his control.

Actually, Nicole thought that Liu Feng was a literary noble that was physically weak and not a tough and strong noble that didn’t bathe after dancing with swords and spears all day long and just emitted bad smells.

Liu Feng knew that.

It could be said that pretty much everyone in the City Lord’s Mansion thought that he was a noble that was amazing in intelligence but was physically weak.

They all thought that he was talented in things related to intelligence and had a handsome face.

No one really cared about his physical strength and battle prowess.

Nobles completely depended on their knights to protect them, and unless all their knights died, they wouldn’t make a move themselves.

“Better save than sorry, no” Liu Feng said, not bothering to explain anything.

He was going to wait until he showed his battle prowess and shocked everyone.

“Yes, yes.

It’s good that you want to do morning practices.

Just don’t tire yourself too much,” Nicole said, helping Liu Feng change his clothes.

“Young Master is the most diligent noble that I have ever seen.”

“I’ll happily accept that compliment,” Liu Feng said, stretching his back.

He walked out in a happy mood- target, morning practice site.

“Young Master is really diligent,” Nicole said.

She tossed her hair and started to put the things on the table into the boxes.

The corners of her mouth slightly rose. Today had a happy start.

“There are amazing things again today.

I have to hurry up and put them in the inner vault.”

Author’s Notes:

( ̄▽ ̄).

Single nobles are also nobles, no

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Hey, that’s bullying.

Ain’t no one able to control their memory like that.


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